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  1. As these things go, what you're describing sounds like the ultimate value in Tecmo experiences.
  2. Big congrats to @the_shield on his dominating run and winning it all! It was a lot of fun!
  3. That's some high praise bud! You gotta bust through that 4th place ceiling!
  4. This is a very useful wiki on the finer details of "Hyper Fighting", which this game is a port of. http://wiki.shoryuken.com/Street_Fighter_2:_Hyper_Fighting
  5. Time permitting, I've been authorized to host a free Street Fighter 2 Special Championship Edition tournament immediately following the Tecmo Super Bowl tournament on Saturday. This will be on Genesis, single elimination, best 2/3 matches advances. The finals will be best 3/5. It's all for pride at this point, and it's free, so why not!? Pick whatever character you want, no limit on who you take or how many times. You can change characters in between matches if desired. You may bring your own Genesis controller. 6 button controllers will be provided. We will be playing on 3 star speed.
  6. All of them. I can't wait till you're put in a super group as the 4th seed in said group.
  7. I'm very excited for this. I'm bringing Carter with me, should be a fun weekend.
  8. Congrats again on a great run. Resilience would be the attribute I'd apply to your performance. You were also funny on the microphone, and it's always great having you compete in these events. Hopefully this confidence puts you back where you need to be as you compete in other tournaments moving forward into 2020. I appreciate the great feedback, and am pleased you had a good time.
  9. Ouch! Tom's pretty decent with that when he needs it. The fact you were in that game with Tom says a lot about your ability already. I can't wait to see how you continue to develop as a TSB player.
  10. I feel like more people need to hear this. The stigma around hardcore is absolutely ridiculous, and I used to buy into it. If you're good at non lurching rules, you'll still be good in hardcore, but it does require some consideration and some risk/reward that wouldn't otherwise be a factor in other tournaments. Obviously if you're playing against teams like the Lions or Packers, and you have a slow QB, the risk is greater, and thus your playbook needs to take all of that into consideration. We had at least 6 people who made it to their first ever GBLAN event, and they all had fun, and didn't complain about the rules one bit. In fact, I think not having any gameplay restrictions went a long way into easing their transition into Tecmo. In the last few games of group play, they were all playing their peers in ability, which is the beauty of Swiss rules. I'm excited as we carve our own path in Tecmo, seeing where it leads. I'm also looking forward to expanding the original Tecmo Bowl tournament moving forward. Those of you who didn't participate in that event really missed out.
  11. Thanks for coming, and for the kind words! I think this was your first hardcore tournament was it not? Did you have any difficulty adjusting to the differences?
  12. Thanks to all who participated this weekend in Full Nelson 2, and the Tecmo Bowl tournament the night before. Our venue change back to Boehmer's worked very well. We ate copious amounts of sponsored pizza, and consumed other nutrients in the form of drink, all while playing games we all love. To kick off things Friday, Brad Bell took home the Tecmo Bowl championship. You can watch the entire stream here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=05De6ceDXec We presented @Nelson79 with his custom trophy dubbed "Lord Nelson's Cup" for his victory from Full Nelson in 2018 in the opening ceremonies. We snapped a pick with him after. the tournament with it. Ultimately, he was unable to defend his title, and we crowned a new Full Nelson Champion : Timpapi, who defeated Gats in a Bills Giants revenge game. Congrats @TimPapi! The entire stream can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UbfFQx_mcwg We did have a few audio glitches, but all in all the stream went smoothly. FYI Tom and company do get a bit mouthy later in the tournament as the nutrient filled liquids took over their bodies, but mostly Tom's though. In an unplanned 3rd place game, @Green Majik defeats the #1 seedDPS in a 3rd place game. DPS is now back to back the #1 seed and a 4th place finisher for Full Nelson. He was also 4th place in the Tecmo Bowl tournament! A big thanks to the guys from Omaha for hanging out all weekend. They aren't bad at TSB, but were amazing at Tecmo Bowl. It's absolutely insane to see how good they are at that game. Ben and Nate took 2nd and 3rd place respectively. We had a lot to give away at this tournament. In addition to cash prizes, and free pizza, we gave away over $100 in bar tabs to those that stayed till the end, and all of the prizes you see here : Nick Schanz made out like a bandit getting both the signed Larry McCarren print and a 16bit SNES HD console from Gamerztek! @allamerican1569 won the signed Reed jersey, and immediately put it on. Sorry this picture doesn't do it justice. He was tough to lock down doing Tom things. Brad Bell wins the Arod figure! Other prize winners included Baconfan, Tim M, and Phil E. Tom, Phil, and DKS also were random winners of bar tabs at the end for sticking it out to the finals. DKS was still playing darts when I left the bar for the 2nd time bringing gear home. All in all, we had a great time. We got most of the competitors in a group photo, a few having to leave before we got to this point. My apologies for the darkness on these, the bar and my flash weren't cooperating. I'm pleased with how everything was ran from the venue, and for all the support from Dallaire and Titletown Financial. We lost a couple competitors due to a "Stage 4 clinger" situation, which thinned the herd a bit for everyone. Apparently Tecmo players draw in the ladies, and they can't keep their hands off of us. No means no. Thanks for everyone who attended, and we can't wait for next year when we do it all over again!
  13. Brad Bell is tossing another $100 on top of the 60% for first place on Friday.
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