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  1. Looks like it was an amazing time. Congrats @SammieSmith33 on a great tournament!
  2. trojan1979

    Cleveland, OH - 08/04/18 - Tecmo (Jam) Cleveland 2018

    Tecmo Cleveland recap thoughts....(sorry long) After a 2 hour flight delay that would have resulted in getting home faster via car, I thought I'd share some thoughts on my Tecmo Jam Cleveland 2018 weekend. I'll probably do a video later on this too with a bit more emotion behind it. My journey took me from Green Bay into Chicago first, then transferring into Cleveland. United thought it would be fun to change my terminal and gate to the other side of the airport about a half hour after landing. I had a 2 hour layover, so it wasn't the end of the world, however it felt like their climate control wasn't keeping up with the body count. It was so crowded, I thought I was at Lambeau during a Packer game. Moving on, my flight was delayed on the runway about 15 minutes, and we arrive about 10 minutes late in Cleveland. For a Friday night out of Chicago, I can live with that. The ever so patient Mark Nutter was kind enough to pick me up from the shuttle depot, and that's where the fun started. I was greeted by a shuttle bus driver named Thurman(can't make this up), who immediately started messing with me, telling me I was on the wrong bus. A moment later his ear to ear grin tells me he got me good. I shake his hand, and away we go. Mark Nutter takes me away in style to the legion hall in his caddy. Upon arrival, I see Tom Jenkins and a small army of local bred volunteers slaving away at hauling a massive supply of CRT's and consoles, testing each one. As I am setting up the TGFN Retro stream setup, suddenly it starts pouring buckets. John Salter arrives with multiple arcade cabinets, including my all time favorite, Mortal Kombat 2. This was the 2nd sign I had made the right decision to be a part of this event. Sadly no one was able to take my $20 from me in MK2. I again remain undefeated on random select on console/arcade since the year 2000. I estimated at least 40 games played/won, with 20 of those being against Kevin Cabarello. Maybe next year boys. We had some technological adversity, but we battled through it. The Internet on site ended up not being as fast as originally communicated, so we ended up using our company ATT LTE Nighthawk hotspot. It provided a challenge in that the building material was concrete block in the general area of the equipment. We were able to run a very long ethernet cable to a window, extend the power, then had just a strong enough signal to stream at 30 fps. We had a minor issue during the break where it just turned off. We then realized that the router was in direct sunlight and was overheating as a result. We shielded it with the window treatment, then had to slightly downscale the stream due to a poorer signal from ATT near that time of day. Despite all of this, we do have every game we covered on stream in their entirety. Outside of this, the equipment held up well, and we were able to accomplish our mission of broadcasting this amazing event. Fast forward to gameday, Saturday morning(Kevin Cabarello picks me up after I had coffee with Joe Mosqua aka Shark). I get there early to make sure we are all ready to go, and get a warm up game in with Francis Buennagel aka Mort. I was there in official capacity, not to play in the tournament, so I welcomed the opportunity to play one of the all time greats. This would be the 4th time I'd play Mort in my life, the other three times all being losses by a combined 10 points. This time was different, despite some amazing use of Rod Woodson by Mort to force two close jump picks, I was able to survive a 3-0 game. To say he got Tecmoed would be an understatement. I blocked two FG's with Leslie Oneil, and at least two of his burn routes to open guys were redirected at crucial moments. An eventual fumble sealed the deal. I played a handful of pickup games, and didn't lose any, so I think I still got it. The venue had great food and service, and the prices were ridiculously low. Smiles all day long from the staff. Next year they might want to double up on their Yuengling supply though. Free play setups with games like Mario Kart, Ice Hockey, and Goldeneye were available to anyone. Opening ceremonies, I was honored to lead in the national anthem, and I've never been honored by so much praise as I was not only immediately after, but for the remainder of the event. I am truly humbled. I pray someone was able to capture the song in its entirety. It's a moment I'll truly never forget. This was followed by an awesome Tecmo Jam Cleveland 2018 video put on by Tom Jenkins, with a bit of Jj abrams inspired lense flare at the end of it. Tom Jenkins was amazing on his wireless mic all day long, commentating crucial games, getting crowds to gather around certain stations, and being the voice of reason throughout the entire thing. It truly was electric all day long. Because the tournament was at/over capacity, it was necessary to have every tv assigned a station number. We had hoped for a dedicated highlight setup for the stream, but instead covered some interesting games for group 1. Joe Mosqua and Tecmo Lou were the heavy hitters in this group, and the games ended up being very fun to call. I encourage folks to stay tuned to TGFN Retro as we share the games with you. There were originally streamed to twitch.tv/tgfnretro, and you can catch the original streams on there. I was able to sneak in an interview on the BIGPLAY.com booth with the gentlemen there who were covering the action in their own way. I'm looking forward to hearing that when it's online. They were active on Twitter supporting the event, and that's incredibly appreciated. There was a bit of a delay in between group play, and the gold/silver/bronze brackets, but this in itself was one of the great things about the tournament. No matter how poorly you did, you got to continue playing at least one more game, and were grouped with others with a similar fate as your own. We did go offline as we waited for this to happen, as we were making sure we didn't use up all of the data allotment, and there was a raffle at that time. I know for sure if Ryan M hadn't had to go to the Hall of Fame ceremonies, this would have gone a bit faster than it did. Francis Buennagel stepped in to help Tom Jenkins, and I know it might have taken a bit longer, but they both did a great job, and once things were back up and running, it was exciting Tecmo for the rest of the evening. As a fellow organizer of tournaments, the amount of information collection of a tournament like that takes an enormous effort to ensure accuracy, and having 3 brackets to form instead of 1 definitely complicates things. Well done gentlemen! As we were waiting for the Gold groups to be formed, we did choose to call a silver bracket game to be called. Because this game had not yet completed, and to move things along, we didn't get any of the first round of gold bracket games on stream, but got everything from the elite 8 on, and boy it didn't disappoint. In addition to covering each one of the final 4 games(which because double elimination), we were able to cover the bronze finals(single elimination), silver finals(double elimination, which went the full two games), and it produced some amazing games. Slowly but surely, as people were eliminated, many had to move on with their lives and leave the venue, but we had a very strong contingent of Tecmo faithful remain behind, including my friend Eric Kuhlman who rocked it in the booth with me. Near the end I was really starting to fade, eyes burning, and he carried the energy over into the finals, where I was able to catch that 2nd wind, to an amazing finish, where Jordan Willis aka Woodshed emerged triumphant. You can see that finish here: https://www.twitch.tv/tgfnretro/clip/BadTenaciousDisc4Head I had help all day long on the mic from the likes of Joseph Readitnweep Moore, Kevin Cabarello, Tecmo Lou, Jordan Willis, and of course Eric Kuhlman. Having that 2nd voice really helps things along. In short, Tom Jenkins and staff run a great event. It's catered to all involved, not just the few elite players at the top, and I think that's the key to a successful event, and crucial to the growth and sustainability of Tecmo tournaments to come. It was an honor to be involved. Sadly I could not stay for day two. After tearing down and grabbing some needed grub, Kevin Cabarello drove me back to the hotel where we crushed about 8 games of NHL '94. I think we split our games, and there was a lot of laughing, as well as hats thrown.(Kevin's patented gesture after a NHL94 hat trick) Thanks to Joe Mosqua for getting his tail up super early and dodging that deer on the way to the airport. After a grueling 70 minute walk through TSA, I finally made it to Chicago. If only I had known of the fun 2 hour delay waiting for me in Chicago, that was riddled with about a dozen reschedules and updates. No thanks to United, first they didn't have a plane, then they didn't have a crew. I could have gotten home in a car faster than it took between the layover and delays. I did get home safely though, so I will be thankful in that. Whenever possible, we will be working with Delta Air Lines moving forward, and avoiding ORD if it can be helped. I hope everyone got home from the tournament safely. Working on making Tecmo Players Championship our next TGFN Retro destination. Hopefully will see many of you in September!
  3. I was able to catch the majority of the stream throughout the day. I thought Ruble's stream was excellent. Props to @allamerican1569 aka Retro Sports Gamer Tom for hooking everyone up with the mobile bandwidth. The competition on stream was entertaining. I wanted to say I saw at least 3 overtime games. Nice selection of who to put on stream and when by @vogtcd11.
  4. John Carney is 175 years old, at least.
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    What foods are you smoking

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    TGFN Online Championship stream tonight 7PM CST!

    Here is the final broadcast for anyone wanting to see the remaining games.
  7. trojan1979

    TGFN Online Championship stream tonight 7PM CST!

    We are live twitch.tv/tgfnretro
  8. Hey everyone, Many people on this forum have contributed and/or played in this tournament. Our season and playoffs conclude tonight in this stream, which will start at 7PM CST, 6PM EST. We've had a lot of fun this spring and summer putting it all together. After over 100 streamed games with commentary, it ends tonight. Please join in chat by supporting your Tecmo friends. https://www.twitch.tv/events/efG3xOlpSi2N0EqptKKPAw
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    Cleveland, OH - 08/04/18 - Tecmo (Jam) Cleveland 2018

    Random Select
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    Cleveland, OH - 08/04/18 - Tecmo (Jam) Cleveland 2018

    Then bitches are going down
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    Cleveland, OH - 08/04/18 - Tecmo (Jam) Cleveland 2018

    Flights and room booked. I'm still praying for a mk2 machine sighting.
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    Let's Play Gaming Expo Discussion

    Why are you quoting me in regards to this? If you have actual evidence that would have allowed you to move past the accusation of Hal, why hang onto it all this time?
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    Let's Play Gaming Expo Discussion

    One you so eloquently hijacked by spreading inaccurate information to the tune of about 800 views.
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    Let's Play Gaming Expo Discussion

    If throwing dirt on my or my name is your main goal, perhaps do it in a new thread and leave the RWS out of it. Hal doesn't deserve it.