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  1. Will be going live about 8:30 CST tonight to discuss Full Nelson, A Hardcore Tecmo Super Bowl Tournament! Join us live! Follow our Facebook page for the alert! https://www.facebook.com/Green.Bay.LAN/
  2. Those that do not qualify for the money bracket will still have something to compete for! The Gamerztek 8 Bit HD is a great no fuss, top loading NES solution that works with your hdtv over hdmi, or on your CRT via composite analog inputs. The winner of the consolation bracket will take on of these consoles home. The controllers included are very nice!
  3. Currently up to 32 on the RSVP, just a handful of days away. This would be our largest Tecmo event ever if this is even close to the actual turnout! Considering most of the players coming aren't our "usual suspects", this is very encouraging!
  4. To make it official, I'm upping the ante. I'm offering a $50 prize to any tournament participant, who can knock me off at mk1 or mk2(must be random select) during the Full Nelson weekend!
  5. Thanks DPS. We think this newbie friendly approach could grow the number of players out there, no just in person, but also online, while still catering to the competitive juices of veteran players. It also puts a fresh coat of paint on how we play.
  6. That made me LOL so hard. He's like the Dos Equis man of NHL94 now.
  7. He was there last year.
  8. We will be setting up and welcoming open retro gaming to anyone signed up for the tournament 8PM October 19th at the venue. We are planning two challenges for this evening. One involves beating me at Mortal Kombat 2. First person to do it wins $20 We are working out a similar challenge involving defending King of 94 champion Angryjay93, who will be in attendance, and will take on all comers in NHL94! We are working out the payouts for matchups. And of course, there will be an opportunity to knock off the rust in Tecmo, as we setup for the tournament. Any additional helping hands are welcomed, but not required should you wish to help carry in equipment.
  9. trojan1979


    Frankie, I think in order to join a Discord server, the person joining would need a link to said server. You might want to update your original post to include that link if you want to welcome the general public.
  10. We are in the process of discussing activities for the the Friday night before the tournament. We are looking to run a tournament the night before. You can vote on your preference on Facebook.
  11. Update on the adult beverages. The Edge VR Arcade just got their beer license approved, so there will be a variety of beers in either bottles/cans available for your enjoyment.
  12. I'll be one of the contributors on The Retro Sports Gaming Monthly show tonight with Tom aka @allamerican1569. We will touch base on this tournament at some point during the broadcast. Angryjay93 will be on, and he will be playing in our tournament as well. He is on to discuss the NHL94 tournament the following week primarily, but he's taken interest in this community. See you tonight!
  13. We're happy to release this promo video that people can easily share on social media. We expect a lot of first time Tecmo tournament players to make their appearance at this event, as well as some Tecmo veterans. Enjoy!
  14. Am I welcome there? Maybe you were talking about Mort.