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  1. I ended up booking the cabin - it has four beds. Tundra Nate said he was a maybe, because he has to decide if he's going to make the trip. There's room if you and Gats want in.
  2. I was looking up hotel pricing today and then decided to look into alternate options. I found out that the campsite 15 minutes away has a four-bed cabin with electricity at half the price of any hotel. Would anyone be interested in bunking up? Maybe a mini Friday-night tourney after the bar closes? Maybe a Burning Vogt competition?
  3. And here I thought that me coming was the hype the Vogts were desiring....
  4. Better you didn't hear what he said when he left the table then.
  5. I'm a little late to the Thank You Party, but here goes: Dave, Casey, The Crew, The Ladies ... You were all fantastic in keeping this thing alive and prosperous. I won't knock the bar right now, we all know it had flaws (basically space), but they were still accommodating and if it wasn't for the pitchers of water and instant-pizza, I probably would have to have been put on an IV in a local hospital by late afternoon. I was going to make this my last competitive tournament. I know I'm not a great player, merely average-to-competitive (at best) based on matchups. But then I had to go and start 2-0, just one win from advancing out of group play for my first time in four Madison's, and lose to Noonan twice in a row. So... Now I think I'll play another year. Without going into detail on any of my matchups, I'll just list off some of my personal favorite memories from the weekend: -Performing life-saving surgery on a TV Friday afternoon on the patio - successfully, I might add -Whatever the hell happened in my NHL elimination game, because it went to OT and I was very loud (so, sorry about that) -Play-by-play/Color commentary with Beef Juice of the dude playing Contra on Friday -Segathon's face while trying to shift through 8 sheets of brackets for two tournaments Friday night -"Mark Duper! Party" - The People's Champ at morning brunch -Watching Moskwa dump about 5 shots of Fireball into his one cup of hazelnut coffee before venturing to High Noon on foot -That feeling of winning (and soundly) my first game in Madison in over two years -God damn Jets-NO, and having my entire starting lineup on "bad" after the first quarter. Thanks, Noonan -Pizza On Demand -The skinny brunette bartender's smile -(at The Plaza) "I'll take a pitcher of Pabst." "How many glasses?" "Uh.... One?" -Cardboard Kevin Mack hanging out at The Plaza -"61" It was a fabulous weekend. As always, it was great to see everyone again. Tecmo weekend is my favorite weekend and I look forward to it every year.
  6. I am still cracking up about when my brother called out to you at the hotel and and the snorting cocaine sign to you.  Hope you had a good tourney.



  7. Super Duper

    Tecmobowl.org TecmoMadison Roll Call

    That's Brudogg in the Niners gear. #M.I.A.Waggs is in the Largent jersey, I'm wearing the Duper jersey, Chet sitting behind me. Something tells me I'm the worst Tecmo player in this photo.
  8. Super Duper

    Tecmobowl.org TecmoMadison Roll Call

    Adam K (Super Duper). I'll be the one in the Duper jersey. (unless, there is a second Duper jersey floating around out there. )
  9. My first Tecmo (four years ago now), I took a binder with attributes for every team, and keep doing it. Soooooo many people know more than me, so a quick reference before I start a game on which defenders I should use or which OL are weak was (at least minimal) some help. I'll probably bring it again this year just because. I don't keep it away from others tough. If someone wants to peruse it (even my opponent), I'm fine with it. Which reminds me, hey, group as a whole, should I bring a couple of buckets of large pretzel sticks again?
  10. Dude, let's go doubles on NHL and NBA Jam. I love drinking and checking fools. I also love showboating a giant windmill dunk.
  11. Super Duper

    Coin Toss Selection

    This is probably one of the many reasons why I'm not elite. :/