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  1. Best Wife Ever has started raising funds for me to make the trek.
  2. Anyone doing 2v2 needing a partner? Unless @vogtcd11 decides he's coming up from Cincy and we continue our Midwest 2v2 magic
  3. "Give us 15 minutes. We have to listen to Bastille in the basement quick." -Nate, for 2 hours
  4. If you consider beating Matt and Nate back-to-back to close out the night as 2v2 champs, then yes, we are the champs. 😎
  5. @vogtcd11, We beat @RetroNathan and @bigmv54 twice! First, you had the big second half comeback, then I dominated the first half on Nate and you closed it out. Our 1v1 game was awesome though, 19-17. This whole weekend was amazing and I can't wait to come back down next year. The Vogts are an amazing family, can throw a party, and the atmosphere of Friday and Saturday night's were amazing. Highlights: • Meeting all the new guys, and re-introducing ourselves to the ones we see in passing at Madison or others. Like Diaz, who reminisced about being passed out in the corner of the bar at Madison. • My opening game win, which came via a 75 yard Hail Mary JJ to Duper, then out-tapping Derek Thomas at the 3 yard line to score. • Scoring three runs in the bottom of the 9th to beat @ImFlo in the RBI tourney - including the walk-off bomb by DARRYL! • Winning the Corona bar sign • Meeting David Fulcher, who is as nice of a guy as they come • Swimming in @vogtcd11's pool in my boxers in the dark • Staying at the Winton Woods campground in a rustic cabin with @joeygats, @hankthetank and @RetroNathan. It was a helluva lot cheaper than a hotel, and if we would have had the time, I think there could have been some awesome retro gaming going on inside. I don't know if I can ever come down to Cincy again and NOT stay at the campground. Almost an ideal location. Lowlights: • Construction in Indiana. From the west border to Indianapolis it was just barrels and barrels and no workers during the early afternoon on Friday. Then traffic came to a halt just 60 minutes from Cincy. That was it for the lowlights. Thanks again to the Vogts, their families, Fulcher, the Bartenders & Rick's Tavern and everyone who came out. It was a great weekend getaway and maybe next year's we'll pepper in a 2v2 mini-tourney.
  6. I ended up booking the cabin - it has four beds. Tundra Nate said he was a maybe, because he has to decide if he's going to make the trip. There's room if you and Gats want in.
  7. I was looking up hotel pricing today and then decided to look into alternate options. I found out that the campsite 15 minutes away has a four-bed cabin with electricity at half the price of any hotel. Would anyone be interested in bunking up? Maybe a mini Friday-night tourney after the bar closes? Maybe a Burning Vogt competition?
  8. And here I thought that me coming was the hype the Vogts were desiring....
  9. Better you didn't hear what he said when he left the table then.
  10. I'm a little late to the Thank You Party, but here goes: Dave, Casey, The Crew, The Ladies ... You were all fantastic in keeping this thing alive and prosperous. I won't knock the bar right now, we all know it had flaws (basically space), but they were still accommodating and if it wasn't for the pitchers of water and instant-pizza, I probably would have to have been put on an IV in a local hospital by late afternoon. I was going to make this my last competitive tournament. I know I'm not a great player, merely average-to-competitive (at best) based on matchups. But then I had to go and start 2-0, just one win from advancing out of group play for my first time in four Madison's, and lose to Noonan twice in a row. So... Now I think I'll play another year. Without going into detail on any of my matchups, I'll just list off some of my personal favorite memories from the weekend: -Performing life-saving surgery on a TV Friday afternoon on the patio - successfully, I might add -Whatever the hell happened in my NHL elimination game, because it went to OT and I was very loud (so, sorry about that) -Play-by-play/Color commentary with Beef Juice of the dude playing Contra on Friday -Segathon's face while trying to shift through 8 sheets of brackets for two tournaments Friday night -"Mark Duper! Party" - The People's Champ at morning brunch -Watching Moskwa dump about 5 shots of Fireball into his one cup of hazelnut coffee before venturing to High Noon on foot -That feeling of winning (and soundly) my first game in Madison in over two years -God damn Jets-NO, and having my entire starting lineup on "bad" after the first quarter. Thanks, Noonan -Pizza On Demand -The skinny brunette bartender's smile -(at The Plaza) "I'll take a pitcher of Pabst." "How many glasses?" "Uh.... One?" -Cardboard Kevin Mack hanging out at The Plaza -"61" It was a fabulous weekend. As always, it was great to see everyone again. Tecmo weekend is my favorite weekend and I look forward to it every year.
  11. I am still cracking up about when my brother called out to you at the hotel and and the snorting cocaine sign to you.  Hope you had a good tourney.



  12. That's Brudogg in the Niners gear. #M.I.A.Waggs is in the Largent jersey, I'm wearing the Duper jersey, Chet sitting behind me. Something tells me I'm the worst Tecmo player in this photo.
  13. Adam K (Super Duper). I'll be the one in the Duper jersey. (unless, there is a second Duper jersey floating around out there. )
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