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  1. RT @NVrsansky: They’re doing test runs now on #SteelVengeance!! Foggy and misty out in Sandusky @cedarpoint It’s like the ride just disappe…

  2. RT @WBRCnews: Wild goose chase: Golfer harassed by goose on Adrian, MI course https://t.co/dvVD0sooic https://t.co/vSCRjvV3XH

  3. RT @darrenrovell: Gotta love when Twitter delivers... https://t.co/TH9B3uXzJy

  4. RT @arminvanbuuren: A State of Trance Sydney - A Sky Full Of Stars ✨💔 https://t.co/gumZpKLwQ4

  5. @Marcus_Mosher Wow almost hit 60 in JV!!

  6. RT @dog_feelings: sometimes. certain areas of the floor can be tastier. than others. this has been a puplick surface announcement

  7. Dude I wouldn’t take that thing off for weeks. https://t.co/rlT5VPXYmO

  8. @drantbradley @Starbucks 😕

  9. Rock that bow @thomastorgerson https://t.co/4cxc5tLa4Z

  10. @WahooRubio1809 @TomHamiltonCLE oh man this has to happen..

  11. @clevezirm I won't believe this isn't all smoke, until I see it. Then I will smash my television. :)

  12. RT @NHLFlyers: The Fight continues. #EarnTomorrow https://t.co/08raNvyBbK

  13. RT @CavsJMike: LEBRON DOWN THE STRETCH 7:35 Cavs down 104-87 7:23 ast to Korver 5:53 reb 5:52 ast Hood 5:34 3P 4:22 layup 3:16 layup 2:53…

  14. RT @JDunnah: I wanted to make one and it got way too real 😂😂😂 https://t.co/lUAHjxzK1u

  15. RT @dog_feelings: i really want a cape. i think it would. make my zooms. much more distinguished. i would secure the admiration of the neig…

  16. @darrenrovell made fresh daily

  17. @RyInCBus That is probably worst case scenario

  18. RT @Gause__: Cleveland Dude was wrongly imprisoned for 15 years and one of his wishes upon being set free is to attend a Browns game. Don’t…

  19. RT @dog_feelings: gooooob morning. the human has this device. that removes my hair. from their nice clothes. in several swift rolls. i have…

  20. @BenAxelrod @DavidZavac I think Sashi's strength isn't talent evaluation and I think Dorsey's strength isn't the ca… https://t.co/mR9iIcaFaj

  21. RT @dog_feelings: i had already commenced my night snoozle. when the human decided they were hungry. according to the law. i am awarded a s…

  22. @Reflog_18 oh man life comes at you fast :/

  23. RT @JohnKasich: I love the way young Americans are saying: “Let’s do the art of the impossible rather than the art of the possible.” Young…

  24. RT @FOXSportsOH: The @cavs have been (Calder)on 🔥 with @JmCalderon at the point! #AllForOne https://t.co/mTGCzbm9xb

  25. @_PeteSmith_ Penny is good too.. this one is fun.