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  1. Tecmo Bowl 2020

    This is a ROM edit of the original 12-team ROM, featuring all the playoff teams from the 2019-20 NFL season:  Baltimore Ravens, Kansas City Chiefs, New England Patriots, Tennessee Titans, Houston Texans, Buffalo Bills, Green Bay Packers, San Francisco 49ers, New Orleans Saints, Philadelphia Eagles, Seattle Seahawks, and Minnesota Vikings.
    I released this ROM originally on Patreon.com/BaronGaming back in January and most recently on BaronGaming.weebly.com.  Enjoy!



  2. Ken Griffey Baseball 2019

    I've made you wait long enough for this.  Enjoy!



  3. R.B.I. Baseball 1919

    This ROM commemorates the 1919 baseball season and the Black Sox scandal, 100 years later.  The teams included on the ROM are:  Cincinnati Reds, Chicago White Sox,  New York Giants, Cleveland Indians, New York Yankees, Chicago Cubs, Pittsburgh Pirates, Detroit Tigers, Washington Senators, and Boston Red Sox. 
    This ROM, and the rest of my collection can be found at BaronGaming.weebly.com.  Enjoy!



  4. Super RBI Baseball 2019

    Super R.B.I. Baseball 2019 is finally available for all to download.  If you like this, you can check out my entire collection at BaronGaming.weebly.com. 
    All 30 MLB teams are available choose from, along with the division winners from 1989 to 1993. 
    HR Derby is available, along with the ability to draft a custom team from scratch. 
    Download and enjoy!



  5. Tecmo NBA Basketball 2018

    This is a remastered edition of Tecmo NBA Basketball 2018 for NES emulators that I released over a year ago.  To go along with updated team logos, one of the huge changes is the update to team simdata.  What this means is that the Warriors will play like Warriors, the Knicks will play like a dumpster fire, the Bulls don't play with the ghost of Michael Jordan twenty-five years later, etc.



  6. College Slam 2019

    This is a follow-up to my 2017 release of College Slam for SNES.  I originally released it a month ago to my Patreon.com/BaronGaming subscribers.  Now it's available on TecmoBowl.org.
    There are 44 teams available to choose from and 9 unlockable teams (Up-Down-Left-Right-Up-Down-Left-Right at the title screen).
    Enjoy!  You can find this and rest of my collection at BaronGaming.weebly.com.



  7. Tecmo Bowl NCAA 2019

    This is, in my (unpopular) opinion, the best version of the Tecmo series in college form.  There are thirty-two teams available, consisting of the Top 25 prior to the bowl season and seven additional "at large" teams.  Enjoy!
    If you like this, you can find my entire collection on my website:  BaronGaming.weebly.com.



  8. NBA Showdown 2018

    I released this ROM edit for the 25th anniversary of NBA Showdown back in May on my Patreon.com/BaronGaming page.  The rosters and player ratings are based on the end of the 2018 NBA season.
    Just like the original, there is player stat tracking, player trades (so you can send Lebron to the Lakers if you want to keep this updated), All Star teams, custom teams, and each team has at least one player with a "marquee" move.



  9. Ken Griffey Baseball 2018

    Keeping with tradition, here is this season's release of Ken Griffey Jr. Presents: Major League Baseball 2018.  Rosters were finalized prior to this season's trade deadline. 
    Mostly everything is the same from the previous season with a few exceptions:  I figured out how to modify the way pitchers appeared on the mound and changed the criteria for Home Run Derby selection. 
    This game, and my entire collection can be found at BaronGaming.weebly.com.  Enjoy!



  10. R.B.I. Baseball 2018 (30 Teams)

    Knock knock!
    Who's there?
    Arby, who?
    Arby-Eye Baseball 2018!
    You're welcome!



  11. Bad News Baseball 2017

    By popular demand, I present Bad News Baseball 2017.
    All of the rosters, statistics, ratings, and one team's uniform colors have been updated from the original NES game. 
    The twelve teams included are: San Francisco Giants, Los Angeles Dodgers, Atlanta Braves, Chicago Cubs, St. Louis Cardinals, New York Yankees, Minnesota Twins, Oakland Athletics, Texas Rangers, Boston Red Sox, Detroit Tigers, and Toronto Blue Jays.  All of the teams from the original game carried over to this updated version, except for the New York Mets who were changed to the Yankees.
    The information found in a handful of forum threads made this update.  What wasn't available in the forums, through trial and error I stumbled through and figured out.
    When comparing this to the original version of Bad News Baseball, this game does seem to provide a lot of offense.  Keeping the opposing team in single digit runs is a great feat.  My explanation for this that Bad News Baseball is a game played on the field by children (likely Little Leaguers).  Bad News Baseball 2017 replaces those children with grown-up Major League men.  When you put adults on a Little League field, most certainly balls are going to fly out of the ballpark.



  12. Ken Griffey 2017

    Happy Friday!
    This is the 3rd seasonal release of Ken Griffey Presents: Major League Baseball 2017.  If you enjoyed 2015 and 2016, you'll love 2017!
    The game-play and everything else carries over from the previous versions.  There is one major difference from the previous versions: the Homerun Derby.  In 2015, the Derby retained the original participants (Nick Noheart, Can O'Corn, etc).  In 2016, these were replaced with baseball legends like Hank Aaron and Babe Ruth.  In 2017, these have been replaced by the participants in last season's MLB Homerun Contest (Giancarlo Stanton, Adam Duvall, Corey Seager, Mark Trumbo, and Todd Frazier).
    Also, I did change up a few of my formulas to (hopefully) closer represent their respective players, namely pitcher speed and control.



  13. Ken Griffey's Winning Calculator

    I've decided to make my Ken Griffey's Winning Run calculator available to the public. 
    Please note, this is NOT a hex-editor.  It is a tool.  It is a tool intended to be used in conjunction with an accompanying hex-editor (like HxD).  The purpose of this tool is that it allows you to input a player's data, process the information, and then cut/paste the resulting data directly into your hex-editor. 
    Using this tool cuts down the work from having to manually input the data into the hex-editor, and eliminates the chance for error that can result in catastrophic results.
    Unfortunately, this tool is not a simple pick-up-and-use application.  For this, I created a tutorial on my website that details step-by-step how to use it.  It's not scary, just a few nuances about editing of Winning Run Baseball that one should be aware of.  As daunting as this may seem, after the first 2 or 3 players that you edit, you won't need the tutorial anymore.
    The link to my website and the tutorial:



  14. R.B.I. Baseball 3 - 2017

    The second release in the MLB17 series is finally here.
    This is the 2017 edition of the NES classic, R.B.I. Baseball 3. 
    All 30 teams are represented here with rosters and starting lineups closely representing the ones used on Opening Day.  I say "closely" because I took the liberties of juggling some of the lineups, due to a player being injured who would typically be in the starting lineup (i.e. Adrian Beltre, Didi Gregorious, and Steve Cishek).
    The third release in my MLB17 series, Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball 2017, will be released in the next 30 days (earlier if you're a Patreon.com/BaronGaming member).



  15. R.B.I. Baseball 2017

    The first release in the MLB17 series is finally here.
    This is the 2017 edition of the NES classic, R.B.I. Baseball. 
    All 30 teams are represented here with rosters and starting lineups closely representing the ones used on Opening Day.  I say "closely" because I took the liberties of juggling some of the lineups, due to a player being injured who would typically be in the starting lineup (i.e. Adrian Beltre, Didi Gregorious, and Steve Cishek).
    I did this ROM a little differently than previous years.  One of the first changes you will notice from the top is in the presentation.  In the past I would truncate a player's name if it exceeded (and most do) six letters.  So, Madison Bumgarner would be listed as "BUMGAR."  This year, I went with the classic "cramming" method, so Bumgarner is displayed ad "BMGRNR," Gary Sanchez is "SANCHZ", David Robertson is "RBRTSN", etc.  I tested out both way with last year's release to see what the general concensus was as far as preference goes.  Most seemed to like the "crammed" method, so that way stuck this season.
    Another difference is with the way I rated players.  With EVERY R.B.I. ROM release up to this date, I rated a player based on the previous season.  On paper, this seems like a good idea, but a lot of elite players were being stunted because of injuries.  I first took note of this a couple seasons ago where  Prince Fielder had a .247 average and 3 homeruns.  Because of this, he was rated not much better than a player on the back of the Padres' bench.  So, this season (and future seasons) I rated the players on their complete body of work based pro-rated over a 162 game season.  In doing so, even though Mike Trout had a "down" year with only 29 homeruns, he is still rated like a beast.
    If I botched anything, let me know.  Enjoy.
    The second release in my MLB17 series, R.B.I. Baseball 3: 2017, will be released in the next 2-3 weeks (earlier if you're a Patreon.com/BaronGaming member).



  16. Ken Griffey's Winning Run 2016

    It's heeeere!
    This is the 2016 edition of the sequel to the SNES's Ken Griffey Presents: Major League Baseball.  The rosters are based on the ones that I used for last season's Ken Griffey Presents 2016, which are based on the opening-day rosters from the 2016 season.
    For those unfamiliar, Winning Run is a different ball-game from the original.  It's more simulation, less arcade.  In many areas, it improves on many facets that Presents accomplished.
    For starters, it expands on Presents' season stat tracking.  Now, not only is your team's stats tracked through the season, but the rest of the league, as well.  And to compliment this, there are sortable league leaders screens, as well.
    Also, something new to Winning Run is the ability to trade players.  So, while this is a 2016 game, you can trade players with other teams and keep your rosters updated for multiple season.  Please note, this doesn't rule out future 2017 or further releases.
    Oh, did I mention that all THIRTY MLB teams are here?  In order to unlock the two expansion Tampa and Arizona teams, you must complete a season (not sure if it HAS to be 162 games or not).
    I also updated the All-Star team (something not done in previous Griffey updates) and all eight Homerun Derby rosters (something not done until later releases).
    I updated as many fine details as I could get my hands on to make this look as "official release" as possible.  I was able to change Florida, California, and Montreal to Miami, Los Angeles, and Washington, respectively.  However, I was unable to change the logo of the Washington Nationals.  So, while the standings and team-select might read "Washington," there is still an Expos logo hanging around.  Nothing game-breaking.



  17. College Slam 2017

    This ROM is a 2017 update to the 1996 SNES release of College Slam, the NCAA version of NBA Jam.  In the original game, there were no players - just generic names like "PT GUARD," "CENTER," etc.  I have edited all the names to reflect the top five players from all 44 included teams.  I've updated the names, player ratings, appearances, and a couple of team names (FSU becomes Florida State, UNC becomes North Carolina).
    As an added bonus, when you press UP-DOWN-LEFT-RIGHT-UP-DOWN-LEFT-RIGHT on the title screen, you can unlock 9 extra teams.  I've edited these as well.  The unlockable teams are the 2010 thru 2016 All-American teams, BaronROMs University, and the East Side Crew (folks I grew up with who traveled between each other's houses, having SNES TSB and NBA Jam parties on the weekends).  Enjoy!
    The complete list of teams available is:
    Boston College
    Florida State
    Georgia Tech
    Michigan St.
    North Carolina
    North Carolina State
    Ohio State
    Oklahoma State
    Penn State
    St. John's
    Southern Cal.
    South Carolina
    Wake Forest
    All-Americans 2015-16 (unlockable)
    All-Americans 2014-15 (unlockable)
    All-Americans 2013-14 (unlockable)
    All-Americans 2012-13 (unlockable)
    All-Americans 2011-12 (unlockable)
    All-Americans 2010-11 (unlockable)
    All-Americans 2009-10 (unlockable)
    East Side Crew (unlockable)
    BaronROMs University (unlockable)



  18. FIFA World Cup 2014

    This isn't Tecmo, but it is Football.
    I've modified the Sega Genesis' FIFA International Soccer '93 to reflect the rosters of the 2014 FIFA World Cup that was won by Germany.  There are 48 teams total, plus an Adidas All-Star Team. 
    Although the teams are from three years ago, this will serve as a foundation for when I release a future ROM based on the 2018 World Cup.  If my memory serves correct, this is the 4th ROM released in a series of ROMs based on the 2014 World Cup, to include Nintendo World Cup (NES), International Superstar Soccer (SNES), and J.League Winning Goal (NES).
    Please note, I still consider this release to be a work in progress.  At the moment, I have been unable to locate the locations of the player ratings.  To off-set this, I've arranged the rosters so that 2014's players reflect the 1993 players in both position and skill level.  I figure while not necessary, I have until 2018 to figure this out.  I was able to adjust the overall team ratings, however.



  19. Super Mario 2016

    This is Super Mario Bros. 2016!
    In short, this is a graphically enhanced version of the original Super Mario Bros. for the NES.  Using Tile Layer Pro, I swapped out most of SMB's sprites with those found in Super Mario Bros. 2 and 3.  Those that I didn't swap, I modified to give them more of a SMB2/3 feel.
    No gameplay was modified, as this is strictly a cosmetic update.  In fact, the only time I used a hex editor was when I changed the date on the title screen from 1985 to 2016.  Nothing more.



  20. NCAA: TSB 2017

    After what seemed like endless delays, Tecmo Super Bowl: NCAA 2017 is finally here!
    As seen in the screen-shots, each team has its helmet included on their respective Team Data and Versus screens.
    If you recently downloaded my 2016 version of this ROM, you might find that this one is a little more finely tuned.  Ratings and simdata have been fine-tuned so that end-of season leaders are reflected accurately vis-a-vis their real-life counterparts.
    In keeping with accuracy, the schedule has been reduced to 12 games, with the final week before the playoffs being set as "Rivalry Week."
    The lineup of teams is 96.875% identical (to 2016), with the only difference being the inclusion of Houston, replacing Kansas State.
    There are 32-teams in this ROM.  The 32 teams are divided into the following eight conferences (Note: I took the liberty to "realign" some of the conferences):
    Florida State
    SEC East
    South Carolina
    SEC West
    Texas A&M
    Louisiana State
    Virginia Tech
    Notre Dame
    Big 10
    Ohio State
    Big 12
    Oklahoma State
    Pac 12
    Southern Cal
    Big 10/12
    Michigan State
    Penn State



  21. RBI: 2016 World Series

    Celebrate the Chicago Cubs victory in the 2016 World Series with this ROM.  I don't typically do end-of-season ROMS, so this is kind of a big deal!
    To commemorate the season, the title screen's color scheme has been changed to something a little more "Cubbish."
    The ROM contains all ten teams that qualified for the 2016 Major League Baseball playoffs, to include:
    Boston Red Sox Baltimore Orioles Toronto Blue Jays Cleveland Indians Texas Rangers Washington Nationals New York Mets Chicago Cubs Los Angeles Dodgers San Francisco Giants  
    I based the player ratings based strictly on their 2016 performance.  What this means is that, if a player had a down year in 2016, it will reflect on their in-game performance.
    I've provided two versions of the ROM.  They both play identically to one another.  The only difference between the two is how the players are named.  The game only allows six characters per player name.  Version A has the players listed in traditional RBI Baseball compressed form (i.e. Bumgarner is Bmgrnr, Kershaw is Kershw, Donaldson is Dnldsn) and Version B has the players listed in my traditional truncated form (Bumgarner is Bumgar, Kershaw is Kersha, Donaldson is Donald).  On this note, I would appreciate some feedback as to which naming method everybody prefers for future ROM releases.



  22. NCAA: TSB 2016

    I have been sitting on this ROM for almost a year before finally releasing it.
    This is a collaborative effort between myself and Dave Murray.  The ROM was originally finished at the end of the 2015-16 NCAA football season and is based on said season.  Unless I missed anything, all instances of "NFL" have been removed from the game and replaced with NCAA logos, so that the game will have an authentic college football feel.
    There are 32-teams on the ROM, with each team having their own helmet art included on their team data screens (helmet art courtesy of Dave Murray).  These lucky 32 teams are:
    Florida State Clemson Pittsburgh Miami Missouri Georgia South Carolina Florida Auburn Texas A&M Louisiana State Alabama Syracuse Louisville Virginia Tech Notre Dame Michigan Nebraska Ohio State Wisconsin Oklahoma Kansas State Baylor Oklahoma State Stanford South California UCLA Oregon Texas Iowa Michigan State Penn State  
    The rosters and ratings were set at the end of the season so they would reflect performances throughout the season.  Again, this ROM is a year old in terms of rosters.  However, perhaps this ROM can set the groundwork as a base-ROM for future releases.



  23. NCAA Tecmo Bowl 2017

    This is NCAA Tecmo Bowl 2017!
    Using the original Tecmo Bowl (not Tecmo Super Bowl), this ROM consists of 32 NCAA football schools.  I used a few different criteria when determining which of the 120+ teams to use in this game, from historical reputation (i.e. Notre Dame, Alabama), TB.org community interest (i.e. Syracuse, Purdue), recent success (i.e. Boise St., Oregon), and the military academies. 
    Using the original Tecmo Bowl's ratings as a template, the players were rated based on 2015 season statistics, 2016 partial season statistics, various Heisman watch websites, and other sources.
    Rosters, ratings, home/away uniforms, cutscenes, and other small details were updated to ensure this is as authentic of an NCAA experience as this 8-bit simulation can provide.
    Aside from teams selection (as I'm sure not everybody will agree with my selections), if there are any glaring errors, please bring them to my attention.



  24. Tecmo Bowl 2017

    Amidst the sea of Tecmo Super Bowl 2017 releases, here's a ROM release for the original of the series, Tecmo Bowl 2017. 
    This game contains all 32 NFL teams (expanded from 12).  There is also a feature that allows you to choose your CPU opponent, as opposed to originally letting the CPU choose, in Exhibition mode.
    Rosters are based 99% off of depth charts provided by NFL.com and CBSSports.com, with a few exceptions taking into consideration suspensions (Tom Brady, Le'veon Bell) and other factors.  Statistics and ratings are based on those provided by Pro-Football-Reference.com.
    A special thanks goes out to TheFes75 and TecmoTurd for their assistance.
    In keeping with tradition, the original Tecmo Bowl (and Tecmo Super Bowl) were notorious for their "beasts," like Bo Jackson, Christian Okoye, QB Eagles, Mike Singletary, Jerry Rice, and more.  Well, Tecmo Bowl 2017 is no exception.  Some of the "beasts" (based on career bodies of work and current work) included in this ROM are:
    RB - Adrian Peterson, Chris Johnson
    WR - Larry Fitzgerald, Antonio Brown, Odell Beckham
    DB - Darrelle Revis
    DE/LB - James Harrison, JJ Watt, Ndamukong Suh
    KR - Devin Hester
    Growing up, I preferred this version of Tecmo Bowl to Tecmo Super Bowl, despite the lack of the Pittsburgh Steelers in the game.  To this day, I prefer Tecmo Bowl to Tecmo Super Bowl for the sheer sit-down-and-play factor.
    If there's anything glaring that I missed, please bring it to my attention.  Enjoy! 



  25. Tecmo Super Bowl: Gold

    This is Tecmo Super Bowl: Gold.
    I started working on this Legends-themed ROM back in March.  I delayed the release of this ROM for the simple fact that around the time of the originally planned debut, a glut of other "Legends" ROMs burst onto the scene as well.  So as not to (a) get lost in the shuffle or (b) take away from the spotlight of other modders, I pulled my work.
    This delay allowed me to fine-tune this ROM into what I would consider the "gold-standard" of Legends edits (hence, the "Gold" title) previously established by my past Convergence ROMs.
    Each team is comprised of the greatest players in franchise history, whether it's based on talent, records, or the impact they left on the team (Players like Tim Tebow and Kordell Stewart are included for the latter reasons).  In addition to the team rosters, the All-Pro rosters have been edited to contain the greatest players in the history of the National Football League.
    I've combed over this ROM obsessively.  If there are any errors, please let me know.



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