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  1. @TheJakeMitchell After Friday night’s Navarre/Escambia high school game, I haven’t seen that many sad faces in the crowd since election day.

  2. Shane McMahon is 0 for 2 on that top-of-the-cell elbow. Gotta try something else. #HIAC @WWE

  3. [email protected] and @TheJudge44 are the second coming of #TheBashBrothers. @Yankees

  4. @TheJakeMitchell Keeping within 2 points into the 4th, did @CuseFootball play well, or did @LSUfootball play poorly?

  5. @JMET19 I have no plans, but plans change.

  6. @TheJakeMitchell After this weekend, where does Orange QB Eric Dungey sit on your Heisman radar?

  7. The coffee in the break room smells like burnt toast and dirty diapers.

  8. @WWEDramaKing Aiden English will be the Shawn Michaels of the Vaudvillains version of The Rockers.

  9. @SNESdrunk So.... did he get traded?

  10. @CarverJohnny Don Mattingly, Patrick Ewing, Barry Foster, Shawn Bradley, and Rod Woodson.

  11. @bjwanlund Eventually I want to have a ROM for every season. I am actually surprised I haven't made a 1984 one, yet… https://t.co/es8S0zXTd7

  12. Classy-ing things up at work today. @jennafischer @theofficenbc #FinerThings @OscarNunezLA https://t.co/sLWo7YJLue

  13. @davefmurray Hakeem Olajuwon looks... shorter.

  14. I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/Ru0RZib2B3 BaronVonLector's Live Diablo 3 Broadcast #2

  15. Maybe, but what drew me to the band was her vocals and he's 180 not her. I like him, but in small doses. https://t.co/iv84A65Bqx

  16. Just watched #ExtremeRules this weekend. The @IAmSamsonWWE serenade reminds me a bit of "The Genius" @LannyPoffo. Good stuff.

  17. @JupiterrJazz It's considered a midnight snack if it will turn your Mogwai into a Gremlin.

  18. @THEVinceRusso Apology accepted?

  19. @neora5 @Striker6701 @SWTOR Thank you. I was a subscriber at the point where the new expansion was released (after… https://t.co/p9xqAj0oMZ

  20. Bad News Baseball 2017 for NES emulation is here! Download it at #TecmoBowl .org! #NES #RetroGaming #Nintendo https://t.co/kTRlE25Duc

  21. Thank you @ynscspds! #PapaSlam @PapaJohns

  22. @davefmurray @YouTube I've played on PC. I'm partial to consoles, so this is my preference. With an impartial eye,… https://t.co/4L3BHb0J2F

  23. BaronVonLector's Live Diablo 3 Broadcast: https://t.co/yzXh5fWLrs via @YouTube

  24. @WWERoadDogg @MrFrantastic11 It took me a long time to accept NAO were no longer Rockabilly and The Roadie. Change IS difficult.

  25. The too-handsome-for-his-own-good smuggler, Augustus the Gloope, battles Revan in #SWTOR action! @SWTOR @swtorista https://t.co/WPZBgwJ7oq

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