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  1. When are you making another NCAA Tecmo Football 2019?

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    2. Baron von Lector

      Baron von Lector

      I do, but small scale modifications, such as adding a player to a game, or in the case or Tecmo Bowl NCAA 2019, I replaced a team with another team.  It's taking me a long time to put out ROMs these days as my employment has changed.  Basically, I used to work a job that allowed me to do mods while waiting for something at work to happen.  It's taken me 4 months longer to put out Griffey 19 than usual.  The project you mention, I have actually put it on my radar.  It might be something that I look into after the baseball season ends.

    3. TecmoRB#34


      Wow! I hope you can complete the NCCA Tecmo Greats project, I honestly I feel that would be a great choice of many. I would love to help give you some insight, for example, I know its a playbook consisting of 4-plays, 2 runs & 2 pass, I would like to have a run heavy team such as UGA 1980 with 3 run/1pass. I have a list of the greatest NCAA D1 colleges and rosters I wouldn't mind sharing with you, maybe that would help you cut the time in half to create.

    4. TecmoRB#34


      I also wanted to know, how many teams can that particular rom hold "Tecmo Bowl". I know you added 32 on the pervious rom?

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