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  1. In the next week or so, I'm going to be releasing Griffey '21 from Patreon-exclusive status on BaronGaming.weebly.com. There's a lot in this thread that I didn't read it all, but concerns I dis notice that have been addressed: ERAs above 5.11 are possible Pitcher appearances on the mound have been adjusted. 6 MLB players are featured in the HR Derby. Did I miss anything?
  2. The best one available is the one I made back in 2015. It's in the OTHERS section in the Downloads on this page. If it's not there in the next week or so, it'll be on my BaronGaming.weebly.com page.
  3. View File R.B.I. Baseball 2020 Just in time for Opening Day! I released this game two months ago to my Patreon.com/BaronGaming members and will be uploading it to my site (BaronGaming.weebly.com) later this week. The rosters were finalized before prior to Covid-related opt-outs. Enjoy! Submitter Baron von Lector Submitted 07/26/2020 Category RBI Baseball
  4. @Ian Jones I got your message and the information you're asking about. Right now my hex info is just notes jotted down on Notepad, clearly indecipherable by anybody. When I go to update my old Griffey Legends ROM, I will put the info in a more user-friendly format (including how to increase POW and FLD to 10 and Homerun Derby contestants) I will either send it to you or post it here.
  5. About a year ago I started a similar project before putting on the back-burner (the destination of about 75% of the projects I start). I went with single season teams instead of decade teams, though. From the scrap-heap:
  6. With the recent Griffey talk, this reminds me that I need to update and re-release my original Ken Griffey Jr. Presents: Legends of Major League Baseball ROM. Updates will include fixed pitcher heads, current generation players (Judge, Trout, Arenado, etc), and a HR Derby update. Stay tuned.
  7. The pitcher hair/beard/glasses/ can be changed using a hex editor (I use HXD). I forget the exact locations, but each player has a value from 00-43 that controls this. I'll post the locations later. You can check out my Ken Griffey 2019 in the Downloads to see this in action.
  8. Hello Von,


    Is it possible you can add Sony Michel to UGA on " Running play one" on your NCAA Tecmo Bowl 2017 rom?


    This is one of my favorite versions of your NCAA rom''s. UGA had a very spectacular back field that year and you only have Nick Cubb in the back field. I feel that Sony complement's Chubb similar to Bo Jackson & Marcus Allen on the original Tecmo rom.


    Sony Michel stats for 2017.

    Rush Yards: 1,227

    TD's: 16




    If you can make that quick adjustment, this would be awesome.


    Thank you sir!


  9. Oh you Von you!!!!

    you never disappoint sir!!!


  10. View File Tecmo Bowl 2020 This is a ROM edit of the original 12-team ROM, featuring all the playoff teams from the 2019-20 NFL season: Baltimore Ravens, Kansas City Chiefs, New England Patriots, Tennessee Titans, Houston Texans, Buffalo Bills, Green Bay Packers, San Francisco 49ers, New Orleans Saints, Philadelphia Eagles, Seattle Seahawks, and Minnesota Vikings. I released this ROM originally on Patreon.com/BaronGaming back in January and most recently on BaronGaming.weebly.com. Enjoy! Submitter Baron von Lector Submitted 03/05/2020 Category Tecmo Bowl - NES
  11. It's as if somebody rubbed a genie's lamp. 8 teams (+4 hidden teams, including the Team 9 practice squad). Follow me on Twitter at @BaronVonLector for updates on this project.
  12. Version 1.0.0


    I've made you wait long enough for this. Enjoy! Twitter.com/BaronVonLector Patreon.com/BaronGaming
  13. Ken Griffey Baseball 2019 View File I've made you wait long enough for this. Enjoy! Twitter.com/BaronVonLector Patreon.com/BaronGaming Submitter Baron von Lector Submitted 01/05/2020 Category SNES
  14. Hey Baron,

    Bad News Baseball 2017 is great, you did a nice job. Any hope of a 2019 version?

    1. Baron von Lector

      Baron von Lector

      Thank you.  As of now, it's a one-off.  I may do another one in the future, but at the moment, I have no plans.


      After I release this season's RBI and Griffey games, I'll have free time.  If I do another Bad News, I'd have to find a way to input data more efficiently than before by making a calculator or something along those lines.

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