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  1. Appreciate the kind words Eric. It was a hard fought battle man. I'm sure you can drub me in some TPC later... As you remember, my luck vs you has been pretty poor in our past meetings. You're a hell of a player and I was lucky to get the W in this one.
  2. Ryan wins the flip and goes with KC and the Nightmare. Stork take Cincy. KC strikes first with a bomb to Paige. Cincy comes back with some nice runs and ties it up. The scoring goes back and forth until the teams go the locker room tied at 14 a piece. Cincy has a nice drive and picks up a score and then grabs a fumble on the ensuing drive by the Chiefs and capitalizes with another score to make it 28-14. Chiefs don't have enough time to make a comeback and the game ends with a final of 28-14 Bungals. TPC_TSB_tapmeter.ns3
  3. Stork wins toss and goes with the Bills. Moe takes the Giants. The two teams trade scores and the Giants look primed to take a 21-7 lead into half but Megget is caught from behind on a long run right before the half to keep the score at 14-7 G-men. Bills tie it with a score to make it 14 all and the teams again trade scores to make the "final" 21-21. Stork wins the flip in OT and on the heels of long Thurman run and a FG win it in OT 24-21. VGG Eric, could have gone either way for sure man!! TPC_TSB_tapmeter.ns1
  4. Not sure this even matters as this league is not moving forward (or it's being combined) but I'm out after this season. My only game left is with RetroNathan. We have tried multiple times to hook up and it's just not happening. If you want to sim the game go ahead, otherwise I will do my best to get it in with him. Thanks for having me, great league!
  5. Changed my mind, great league just too busy right now and at my max with leagues. Thanks for having me guys. Raiders are looking for a new GM.
  6. When can you play? Week 16 Oak vs. ATL. Thanks.
  7. Nice, just recorded my first 10 seconds of TSB!! LOL, thanks Noonan, thanks Moulds.....think I just had to wait til I got to the coin flip until the record option was available.
  8. NEED HELP PLEASE!! I know how to record thanks to Moulds, but the option of "record" is grayed out in my "file" menu. Any help is much appreciated!!!
  9. Fuckin awesome. Not sure which name is my favorite....too classic!!
  10. Hmu whenever on aim or email.... Not tough to reach. Can accommodate most times after 3pm CST each and every day.
  11. Bengals start with the ball and are stymied right away as Floyd "Big Tyme" Little coughs it up on a called play deep in their own territory. Stabler hits "always been a Freeman White" for a quick score and a 7-0 Raider lead. Bengals fall farther behind after another Snake to White TD and it's 14-0 Silver and Black. Diaz rallies the troops and runs one in after a nice drive on his third possession. With the Raiders failing to keep the scoring pace The Bengals poke another one in on a nice play action pass from 30 yards out just before the half. 14-14 and with one last play before intermission Bob Lee relieves Stabler and does some nifty scrambling before hitting Crabtree for the 69 yard bomb at the buzzer. 21-14 Raiders at the half. That was the end of the good times for Oakland as Juice (who was yet to be heard from) goes BAD (BAD) and coughs up not one, but two consecutive KR. At this point Al Davis and his Raiders are reeling and to make matters worse Stabler is but a shell of his first half self. The Raider D could not stand up to the task and the Bengals outscore Stork 17-0 in the 2nd half and roll to 31-21 victory in the first ever HSRL game. (First logged state of the season anyway)... GG Diaz... GLRW, I'm hoping for another shot at dem Bengals =)
  12. Raiders are good to go ....thanks to all the mods for all the hard work!!
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