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  1. A couple of issues with my Eagles team. Larry Brunson, who I drafted as a WT, is on my roster as an RB. Willie Crenshaw, who is an RB, is listed as a TE.
  2. Eagles (Jonnymevans) Select WR John Holland
  3. Eagles (Jonnymevans) Select: OAKLAND DL
  4. hey man, we play in the thunderdome. Lmk when you're available.

    1. OL' Dirty Tecmo

      OL' Dirty Tecmo

      Hey man I'm available anytime tomorrow and most nights after 8pm if scheduled. Thanks!

    2. OL' Dirty Tecmo
    3. JEvans87


      I can play after 8 pm tomorrow. Message me at one of the contacts I posted.

  5. This is great. I play Ol' Dirty Tecmo. If anyone needs to reach me text me 814-504-7414 is best. Aside from that AIM at [email protected] / Facebook at Jonny Evans (Erie, PA / Penn State)
  6. Philly (Jonnymevans) Select: Houston LBs Mark Arneson / Jim Teal
  7. Eagles (Jonnymevans) Select: Minnesota CBs Ray Brown / Bill Bryant
  8. I mean Jonnymevans Selects: KC Safety's - Bobby Bryant / Bivian Lee (Vikings wrong league lol)
  9. Jonnymevans Select Philly OLB - Mike Taylor / Ed Oneil
  10. Vikings Select: KC Safety's - Bobby Bryant / Bivian Lee
  11. Jonnymevans / Eagles Select : RB Larry Csonka
  12. I rarely check the forums, always on the go. I'd like 1st pick if possible.
  13. All of my tap tests scores, on about 6 tries, ranged from 50-55 in 3 seconds. Sorry for the poor quality. When i have someone around me I'll have them video tape me so you can get a better view and I'll describe my technique further. Truthfully, most of the speed comes from clinching the muscles around. my elbow and forcing my lower arm to kinda twitch. As if I'm flexing my bicep with my arm stretched out straight rather than bent 90 degrees.
  14. Can you Host? Yes Preferred method of contact for games. Text - (814) 504-7414 / aim [email protected] / facebook if ya have it! - Jonny Evans (Erie, PA) What's your location/timezone? Eastern
  15. If anyone hears from Kweh, or Kweh see's this.. shoot me a msg on aim at [email protected] - We have Eagles vs Falcons matchup in HSRL
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