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  1. Tecmo Title Game 1958 and 1959

    The last 2 years of just 12 Professional Football Teams.
    The Greatest Game Ever played the 1958 NFL Title Game.
    Before the Super Bowl existed you had the TITLE GAME!
    12 Teams of the NFL
    No Overtime.
    Retro Helmets
    Rosters 100% Complete including numbers and skin color.
    12 Game Regular Season
    Accurate Schedule and dates
    All Games are Juiced
    8 Teams make the playoffs unlike in the 1950's when only 2 made the playoffs.
    Accurate East and West Divisions
    All Splash Screens and Helmets updated.
    No uniform conflicts
    No Logo at Midfield
    Plain Grass End Zones.
    Each Team based on an Original TSB team
    Consensus All-Pros are maxed out at each position.
    Passing, Rushing, Receiving, Kicking, Punting, Returns stats and reputation accounted for in rankings
    Appropriate Offenses and Sim Data



  2. NCAA1970, NCAA 1971, and NCAA 1972

    28 NCAA Teams with End of Season Rank in AP Poll
    Rosters 100% Complete
    9 Game Regular Season (Max Juice)
    8 Teams make 4 Bowl games followed by 2 Semi-Final Bowls, and finally The Tecmo Bowl
    Semi-aligned Conferences
    Plain Grass Field (No Midfield or End Zone logo/colors)
    No Overtime
    Each Season has the Top 20 plus Army, Navy, Air Force, and 5 additional teams (see text document)
    Each Team based on an Original TSB team (see text document)
    Consensus All-Americans appropriately ranked
    Appropriate Sim Data
    Army (worst) 1-9-1 lost to Navy 7-11
    Navy (worst) 2-9 beat Army 11-7 lost to Air Force 3-26
    #2 Notre Dame (HOU)10-1 coached by Ara Parseghian beat Texas in Cotton Bowl 24-11
    #18 Penn State (WSH) 7-3 coached by Joe Paterno
    #14 Dartmouth (NYJ) 9-0 Ivy League Champions
    #9 Michigan 9-1 (RAI) coached by Bo Schembechler lost to Ohio State 9-20
    #5 Ohio State 9-1 (PHI) coached by Woody Hayes Big Ten Champions lost to Stanford in Rose Bowl 17-27
    #12 Toledo 12-0 (TB) MAC Champions beat William and Mary in tangerine Bowl 40-12
    Northwestern 6-4 (IND)
    #15 USC 6-4-1 (SD) coached by John McKay
    Washington 6-4 (GB)
    #8 Stanford 9-3 (MIA) Pacific 8 Champions beat Ohio State 27-17 in Rose Bowl
    #6 Arizona State 11-0 (BUF) coached by Frank Kush WAC Champions beat North Carolina 48-26 in Peach Bowl
    #17 Air Force 9-3 (DEN) lost to Tennessee in Sugar Bowl 13-34 beat Navy 26-3
    Georgia 5-5 (PIT) coached by Vince Dooley
    #13 Georgia Tech (MIN) 9-3 coached by Bud Carson beat Texas Tech 17-9 in Sun Bowl
    #4 Tennessee 11-1 (KC) coached by Bill Battle beat Air Force 34-13 in Sugar Bowl
    #10 Auburn 9-2 (RAM) coached by Shug Jordan beat Ole Miss in Gator Bowl 35-28
    Alabama 6-5-1 (NO) coached by Bear Bryant tied Oklahoma 24-24 in Bluebonnet Bowl
    #11 Arkansas 9-2 (CIN) coached by Frank Broyles
    #17 Tulane 8-4 (ATL) beat Colorado 17-3 in Liberty Bowl
    #7 LSU 9-3 (CHI) coached by Charlie McClendon SEC Champions lost in Orange Bowl to Nebraska 12-17
    #20 Ole Miss 7-4 (CLE) coached by John Vaught lost to Auburn in Gator Bowl 28-35
    #19 Houston 8-3 (DAL)
    #20 Oklahoma 7-4-1 (DET) coached by Chuck Fairbanks tied Oklahoma 24-24 in Bluebonnet Bowl
    Colorado 6-5 (PHX) lost to Tulane 3-17 in Liberty Bowl
    #3 Texas 10-1 (NYG) coached by Darrell Royal SWC Champions lost to Notre Dame in Cotton Bowl 11-24
    #1 Nebraska 11-0-1 (SF) coached by Bob Devaney Big 8 Champions beat LSU 17-12 in Orange Bowl
    1970 Consensus All-Americans
    Jim Plunkett, QB, Stanford (Heisman Trophy)
    Don McCauley, RB, North Carolina
    Steve Worster, RB, Texas
    Tom Gatewood, E, Notre Dame
    Ernie Jennings, E, Air Force
    Elmo Wright, E, Houston
    Dan Dierdorf, OL, Michigan
    Larry Dinardo, OL, Notre Dame
    Chip Kell*, OL, Tennessee
    Bob Newton, OL, Nebraska
    Don Popplewell, OL, Colorado
    Bobby Wuensch, OL, Texas
    Bill Atessis, DL, Texas
    Dick Bumpas, DL, Arkansas
    Rock Perdoni, DL, Georgia Tech
    Jim Stillwagon*, DL, Ohio State
    Charlie Weaver, DL, USC
    Mike Anderson, LB, LSU
    Jack Ham, LB, Penn State
    Tommy Casanova, DB, LSU
    Dave Elmendorf, DB, Texas A&M
    Jack Tatum*, DB, Ohio State
    Larry Willingham, DB, Auburn
    Army 6-4 (NE) beat Navy 24-23 lost to Air Force 7-20
    Navy 3-8 (IND) lost to Army 23-24
    #13 Notre Dame 8-2 (CHI) coached by Ara Parseghian
    #5 Penn State 11-1 (BUF) coached by Joe Paterno beat Texas 30-6 in Cotton Bowl
    #14 Toledo 12-0 (TB) MAC Champions beat Richmond 28-3 in the Tangerine Bowl
    #6 Michigan 11-1 (RAI) coached by Bo Schembechler Big 10 Champions lost to Stanford 12-13 in the Rose Bowl
    Ohio State 6-4 (PIT) coached by Woody Hayes
    Michigan State 6-5 (NO)
    Northwestern 7-4 (SEA)
    #20 USC 6-4-1 (DAL) coached by John McKay
    #19 Washington 8-3 (CLE)
    #10 Stanford 9-3 (RAMS) Pac-8 Champions beat Michigan 13-12 in the Rose Bowl
    #8 Arizona State 11-1 (DET) coached by Frank Kush WAC Champions beat FSU 45-38 in the Fiesta Bowl
    Air Force 6-4 (PHX) beat Army 20-7
    #7 Georgia 11-1 (PHI) coached by Vince Dooley beat North Carolina 7-3 in the Gator Bowl
    FSU 8-4 (GB) lost to Arizona State 38-45 in the Fiesta Bowl
    #9 Tennessee 10-2 (MIN) coached by Bill Battle beat Arkansas 14-13 in the Liberty Bowl
    #12 Auburn 9-2 (CIN) coached by Shug Jordan lost to Oklahoma 22-40 in the Sugar Bowl
    #4 Alabama 11-1 (NYG) coached by Bear Bryant SEC Champions lost to Nebraska 6-38 in the Orange Bowl
    #16 Arkansas 8-3-1 (WSH) coached by Frank Broyles lost to Tennessee 13-14 in the Liberty Bowl
    #18 Texas 8-3 (NYJ) coached by Darrell Royal SWC Champions lost to Penn State 6-30 in Cotton Bowl
    #11 LSU 9-3 (MIA) coached by Charlie McClendon beat Iowa State in the Sun Bowl 33-15
    #15 Ole Miss 10-2 (SD) beat Georgia Tech 41-18 in the Peach Bowl
    #17 Houston 9-3 (DEN) lost to Colorado 17-29 in Bluebonnet Bowl
    #2 Oklahoma 11-1 (HOU) coached by Chuck Fairbanks beat Auburn 40-22 in the Sugar Bowl
    #3 Colorado 10-2 (KC) beat Houston 29-17 in the Bluebonnet Bowl
    Iowa State 8-4 (ATL) lost to LSU in the Sun Bowl 15-33
    #1 Nebraska 13-0 (SF) coached by Bob Devaney Big-8 Champions beat Alabama 38-6 in the Orange Bowl
    1971 Consensus All-Americans
    Pat Sullivan QB, Auburn (Heisman Trophy)
    Ed Marinaro RB, Cornell
    Johnny Musso RB, Alabama
    Greg Pruitt RB, Oklahoma
    Terry Beasley E, Auburn
    Johnny Rogers E, Nebraska
    Tom Brahaney OL, Oklahoma
    Dave Joyner OL, Penn State
    Reggie McKenzie OL, Michigan
    Jerry Sisemore OL, Texas
    Royce Smith OL, Georgia
    Willie Harper DL, Nebraska
    Larry Jacobson DL, Nebraska
    Mel Long DL, Toledo
    Walt Patulski DL, Notre Dame
    Sherman White DL, California
    Jeff Siemon LB, Stanford
    Mike Taylor LB, Michigan
    Tommy Casanova DB, LSU
    Clarence Ellis DB, Notre Dame
    Ernie Jackson DB, Duke
    Bobby Majors DB, Tennessee

    Army 6-4 (NE) beat Navy 23-15 beat Air Force 17-14
    Navy 4-7 (IND) lost to Army 15-23 beat Air Force 21-17
    #14 Notre Dame 8-3 (MIN) coached by Ara Parseghian lost to Nebraska 6-40 in Orange Bowl
    #10 Penn State 10-2 (RAMS) coached by Joe Paterno lost to Oklahoma 0-14 in Sugar Bowl
    #18 Louisville 9-1 (DAL) coached by Lee Corso MVC Champions
    #6 Michigan 10-1 (NYG) coached by Bo Schembechler Big Ten Co-Champions
    #9 Ohio State 9-2 (CHI) coached by Woody Hayes Big Ten Co-Champions lost to USC in Rose Bowl 17-42
    Purdue (GB) 6-5
    Michigan State (NO) 5-5-1
    #1 USc 12-0 (SF) coached by John McKay Pac-8 Champions beat Ohio State 42-17 in Rose Bowl
    #15 UCLA 8-3 (SD) coached by Pepper Rodgers
    #19 Washington State (WSH) 7-4
    #13 Arizona State 10-2 (DEN) WAC Champions beat Missouri 49-35 in Fiesta Bowl
    Air Force 6-4 (SEA) lost to Navy 17-21 lost to Army 14-17
    Georgia 7-4 (PIT) coached by Vince Dooley
    #20 Georgia Tech 7-4-1 (ATL) coached by Bill Fulcher beat Iowa State 31-30 in Libert Bowl
    Florida 5-5-1 (PHX) coached by Doug Dickey
    #12 North Carolina 11-1 (TB) coached by Bill Dooley ACC Champion beat Texas Tech 32-28 in Sun Bowl
    #17 North Carolina St. 8-3-1 (NYJ) coached by Lou Holtz beat West Virginia 49-13 in Peach Bowl
    #7 Alabama 10-2 (RAI) coached by Bear Bryant SEC Champions lost Cotton Bowl 13-17 to Texas
    #5 Auburn 10-1 (KC) coached by Shug Jordan beat Colorado 24-13 in Gator Bowl
    #11 LSU 9-2-1 (MIA) coached by Charlie McClendon lost to Tennessee 17-24 in Bluebonnet Bowl
    Ole Miss 5-5 (CLE)
    #8 Tennessee 10-2 (DET) coached by Bill Battle beat LSU 24-17 in Bluebonnet Bowl
    #2 Oklahoma 11-1 (BUF) coached by Chuck Fairbanks beat Penn State 14-0 in Sugar Bowl
    #16 Colorado 8-4 (CIN) lost to Auburn 13-24 in Gator Bowl
    #3 Texas 10-1 (PHI) coached by Darrell Royal SWC Champions beat Alabama 17-13 in Cotton Bowl
    #4 Nebraska 9-2-1 (HOU) coached by Bob Devaney Big 8 Champions beat Notre Dame 40-6 in Orange Bowl
    1972 Consensus All-Americans
    Bert Jones, QB, LSU
    Otis Armstrong, RB, Purdue
    Woody Green, RB, Arizona State
    Greg Pruitt*, RB, Oklahoma
    Johnny Rodgers*, WR, Nebraska (Heisman Trophy)
    Charles Young*, TE, USC
    Tom Brahaney, OL, Oklahoma
    John Hannah*, OL, Alabama
    Ron Rusnak, OL, North Carolina
    Paul Seymour, OL, Michigan
    Jerry Sisemore*, OL, Texas
    Bruce Bannon, DL, Penn State
    Dave Butz, DL, Purdue
    Rich Glover*, DL, Nebraska
    Willie Harper, DL, Nebraska
    Greg Marx*, DL, Notre Dame
    Randy Gradishar, LB, Ohio State
    John Skorupan, LB, Penn State
    Cullen Bryant, DB, Colorado
    Randy Logan, DB, Michigan
    Robert Popelka, DB, SMU
    Brad Vanpelt*, DB, Michigan State



  3. Coach Mac's NCAA 2019

    Coach Mac's NCAA 2019
    Tecmo Rose Bowl
    Offering all the excitement, tradition, and intense rivalry of College Football
    Just in time for the Army/Navy Game
    Christmas, New Years, and the Bowl Games!
    25 Teams from the Final 2019 College Football Playoff Poll plus Texas, Air Force, and Army.
    My roms will always include all 3 service acadamies.
    Air Force, Army, and Navy all run the WISHBONE
    Rosters 100% Complete including numbers and skin skin color.
    840 Pixelated Athletes.  
    Best name Joey Magnifico TE of the Memphis Tigers
    9 Game Regular Season (Max Juice)
    8 Teams make 4 Bowl games followed by 2 Semi-Final Bowls, and finally The Tecmo Bowl
    Semi-aligned Conferences.
    All Splash Screens and Helmets updated.
    No uniform conflicts
    Basic NCAA Logo at Midfield
    End Zones are painted gary but have no writing.
    Each Team based on an Original TSB team
    Minor Tweaks mostly to QB's and RB's
    Appropriate Offenses and Sim Data
    Check out the screenshots from the first simmed season.
    Amazingly accurate!
    Schedule shows accurate dates.
    Clemson vs Alabama rematch of 2018 Championship is the opening game.
    Intersectional Games LSU vs Texas and Auburn vs Oregon included on appropriate date.
    All Rivalry games included, most on appropriate date.
    All 6 Conference Championship games included on appropriate date (12/7/2019)
    Army vs Navy last game of the season on appropriate date (12/14/2019)
    #1 LSU (SF)
    #2 Ohio State (NYG)
    #3 Clemson (BUF)
    #4 Oklahoma (HOU)
    #5 Georgia (RAI)
    #6 Oregon (MIA)
    #7 Baylor (KC)
    #8 Wisconsin (DET)
    #9 Florida (RAM)
    #10 Penn State (CIN)
    #11 Utah (MIN)
    #12 Auburn (CHI)
    #13 Alabama (SD)
    #14 Michigan (TB)
    #15 Notre Dame (WAS)
    #16 Iowa (DEN)
    #17 Memphis (NYJ)
    #18 Minnesota (DAL)
    #19 Boise State (ATL)
    #20 Appalachain State (CLE)
    #21 Cincinnati (GB)
    #22 USC (NO)
    #23 Navy (PHI) (Special Wishbone Offense)
    #24 Virginia (SEA)
    #25 Oklahoma State (IND)
    NR Texas (NE)
    NR Air Force (PHX) (Special Wishbone Offense)
    NR Army (PIT) (Special Wishbone Offense)



  4. NFL '58

    60 years ago the NFL Season that would end with the "Greatest Game Ever Played" began.
    What you get:
    2 versions (Original and Fully Juiced)
    The 12 NFL Teams from 1958. 
    All modeled and properly matched to an Original TSB Team.
    Baltimore Colts = SF (Unitas = Montana, Lenny Moore = Jerry Rice)
    New York Giants = NYG (Sam Huff = LT (but moved to ILB)
    Cleveland Browns = RAI (Jim Brown = Bo Jackson)
    Los Angeles Rams = RAM
    Chicago Bears = CHI
    Pittsburgh Steelers = MIN
    Washington Redskins = NO
    San Francisco 49ers = NO
    Chicago Cardinals = JETS
    Detroit Lions = JETS
    Philadelphia Eagles = GB
    Green Bay Packers = GB (Lombardi arrives in 1959, but many of the pieces of the dynasty are already in place)
    The correct 12 game 1958 schedule with correct dates. (Including Saturdays and Thanksgiving)
    An Old Fashioned Grass Field free from any distractions, logos, or colors.
    No Overtime.
    No Large Helmets (I don't get them or know how to move them so I just blanked them out)
    1991 Mini Helmets in proper locations.
    Accurate Rosters with numbers and skin color.
    Accurate Pro Bowl Rosters.
    Plus truly Original Game Play, as I have added "ZERO Gameplay Hacks"
    We love this game because they got it right, even with the minor imperfections.
    What you don't get:
    Accurate Divisions.
    In 1958 the NFL had 2 six team divisions East and West.
    I couldn't do that so I made 3 four team divisions.
    Below I list my Divisions followed by the actual 1958 the Team played in.
    EAST                               CENTRAL                       WEST
    Cleveland East          Chicago Bears West    Baltimore  West
    New York East           Detroit West                   Chicago Cardinals East
    Philly East                    Green Bay West            Los Angeles West
    Washington East      Pittsburgh East            San Francisco West
    Accurate Playoffs in 1958 the NFL Post season consisted of one Championship Game of the East Champion vs the West Champion.
    I had to go with 4 teams.  The 3 Division Champs and a Wild Card.
    If you win the "NFL Championship"  The Final Game will be the "Tecmo Bowl" vs a 1991 TSB Team.



  5. RBI Baseball 1964-68

    Top 6 NL Teams and Top 4 AL Teams from each season 1964-68



  6. Coach Mac's 1975 TSB X

    In Super Bowl X The Steelers beat the Cowboys 21-17 but all of that is about to change, as you download and play my new 1975 NES TSB rom.
    I chose 1975 because it was right in the Middle of the Decade.
    8 team Playoff
    AND it was the ultimate Super Bowl
    America's Team vs The Team of the 70's.
    Doomsday, Too Tall, Mean Joe, The Steel Curtain, Roger the Dodger, Phyllis George, The Hail Mary is born, Conrad Dobler, Jimmy the Greek, Howard Cosell, MNF was a huge Event!, Kenny the Snake, Purple People Eaters
    I have put a ton of time and effort into this and will give a good account of the changes.
    Skill Position Player Ratings - based on 1975 performance - sliding scale true to the original rom.
    QB's PC = QBR, PS = Reputation, MS = Rush Yds, APB = Comp. %.  Ken Anderson, Fran Tarkenton, and Bert Jones are Top 3 QB's.
    RB's MS = Yards, Rec = # of receptions, BC = Fumble %, HP = Reputation (and HP cost you speed)
    WR's and TE's MS = Yards, Rec. = # of receptions., BC = Fumble %.
    1000 yards gets you a 56 MS as RB or REC.  OJ Simpson with over 1800 yards is the only player rated higher with 63 MS.
    Each team has a dedicated return man (usually WR#4) with MS based on Return yards.
    24 out of 26 teams ran a 4-3 in 1975.
    I have seen people put 1 DL at LB to adjust for this, but that bugs me.
    I know the Original rom did it but that bugged me also.
    So just used 3 DL for each team and put a back up LB in as a starter so you only have DT's at NT and DE's at DE and OLB's at OLB and MLB's at ILB, and Back up's at ILB.
    So while I had to sit Ernie Holmes for the Steelers, Loren Toews gets to start.  Hollywood Henderson also benefits and gets to start a couple years early for Dallas.
    O Lines, D-Lines, LB's and DB's - rated as groups by team - also very true to the feel of the orginal rom
    O Lines based on Scoring Offense, using the Original roms OL ratings.
    Plus the 5 Consensus All Pros get the Top 5 ratings.
    D-Lines based on Rushing D.  4 Consensus All Pros get the Top 4 ratings. 
    LB's based on Scoring D. 3 Consensus All Pros get the Top 3 ratings
    DB's based on Passing D.  4 Consensus All Pros get the Top 4 ratings
    Punters rated by Average and Kicks blocked.
    Kickers rated by # of FG's made and FG %.
    Returners rated by AVG. and proper speed given to RT and SS.
    Uniforms edited.
    Almost every game will have 1 team in a White Jersey which is cool and realistic.
    Dallas wears white 24 out of 25 opponents just like they did in the 70's.
    Helmets small and large edited
    Not sure who did this but I got a 1972 rom years ago and loved the Helmets.
    Denny?  Elway?  Anyway they did a great job.
    Individual sim used TSB Tool to set.
    Team sim rating edited based on 1975 Offense and Defense.
    #1 = F, #2 = E,  #16 = 1, 17-26 = 0
    I have simmed 3 seasons and W-L results have been very accurate to 1975
    Buffalo = f 0, #1 offense and one of the worst d's.
    Offensive preferences accurately reflect 1975 Run/Pass ratios. >60% Run = Heavy Run, 50-59% Run = Balanced Run, <50% Run = Balanced Pass
    Default Offensive plays. 
    Almost Exclusively 2 Backs, with a little Shotgun, and some Wing Formations.
    Field Changes
    Endzones are a solid color and free from any writing, so you can see your players better.
    Midfield logo darker (looks better)
    Divisions and Conferences are accurate.
    Accurate 1975 Schedule and dates included.
    Thanksgiving Day Games and Last 2 Weeks Saturday Games provide for 17 "weeks"
    TB helmet is changed to NFC Pro Bowl and I have put the accurate NFC Pro Bowl team here.
    SEA helmet is changed to AFC Pro Bowl and I have put the accurate AFC Pro Bowl team here.
    You can also play the Select the Pro Bowl and you will get the exact same roster.
    The Playoffs.
    The teams are in correct divisions and conferences.
    I read a ton about editing playoffs but the one era I could not find was this one 3 Division Champs and 1 Wild Card in each Conference. (8 Teams)
    I had to settle for the playoff format of 3 Division Champs and 2 Wild Cards (10 Teams) that began in 1978
    In this rom:
    The Great Teams will be really GREAT!
    Good Teams will be average.
    Bad Teams will be really BAD!
    I hope you enjoy this rom. Test it out and let me know what you think of
    A. The Gameplay
    B. The Ratings
    C. The Fun Factor
    I appreciate it in advance.
    Also please report any mistakes in spelling, skin color, or number.
    Also being released by CoachMac is nothing else.
    It is a ton of work to do an extensive rom and I just don't think I am up to doing the whole era.
    Tip of the Cap to Carther and others who have done whole eras.
    Also thanks to guys who have posted all the valuable editing info on this site, plus making TSB Tool.



  7. Tecmo Bowl 1959

    The last year that it is possible to put the entire NFL in an Original TB rom.
    12 Teams
    Eastern Conference
    New York Giants
    Cleveland Browns
    Philadelphia Eagles
    Pittsburgh Steelers
    Washington Redskins
    Chicago Cardinals
    Western Conference
    Baltimore Colts
    Chicago Bears
    Green Bay Packers
    San Francisco 49ers
    Detroit Lions
    Los Angeles Rams
    Lombardi's first year as Green Bay Head Coach
    The rematch of the Greatest Game Ever played.
    Accurate Uniforms and Stats



  8. 1970TecmoCFB

    Regular Season
    10 Games.
    Actual dates from 1970 of actual games played and then I filled each teams schedule to get to 10 games.
    USC and LSU have 8 actual games.
    Post Season
    2 Bowl Games
    Rose Bowl (Big 10 Champs vs Pac 8 Champs)
    Sugar Bowl (Big 8 or Independent Champ vs SWC or SEC Champ)
    Winners Play in Tecmo Bowl
    Thanks to Carther as I copied his 1966 NFL rom to get the postseason.
    Accurate 1970 Conferences.
    Complete accurate rosters for all teams.
    Sim data is updated to reflect what happened in 1970.
    I can't do helmets so I just blanked them all out.
    Intro Screen shows Jim Plunkett Heisman Trophy, Steve Worster All-American, Jim Stillwagon Outland Trophy
    All screens and field updated to show 1970, CFB, NCAA, Rose Bowl, Sugar Bowl, or Conference.
    Updated Uniforms for each team. One team in white jerseys every game.
    All teams are based on TSB teams from Original rom so it plays like the Original rom.
    Be aware
    Alabama and Georgia do not appear in SEC standings or on any leader board. You can see their stats and record on Team Data page only. They also can not appear in the Postseason.
    The Battery Pack does not work on this rom. If you want to save a season you must create a save state.
    Thanks to Carther whose amazing 1966-69 NFL and Baron VL with his historic RBI roms inspired me to do this.
    I hope to create more.



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