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  1. Unfortunately, not any time soon, since I'm one guy working this part-time. There were just too many hurdles, so I had to look at which platforms make more sense financially. I can create for iOS, Windows, and Mac with very little extra work. Maybe in a few years. Thanks.
  2. I've created a poll for desired PSF 2021 features! Go here and click on your top 5 features for next year's game! https://linkto.run/p/B1ZP3R9Y
  3. The 2020 version of PSF has been out a month now, and is well received on both Steam and iOS! This year's version has a full league editor - you can edit leagues, teams, and players. You can now have multiple careers running at the same time, and can edit your careers (and career options/rules). And now you can even edit the league and game rules! If you're like me and enjoy college ball, create a league and match up two top teams and set the rules to college play! I played one game that went five overtimes! The Steam game is here, and the forums start here. By the way, one exciting new development I'm watching for is Steam's "Remote Play Together" - looks fantastic for playing remote multiplayer with PSF! The iOS game is here! Let me know if you have any questions, I'll be happy to help. Thanks!
  4. If you have Pro Strategy Football 2019 and are an older fan, you HAVE to download this league and image set! I'm coaching the '77 Cowboys against the '75 Steelers, and it's a great match! Be sure to load his image set, too *after* you load the league. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1wnX8HVRuMehmbE6s7FsrJxDWLR8LvWeW
  5. In case anyone's interested, a fellow on Steam has created a great league of some of the past Super Bowl winners - pretty cool seeing Bob Griese in there, along with Troy Aikman! I HAVE to make the league bigger next year, though - I want a league with *all* past Super Bowl winners. Oops, correcting the link! https://drive.google.com/file/d/196dXmSwvtUNgaJgkGSP4cFpjqR5tsG9A/view
  6. Good suggestions, thanks! I'll have to add some flags, one for each screen, to let you indicate you don't want to see it again. And then maybe in settings, offer a "reset all screens" option in case you decide you want to see them. Have to think about that, and maybe redesigning the whole draft screen. I've thought of a few things. Thanks! Ah, so if you've already hit the max on TE, for example, just remove TE from consideration. I think that'll fit into the design I'm considering. Thanks again!
  7. Thanks! Yep, absolutely fixed that! I had too-small fields in too many places, went through and made them all much bigger (you can sim centuries now, one friend has played 800(!) seasons so far just to see how many times his team, Minnesota, could win it all!) As for making a living, no, sadly, I've never found whatever the magic bullet is to get a large audience. Sure, I wish it would take off, so I could eventually work on it full time, but even so, I'm just glad that people are enjoying it. I'm already thinking of next year's features (so feel free to give any suggestions!). Oh, by the way, I've just released a small patch. - Any new games you play will display the tackler or sacker - Added Scout button to more Career screens - Improved AI logic regarding going for two points thanks, Kerry
  8. Just wanted to share that PSF 2019 is now available for Windows, Mac, and iOS! This year's version is highly customizable. Main features: · Customize and share all UI images. Edit helmets, fields, midfield logos, player images, colors, end zones, and more! Use actual images for pro teams, colleges, high schools, even create and share your own - fantasy (elves, orcs), armies, zombies, no limits! · Edit and share the draft pool each year! · Crowd sounds and audio commentary! · Even more stats and leaders than before! · Edit game plan for individual games! · Modify your career team's game plan each preseason! · Sim, Watch, or even Coach all games in Career Play! · Improved experience when watching simulated games live! · More attributes! If you're interested, the Steam forums are here, and the actual store listing is here. thanks, Dogwalker
  9. September 6th! http://store.steampowered.com/app/499070
  10. I've just been notified that PSF 2016 has been Greenlit and will be on the Steam Store this year! I'm planning on a late August release date. I've been testing on Windows and iOS (having a few problems on Android right now), and I plan on a Mac release later, too. I really need to update the video at Steam Greenlight :: Pro Strategy Football 2016!, because I've added a ton since making it. In addition to nice coaching options, including the ability to easily swap players in and out and more, I've added a ton to Career Play. - Trading Draft Picks can help you improve a bad team more quickly at the cost of future picks - Scout draftees in the upcoming draft to see if you want to trade up or down - automate any phase of the career now - Training Camp lets you focus on key players and improve their ratings - Team Drills let you work on Team attributes - More Team Attributes this year, such as Two Minute Offense, Defensive Stamina, Ball Control, and more!
  11. The folks at Cocos2d-x interviewed me about Pro Strategy Football! Check it out at http://blog.cocos2d-x.org/2016/05/interview-with-kerry-batts-author-of-pro-strategy-football/
  12. I'm nearly done with adding Playbooks to PSF 2016. I'm still working on what exactly will be standard features and what will be IAP, but right now, I imagine I'll provide standard playbooks for free, and later add "Advanced Playbooks" as an IAP - these would allow the user to create their own groupings and have many more playbooks (rather than just the one). Thoughts? Do you think you'd ever use playbooks? I'm also adding several more features, including making it easy to sub in players.
  13. Hey, if anyone has wanted to try the Pro Strategy Football games, I'm lowering the price 40% the rest of the year, and watch for the 2016 version coming in August! Also, if any of you are Steam users and would like to see the game on Windows or Mac, please consider visiting the Greenlight page and voting yes. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=608100059 (moderators, if I'm not supposed to share that link, I'll be happy to remove it)
  14. Hey, an update for everyone. I've created a little "point spread predictor" where I can set the weather, and it runs the game x times and comes up with total number of wins and average point spreads. For the Super Bowl, I set the weather to clear (although there is a chance of rain in real life) and ran the sim 1000 times, and I was shocked at the results. In fact, I ran it another 1000 times. Maybe I need to run it 10,000 times, because the tool has Denver actually winning 51.4% of the time, by an average spread of a little over 8 points. Interestingly, Carolina also has an average point spread over its wins of almost the same. If true, this indicates that the teams are more evenly matched than I think (I think Carolina is more likely to win), and that it could come down to just a few plays. Course, I have to remember, this is based on ratings from last September, and that Carolina uses Cam Newton in ways I don't have in my game (yet).
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