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  1. Thanks. Yeah, I only changed the wording on the playoff screen in both roms. The playoffs themselves are still based on the 32 team rom. The standings and team rankings is something that may or may not be fixable. I see that CXRom was able to have the game ignore the pro bowl teams in rankings. And so it might be feasible to have this done in standings, too? How he was able to do this I could only guess. The six team division setup I have in the game is also a problem, as you pointed out it duplicates teams in the playoffs, and so I tried to minimize the teams in both screens. I wonder if it's possible to make 3 to 5 teams in each division instead of the two choice method, which are 3 to 4 team or 4 to 5 team sizes. At least that way there won't be any duplicate winners in the playoffs. I tried to chop off the first two teams in the 32 team rom to address the rankings screen, but ran into a problem with the individual leaders stat screens. It would display distorted stats and names and so I had to abandon that idea. If anyone knows where the hex location of the cut off point of where it would split the AFC and NFC teams concerning stats it could address this issue with team rankings, too. I think it has something to do with playoff sorting, but I'm not sure.
  2. Just wondering...How did he manage to have the game ignore the pro bowl teams in team rankings? If he was able to do that, maybe there's a way in the game that allows you to do the same in the team standings screens as well? Just a thought.
  3. here are two rom hacks that are closer than I myself can ever finish. The rosters are accurate, but the attributes and player faces themselves need to be re-edited. Tecmo Super Bowl 1995 Season version 1.nesTecmo Super Bowl 1999 Season version 1.nes
  4. Hey, Bad_AL, did you ever figure out the portrait selection issue? I'm still getting that same error on the first dozen or so faces.
  5. Do you happen to know the location of where those pro bowl teams' win/loss and point stats are kept in the rom? Whenever I sim a season, one of the pro bowl teams occasionally make the playoffs, and I think it's because of these results. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. yeah, sounds like a huge obstacle. I wonder why he placed the pro bowl teams in between the other teams?
  7. Here's the 1968 rom's menu screen I've edited. It's not great looking, but it looks good enough I guess. As you can see, the one on the bottom has the correctly located helmets, but with distortions. This happens on the preseason and team control menus as well. Does anyone know how to fix that?
  8. Awesome, man! I knew about this attribute table thing, but I wasn't sure where to edit these particular settings. I have a problem with the 1966 to 1969 roms, which do that, too. I had to shift all teams to the left. Is there a way to fix that on the 28 team rom, or is this something that had to be changed in the 32 team rom and it's only possible because of this change that was made?
  9. I didn't think there was enough interest in this and so I gave up on it. Glad to see someone is up to the task again. Well, here are the last files I've worked on. There was a ton done to get it to where I would like it, but unless the playoff structure and the NFC West division can be fixed it's pretty much useless. I did edit the standings so that the NFC West has two division pointers, so make that what you will. And for some reason, re-aligning the divisions on the menus screw up the colors in some of the team texts - mainly the two central divisions. It might be an easy fix. Let me know if anyone can help with that as well. *edit...thanks to Knobbe, this problem is now fixed. I just had to edit one more hex to fix the gray colored star on the team control and preseason screens. Update: 6/2...Look down below for new uploads.
  10. is there a way to place the probowl teams so that they're behind the last four NFC teams? I can get 4 out of the 5 teams in the standings screen. But what good is that if you can't get all of them?
  11. never mind. I figured out what was causing the problem. It had something to do with logo headers...I had Atlanta's logo in too many hex locations.
  12. I've used Carther's playoff codes to create these two roms, but I've only managed to clean up the graphics appearance on the playoff trees. The '67 rom sims two unnecessary AFL playoff matchups while using the same teams against each other before moving on to the desired playoff format. And the '69 rom unnecessarily sims two AFL and two NFL matchups with the same teams playing each other before moving on to the desired format as well. Does anyone know how to edit the roms, so that these extra games are skipped over? Both files were uploaded down below. I've shortened the schedules so that simming seasons would be a lot quicker, just to make it easier for testing. Any help would be appreciated. Tecmo Super Bowl 1967 Season Backup.nes Tecmo Super Bowl 1969 Season Backup.nes
  13. Does anyone know where the hex locations of these two screens are drawn from? I'm looking to edit the base posts of each field goal cutscene, so that they'll both have that double post bottom look used in the pre 1967 NFL/AFL era.
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