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  1. So I don't know how this happened but I started a season with the panthers.. Skipped trading period I signed artie Smith and for 250 fap dropped barry foster rolled with frank reich as starting qb..made Derrick lassic my starting rb Got to 9-0 on the season...havent allowed a single rb a 100 yard game against me...just dusted the niners 40-10 Got to wk 11 and played my second game against the rams..and lost 24 -17 it was actually great because it came down to me throwing 3 straight passes to the end zone in my last 38 sec for a chance to tie and Willie green. Mark carrier and don beebe all dropped or had passes deflected...it was fun but the whole game no matter who I subbed Or moved around my whole offensive team was in bad...and it poses a little challenge when that happens...playing on retron...very fun game Sorry for the long read but just had back surgery off work a month so what better to do with my time...play tsb 3 Has anyone ever had all your skill players in bad at once? Curious to know Never happened to me and I've played this game for 25 years I love the crazy shit that can happen in this game.. Oh btw Bettis was first to gash my d for over a hundred yards this season.. And Russell added another 50 Lol
  2. We like to call that Hybrid defenses Set your best players Example Take green bay for example There lbs suck except maybe Wayne simmons...and they are a 3-4 So I set my starters to dime and audible To nickel...that brings Leroy butler and George Teague up to lb Wayne Simmons goes from lb to to the 5th db in nickel... But of course to do this u have to play around with it That means I have to set Leroy butler and George Teague to the 5th and 6th db in the dime formation...meaning they would not be your starters in your starting 3-4... It's really fun to mess around with just like u can audible goaline to normal and make Reggie white a beast lb Making hanks and McDonald play lb in San Fran is almost cheating.. But fun
  3. Yea ur right about upping their atts And funny u bring up Wilber Marshall because I seen an interview once with Michael Irvin saying the only guy he was truly intimidated by was big ol Wilber haha
  4. This team isn't really that good on this Game, well I think. Was this a tecmo Mixup? Because they were in fact badass and champs that year.. I can rarely march down field with this team, and it's cuz rypien can't hit the Posse with a baseball bat forget a football... If anyone wants to chime in feel free
  5. Oh yea I'm just getting into tsb2 I played tsb3 religiously because I went from playing tsb1 snes straight to 3 and 3 was my fave. It was because I could never find 2 anywhere to buy or rent back then so I bought 3 and have played since 95
  6. Oh yea ur right...cuz in real life that same year I think Philly may had beat the cowboys ass with that defense and if they had a real offense that year prolly could had went to the super bowl Didn't they have white and Joyner and Eric allen?
  7. When u have played full seasons, Did u have fumble issues in those seasons or remembering if you just Straight up felt like u fumbled too much? If so was it like ur good players doing it all season?
  8. Yes sir the 94 cardinals can stomp the 94 SF team if the cpu is ready for u to lose in season play...fumbles,picks, Injuries out of nowhere lol Reminds me of how it can really be sometimes in an NFL game
  9. I love the game and all the rosters It's just really hard U can be kicking A## and be 4-0 and Then lose out of nowhere..and I mean everything fall apart in season play...but I do love it
  10. Does anyone know why I can change the player name's to match tsb snes rosters but after u save the 2 extra dbs in the team area they become I believe a rb and a wide out that u already have on ur team It's dumb is there a fix
  11. It's like the det lions playbook I don't like their run and shoot bs So I run pro and some shotgun And have to change it every dam game Cuz it resets..and this is all man control
  12. Still playing the cpu having a blast God I miss early to mid 90s football
  13. Very True tec...and thanx to you and fernando for insight..all I was wanting was opinions on how to use the 3-4 base package I really hate that d..so if I use a team with 3-4 I just use nickel the whole game...I can use them all and know effective ways ( base 4-3..nickel dime and goaline it's just the 3-4 isn't as easy to use in this game compared to the original tsb...I will try using the top linebacker as u say...gotta try something as I can win with 3-4 I just never get to qb..can't get pressure using that base package...almost as if I'm never in on any tackles...so my cpu teammates like to watch in awe as we're getting run over or passed on alot...
  14. Hey guys I normally play nickel defense when I use a team that features a 3-4 scheme. Well I'm tired of getting gashed Against the run. So I'm trying to use the 3-4 like I did many moons ago but I forgot how to use it effectively. I have tried to shoot the gap with one of my linebackers But having no luck it's nothing like a 4-3 or getting through with one of my nickel linebackers. Do I run in behind the nose tackle with my Rilb or my Lilb? If that's the case it isn't working. Any help would be appreciated!
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