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  1. To anyone's knowledge, does a rom exist that includes all of the hacked features that I've seen on these forums? These new features include: *Fixed Passing Accuracy *Fixed Quickness *Clash-Shifting based on Hitting Power *Player 2 plays exactly the same as Player 1 *Everything else I'm missing I know I've seen hacks here and there for these things, but has anyone edited a rom to include all of these things? If so, can someone point me to it? Thanks all,
  2. As we all know, TSB-NES was riddled with programming quirks that affected player stats. Pass Accuracy, Quickness, Returner's Speed. Is anyone aware if there were any oversights like those to this game as well?
  3. Thanks for the input, just hafta also make up mind on ratings or the Tecmo bowlers. I found a chart on temobowl vs rbi and am in the process of changing them over to TSB ratings
  4. If anyone has ever been to Tecmogeek.org's website, you may have seen that they employ a percentage weight to calculate a true player rating in the original TSB. What would you place as the weights for the stats of this game?
  5. So basically, has anyone come across any stats or anomalies in the other TSB games that got overlooked like Accuracy and Quickness did in the original game?
  6. My idea for a rom is a tournament of all of the best players for each game. We see a team for each game: Tecmo Bowl, Original TSB, TSB for genesis/snes, TSBII, TSBII Special Edition, and Tecmo Super Bowl: Final Edition. Please post your picks for each position each year. In particular, I'd like to make each team really reflect the flavor of each game. For instance, we are definitely putting Dickerson, Payton, and Largent on the Tecmo Bowl Team. We'll definitely put Bo, Okoye, and QB Eagles on the original TSB team.
  7. Besides the enchanted intro, are there any actual differences between tsbii and tsbii special edition?
  8. Has anyone ever seen, or is it possible, for a defensive player to fumble the ball once they have recovered a fumble or intercepted a ball? I've never seen this but was wondering.
  9. Who was the oldest player in the original TSB? Grogam has a career going back to 1975, and was 37 when the game came out. Does anyone on the game top that? Furthermore does anyone top that in Tecmo Bowl?
  10. Noob question, How do you look at player stats in Tecmo Bowl? I've seen some posted on some sites around the net, but I've always liked to harvest my own data for my spreadsheets. Can anyone tell me? I'm talking about rushing speed and max speed, not the players stats like 52% for fg's
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