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  1. Since spots are limited, what current players do you add to the game? Other than JJ Watt and Adrian Peterson I'm at a loss who else to add. I'd like to fill each spot in the superstar editor with a current impact player.
  2. Are you going to have numbers after the player ratings or just a bar?
  3. Just an updated TSB 3 with current rosters would be epic.
  4. If you kept everything the same except updated to current players = best game ever!
  5. So each person runs 3-6 teams then? Your doing this using Hamachi? Sounds interesting and I could get some buddies to join, they're pretty dedicated to playing TSB3. I think there might be more fans of TSB3 out there, they just don't know of this forum, which has a strong NES bent at first glance. It took me a while to find this section of the forums. I'm in the midwest, not anywhere near Philly. I'm not sure how it would work, but I do think it would be a lot of fun.
  6. ERA Real ERA / 2.66 = X +(4.00 – Real ERA) = Game ERA Example: Clayton Kershaw 1.77 / 2.66 = .665 + (4.00 – 1.77) = 2.90 SPEED Strike Outs * 10 / by innings = X *3.5 +63 = Game Speed Example: Clayton Kershaw 239 X 10 = 2390 / 198.3 innings = 12 * 3.5 = 42 + 63 = 105 speed R & L CURVE Can’t measure or formulate. Have to “Guess-Timate”. But great control like Clayton Kershaw and high strike out totals like David Price is a decent judge of curves. The best pitcher (Cy Young Winners) in the majors that year should probably get max curves and drop. * Max for Right Curve = 15 Max for Left Curve = 15 Average pitcher should have about a 5 Right & 4 Left Give more Right curve if they are right handed, and more Left Curve if they are left handed. F = DROP Can’t measure this either. * Max for is Drop = 10 Average pitcher should have 2-3 drop STAMINA Innings / 4.7 = Stamina Example: David Price 248 / 4.7 = 53
  7. Let's see if this works, since that attachment isn't working for some people. This based upon the player having a full season of 600 ABs. Right Hand Hitters 15-Rarely Homers (0-3) 16-Single Digits (3- 17-Low Teens (8-13) 18-Mid Teens (13-16) 19-High Teens (16-19) 20-Low 20’s (19-23) 21-Mid 20’s (23-27) 22-High 20’s (27-30) 23-Low 30’s (30-34) 24-Mid 30’s (34-37) 25-High 30’s (37-40) 26-Low 40’s (40-45) 27-High 40’s (45-50) 28-Low 50’s (50-55) 29-High 50’s (55-59) 30-60 And Over (60-Over) Left Hand Hitters 12-Rarely Homers (0-3) 13-Single Digits (3- 14-Low Teens (8-12) 15-Low Teens (12-15) 16-Mid Teens (15-17) 17-High Teens (17-19) 18-Low 20’s (19-24) 19-High 20’s (24-30) 20-Low 30’s (30-34) 21-High 30’s (34-40) 22-Low 40’s (40-44) 23-High 40’s (44-50) 24-Low 50’s (50-53) 25-Mid 50’s (53-56) 26-High 50's (56-59) 27-Low 60's (60-65) 28-High 60's (65-69) 29-Low 70's (70-75) 30-High 70's (75-79) 31-Low 80's (80-85) 32-High 80's (85-Over) Running Speed (Add SB and 3B Together) 5-(0-3 SB) 6-(3-5 SB) 7-(5-8 SB) 8-(8-11 SB) 9-(11-13 SB) 10-(13-14 SB) 11-(14-16 SB) 12-(16-18 SB) 13-(18-20 SB) 14-(20-25 SB) 15-(25-30 SB) 16-(30-35 SB) 17-(35-40 SB) 18-(40-45 SB) 19-(45-50 SB) 20-(50-55 SB) 21-(55-60 SB) 22-(60-65 SB) 23-(65-70 SB) 25-(75-80 SB) 26-(80-85 SB) 27-(85 And Over)
  8. How do you actually go about doing it? I assume you're doing this online? See, my idea was to setup a big screen during the frequent Tecmo NES tournaments and see if people wanted to play a team/season of TSB3 during the down time. I've only been to one NES Tecmo tournament and it was fun, but the NES version just doesn't interest me as much. This turned out to be an all-day event and there was considerable down time that could be put to use playing TSB3. I think we could actually make it out of week 1 with all teams on MAN.
  9. Why is that? I've been wondering what it is about Tecmo that makes so much more fun to play? In those old Electronic Gaming Monthly magazines they used to rate games and one of the ratings was "Fun Factor", for whatever reason Tecmo is off the chart in that regard, especially when playing it with a bunch of friends.
  10. That would be awesome Keith! Do you think there's a way to modifiy the SNES version so it has all Major League teams with updated 2015 rosters? I usually play with 4-5 other players and we end up having to make one or two computer teams to play against in the Ultra League. It would be rather amazing to have every team on there with their stats and current players ready to go.
  11. It's funny that those teams are still terrible almost two decades later lolz. We usually opt for 7-minute quarters so the statictics come out more realistic. Just the trading alone could take up some time depending how you set it up; it could also be immensely fun in process. I think to make it fair and to maybe throw a bit of excitement into the mix would be for everyone to draw their team out of a hat.
  12. I would have 5 dedicated people for this right off the bat.
  13. Tell me if this file works for you. Baseball Simulator settings for SNES.rtf
  14. Would any of be interested in trying to accomplish this feat? Finding 30 people to play every single team. I know it would be a longterm endeavor, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing if its good time.
  15. You guys don't give the computer team better plays to prevent that?
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