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  1. Stalltalk vs JonnyV Stall wins toss calls NYJ-DAL jonnyv takes DAL Streamed on my twitch. Great Game!:
  2. Vikingmoe vs Callmefairf VIkingmoe wins toss and calls MIN-WAS Callmefairf takes MIN Link to Callmefairf Vlogg: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CM57LMAWSK4&feature=youtu.be Stream video below:
  3. Group O Da Riddler??? won toss Da Riddler??? called MIA-CHI Player took MIA
  4. Group P War Machine won toss War Machine called NO v JETS Tundrayeti took JETS Game streamed here:
  5. War Machine vs Jebigred Jebigred wins toss and calls SD-MIA War Machine takes MIA Game below:
  6. Bob Sacamano vs JonnyV. Bob Sacamano won toss and called CLE-PHX. JonnyV takes PHX. Stream below:
  7. TecmoBo vs Deviled Greg. TecmoBo won toss and called DAL-PHX. Deviled Greg takes PHX. Stream below:
  8. Posting for Randywags since I streamed the game on twitch. Group M, Simplesimon wins toss and calls CLE-GB. Randywags takes GB. Stream below:
  9. Posting for Baxter since I streamed it. Duece won toss and called NO-CLE and Baxter takes CLE.
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