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  1. @~Tailback King~ I logged in for the first time in months to share this with you.
  2. And now, something a little different. I picked through 100+ episodes of "This Week in Pro Football" from 1971-1982 to find highlights for this video. I picked out only highlights that were shot from a "broadcast angle", in order to give viewers the impression that they were watching Archie Manning on TV. The reason for this video is simple: there was a lot of available footage, and yet no one had made even a mediocre Archie Manning highlight video in the 14 year history of YouTube. I wanted to change that. Even though he played on a terrible team who never gave him even a below-average offensive line or defense, and only gifted him two decent receivers (Danny Abromowiz for his first two years and Wes Chandler for the last 3) and two OK halfbacks (one solid year of Tony Galbreath and Chuck Muncie in 1979) in AN ENTIRE DECADE, Manning still had a ton of great plays. This video would've been longer if NFL films hadn't decided to show more plays from a crappy "cinematic on-field" angle after 1976. Seriously, NFL Films, your episodes were better when 75% of the highlights were from an overhead perspective.
  3. @~Tailback King~ Behold, the GOAT tailback.
  4. Man, I just got finished with final exams, and I'm working on a Jim Brown video.
  5. My education comes first. My job comes second. My social life comes third. This channel comes fourth. And for your information, I have been slowly editing the 1976 NFL highlight video. It's probably going to be an hour long, and it requires some massive color correction and time/duration adjusting.
  6. Fergie's national anthem is the antithesis of this thread.
  7. If throwing for 500 yards 3 TDs and no interceptions is a A- game,, then I want to know what an A+ game looks like to you. You can't blame him for the sack (he had both hands on the ball when he got hit and it was just a great play by the defender) and he wasn't just dinking and dunking it down the field. Brady was launching **** deep and into small windows. btw, anyone who claims that Brady choked in this game is either blind, a Patriots hater, doesn't know anything about football, or some combination of the three.
  8. Of course not. I transferred all of it with me to my new computer.
  9. I was never able to start it. I got a new laptop and am trying to figure out new editing software, along with juggling a job and a ton of schoolwork.
  10. Well, I guess that it was a fun year.
  11. Vikings win 33-2l and avenge their 2009 loss to Brees and the Saints. I honestly could give a **** less about the rest of those games. Patriots probably blow out the Titans. Falcons probably curb-stomp the Eagles. Jacksonville and Pittsburgh will be playing a game that decides who will have the privilege of getting their ass whooped in NE next week.
  12. @buck Watch the first two unedited clips, and then compare them to the edited clips that follow. I did some serious color correction and sped up the videos as well, so it looked more like Walter Payton running the football during a real-time broadcast, rather than him slowly moving across the screen in an aging highlight reel. And yeah, I added some classic Sam Spence tunes, because NFL Films has some of the best music outside of heavily copyrighted Anime OSTs.
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