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  1. I think I ran into this problem as well. Don't remember if I fixed it or not. I think those letters reappear elsewhere in the tiles, maybe with a different background color? I'll take a look again.
  2. I see that the ROM is up. I'll try it out tonight! Just an FYI, you are free to borrow any of the changes I made for my Under The Lights mod. I feel I improved upon many of the team logos, correcting them to the official MLB ones. I like the choice to change Mets to Yankees, though that shifts the balance from 6 NL and 6 AL teams to 5/7. I've got versions of the game where I have the Rockies and the Pirates included, only because their team colors are unique (yellow and purple), which gives more variety than the usual red/blue/black which most teams have.
  3. Where's that ROM? And any chance I can get my hands on that calculator tool???
  4. Which is great news because (and I'm sure this is blasphemy), I think RBI kind of sucks. BNB is better in every way and I just don't see the appeal with those little fat ballplayers
  5. Also, I'd love a copy of your calculator whenever it's finished. Would make editing a breeze. My hacks have focused on changing out graphics (better team logos) and colors (night mode, better uniform colors).
  6. I have a nice animated instruction manual if you want more info about the game: http://www.badnewsbaseball.com/bad-news-baseball-instructions/ There are some nuggets in there, such as pitchers have a B fielding ability across the board. In terms of fielding, in real BNB, you pretty much put only As in each position, with the occasional B if their hitting is superb. Never a C, unless it's a pinch hitting situation. Your fielding errors will get pretty bad if you don't have mostly As in the field. One version of BNB I've made has optimal starting lineups so we don't have to change rosters every time we play. There are obvious changes to make from the standard starting lineups with a few 'personal preference' changes depending on speed, arm strength, and hitting.
  7. I guess my forkball experience was different. It led to a lot of arguments and long periods of not playing the game as it was considered an unfair pitch. Am I missing something regarding the pitch? There's no way to hit it right? And the speed and sound of the pitch are the same as the changeup (right until the 'dink' on the plate when it's too late to decide whether to swing or not), right?
  8. I'm curious, how do you get around the fact that the forkball is unhittable and indistinguishable from a changeup? We always hated that pitch.
  9. Good to hear. Ever since childhood we had outlawed the use of the forkball as it looks just like a slow pitch but then dips and is unhittable. It's always a ball, but you wouldn't know whether to swing or not so it was a crapshoot. If someone accidentally pitched a forkball, they would have to serve up a straight pitch with no curve or speed on the next pitch.
  10. Baron, very excited to see this. Please keep us posted on your progress. Some ways this will be very cool: 1. I've created an NL Mirror mode where the AL teams are replaced with NL teams so you can play LA vs LA, etc, but with different uniforms. All the hex editing took awhile, so this would make an AL Mirror mode easier to accomplish. 2. Certainly this makes it easier to put real, current lineups in there. 3. Creating a more challenging version of the game with faster runners and better pitching would be awesome. Also, permanently eliminating the forkball from all pitchers would be great.
  11. Just an update, I'm working on an NL Mirror mode, which basically replaces all the American League teams with duplicates of the National League teams so that you can play against the same team. My brother and I have found these matchups to be especially competitive as there's no difference in stats (no arguments like 'Of course you won, you were the Dodgers'). Most of our games have been 1-run nail-biters and there's something cool about having your team's best pitcher playing against their own lineup. So far all the teams are set, lineups and logos. I've rearranged the order of all the teams so that each mirror team shows up next to its partner. The logos have alternate colors. The team uniforms have been changed so that they are different. I'm still tweaking some of the colors to look as good as possible. A couple logo colors need to be fixed. The end game screen still calls out the original team instead of the team that won (like LA sweeps! when it's really SF). And the end game picture of the player doesn't have perfect uniform color. I'll try to make a few more fixes and then release the rom here in a few weeks. Naturally an American League Mirror Mode would be in order as well, just going to take some time to get to it.
  12. Yeah, I made that site years ago to track games my brother and I would play against each other. I'd like to turn it into something bigger and better if I ever get time!
  13. mack8, I'd love to see one, but I don't really know the first thing about rom editors. pmeth, who started this topic talked of making one. I don't know if he still has interest. Is there a primer on making rom editors? Can the Tecmo Super Bowl editor be used as a template for editing any rom if the right mapping was done?
  14. Sure thing. I have a few 'forked' versions with varying differences, but my latest version is here. If anyone tries it, I believe there may be a few cutscenes that still need color changes for grass/dirt/sky. Each cut scene is rendered differently, so for instance there are multiple scenes for close plays at second (safe/out sliding into second, safe/out going back to second, etc.). Anyway, would love some feedback on the changes! Sorry if I put the rom in the wrong place, I didn't see a non-football area to put the rom!
  15. Version v19


    This is a 'night mode' hack of Bad News Baseball. No player data has been edited, so it is a true BNB playing experience with only graphical enhancements. MLB plays over 2/3 of its games at night, so this hack reflects today's play better than the original. The muted colors are also easier on the eyes as the original plays especially bright on computer monitors (grass is bright neon green and dirt is bright orange). Other changes include updated title screen (would still like to hack it with the subtitle included 'Under the Lights'), updated logos to better reflect real MLB teams, updated team colors to better reflect today's uniforms, and many more things I'm forgetting. This also includes the hack enabling Girl Mode easier (just hit select on 1st player controller).
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