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  1. RT @RetrotainmentHQ: Out Now! There is a new way to play Haunted --- For Free... Online! We have released a free Horde Mode called Onslaugh…

  2. Just an update for everyone: had to call an ambulance to take me to the hospital earlier today. Had a CT scan done… https://t.co/I0XJ1KfLL9

  3. I just want to stay home today and play Swords and Serpents all day long.

  4. RT @TheSfid: Glad I stayed up to see Corey Feldman crash #NESathon2K18. https://t.co/MRrNC431zV

  5. RT @clearvus: Playasguide is doing an NES marathon to raise money for charity. You should totally check it out and donate if you can. Pleas…

  6. RT @slydogstudios: Okay, let's try posting like this... This is Sintar, and he's a boss on Candelabra: Estoscerro (please work please work…

  7. This starts tomorrow, guys. Let’s do this! Please help spread the word and donate after this kicks off so we can ha… https://t.co/7v6XOZkQMC

  8. @LabbiCayron Indie developers should be encouraging one another. Not bashing or demeaning someone's work because of… https://t.co/33wMRejQzG

  9. @SEGAbits cc @thefellduck

  10. @Zezzler God I want some Timmy's so bad! Told my girlfriend we need to make the 9 hour drive one day to the closest one. :)

  11. @R0bbit @gradualgames @slydogstudios @retroUSB @InfiniteNesLive Despite all the begging @SoleGoose did, I couldn’t… https://t.co/MeO9Lb0OJU

  12. RT @alex_navarro: trump’s gonna pardon billy mitchell

  13. RT @readtedium: Back in the ‘80s, every kid wanted to make their own NES game. Now, 30 years later, some of those grown-up kids are actuall…

  14. @HerNameIsNki @BertramFiddle The Silent Age!!!!

  15. @thefellduck @realDonaldTrump @secupp There are good people on both sides.

  16. @clearvus Which part of FL are you in, again?

  17. RT @slydogstudios: Currently ongoing Rise of Amondus high score challenge going on at NintendoAge! Ends on the 14th of this month: https://…

  18. Looks like I lost my recycled skateboard sunglasses. :( Man I am so bummed.

  19. I just want to drive around and hunt for graffiti all day long.

  20. @clearvus Yeah. Bring her on and ask her advice in various situations. “Honey, should I use the X or Y register here?”

  21. @ErinPlays_Games @ecmyers Please let me know. I will be your contact in regards to getting this fixed. :)

  22. Golf Story is every bit as charming and amazing as people have said.

  23. @homebrew4you Not officially. Some sort of Risk clone!

  24. 21 Risk territories coded to be able to change colors on the fly to whoever owns it. 21 to go. Almost over the hump… https://t.co/EHrWmi3Sua

  25. @clearvus Well done!

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