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  1. Just by hearing the music in both games, it's safe to say that there are two different engines. Earlier games (Tecmo Bowl, Rygar, Ninja Gaiden, and Tecmo Baseball) have the same sounds and instrumentation while later games (Tecmo Super Bowl, Tecmo World Wrestling, Ninja Gaiden II & III, and Bad News Baseball) have the same sounds and instrumentation.
  2. Nostalgia at its best. I played the Bulls and Supersonics, and it looks like the Supersonics still have OKC colors. I like the small touches you added like Rodman's hair, updated numbers after trades, etc.
  3. Thanks for the response. The playbooks are an easy adjustment, especially since rosters have gone away from the fullback almost completely. I also find it weird that the Genesis and SNES versions have the "team area" on defense, but you don't have access to those players. Maybe it was meant to be a defensive substitution, but they didn't follow through with it or it got lost in the making of the game. I still don't get the Tennessee roster. Maybe it's something on my end.
  4. Hey. I played this yesterday, and saw that the Tennessee roster is still the 1993 roster with Warren Moon as QB, etc. Other than that, it's nice to have this on the Genesis. We'd have to go in and change the playbooks a little since it's still based on the 1993 playbooks for each team, correct? I remember the flea-flicker for the Cardinals, the Red Gun run & shoot for the Falcons, and the single back run plays for the Lions.
  5. Check your game clock. It's moving faster than usual.
  6. I wonder what is causing players to disappear near the hash marks and yard numbers? SBlueman's latest rom has this as well.
  7. millertime2325, do you know what you just did, my man? Awesome work on the rom, bro! Quick question: Are the save state instructions in the readme file specific to the SNES9X only in terms of the options screen? I use OpenEmu and it has the SNES9X emulator, but after putting the .000 file in the save state folder and the battery save folder, I'm still not having any luck accessing the options screen.
  8. I haven't played through the season yet, but if Lamar Jackson, Dalvin Cook, Jalen Hurd, and others are moving like this in exhibition, YIKES!! I wasn't ready!! We may have a new rival for most unstoppable video game character. I played with Georgia and found that QB 'Jason Eason' should be "Jacob Eason." I caught a pick-6 with 97 Atkins, and his first name should be spelled 'Jon' instead of 'John.' Rom is dope!
  9. This rom is awesome, and the replay value is beyond awesome! I noticed that the when choosing the playbook for the Rams, the team name is still STL instead of L. A. Small, but noticeable.
  10. Cool. I'm just psyched about a Genesis rom coming soon! I know they're hard to deal with, but I like those better than SNES, especially the KR aspect.
  11. Finally a Genesis rom! I can't wait for it to come out. I just have one gripe. Ray Guy gets no love on the Raiders? Don't mind me. I'm biased since we're from the same hometown (Thomson, GA).
  12. Good to know. I just found it weird that when I changed starters in "Team Data" that it went back to the original lineup after I just changed it. Thank you.
  13. Is there an .srm file for this game? When I change personnel, the game doesn't save my changes.
  14. I figured it out. Thanks, Fernando! I had to make that fifth slot available by manually changing Brinkley from the Cowboys to the Giants; that makes the fifth slot available for change as opposed to only the first four slots.
  15. Was that a season trade? I'm referring to the preseason when you change players before you play the game.
  16. I can't move LB Jasper Brinkley from the Cowboys to the Giants. Is this because he's fifth on the depth chart? He's not even an option when I try to change players. Homeboy had a beast of a game last week and this week.
  17. POR - Damian Lillard instead of DamiEn Lillard. CLE - Anderson Varejao instead of VErejao. ATL - Dennis Schroder instead of Dennis Shroder DEN - Danilo Gallinari instead of Danilo Galinari NYK - Travis Wear instead of Tavis Wear NJ/BK - Alan Anderson instead of ALLEn Anderson MIN - Gorgui Dieng instead of Gogui Dieng MIA - Shawne Williams instead of Shawn Williams SAC - Derrick Williams instead of DeRRRick Williams Nice rom! At second glance, Robin Lopez plays for the Portland Trail Blazers, not Brook; Matt Barnes wears #22 instead of #35, and Andrew Bogut wears #12 instead of #4.
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