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  1. Mind if i use your roster and update it for the 2019 season?

    1. ShowMeYourTDs


      Hi TecmoSuperFan,

      I haven't been on here for a while and just saw your notification.  Yes, you can feel free to use my roster and update for the 2019 season.  


    2. TecmoSuperFan


      Consider it already done! just had to make a few adjustments where needed.

    3. ShowMeYourTDs


      Cool. Sounds great.  Looking forward to checking it out. 😃

  2. Update: I have found a work-around of sorts to remedy this. If i copy my edited ROM to an SD card, and open up TB Manager and open the edited file that is saved in the same folder as TB Manager, then I am able to overwrite the copy of the ROM in the SD card by choosing "Save As" and selecting the copied file on the SD card and allow TB Manager to overwrite that copy. I have been able to replicate this twice but I am still unsure as to why I have to go this route unless it is a quirk of TB Manager.
  3. Hi Everyone, So I started editing the original 12 Tecmo Bowl for a 2018 roster update, which will eventually be 3 total updated roms, one with the original 12 teams, and the other 2 will consist of the other 20 teams plus a few reappearances of teams from the original 12. When I run Tecmo Bowl Manager on my laptop and load the rom, I see the changes I have made to the rom. However, If I copy the rom over to my android phone and run it on my emulator, none of the changes I have made are reflected. The rom essentially looks untouched. Anyone else have this happen?
  4. Actually, to clarify, I was wondering if anyone had tried to modify the editor for the original 12 team tecmo bowl so that it could edit the 32 team original tecmo bowl roms.
  5. I have seen the documentation for editing the 32 team Tecmo Bowl via a hex editor but I was just curious to see if anyone has tried to modify the Tecmo Bowl Manager created by Emuware. I know that it was designed to allow users to edit the original 12 team rom but has anyone tried to alter it so that it will edit 32 team tecmo bowl roms?
  6. Thanks. Yeah maybe we can collaborate on an update. I would like to maybe update the graphics too on the helmets, but my graphic editing game is not strong. I would like to edit the schedule and maybe even swap out some teams to change it up a bit.
  7. View File Tecmo Super Bowl 2017 This is a roster update of Sega's original Tecmo Super Bowl. Changes include: Chargers are now Los Angeles Chargers, Rams are also Los Angeles Rams, Oilers changed to Tennessee Titans. Submitter davefmurray Submitted 09/14/2017 Category Genesis
  8. Version 1.0.0


    This is a roster update of Sega's original Tecmo Super Bowl. Changes include: Chargers are now Los Angeles Chargers, Rams are also Los Angeles Rams, Oilers changed to Tennessee Titans.
  9. Thanks. I just figured if they will eventually play this season then why not just plug them in. I did the same thing for Bell and Dupree for Pittsburgh, although Dupree is more of a question mark than Bell at this point. I will have to remember to use the Auto feature the next time I do an update.
  10. Thanks TSF, I appreciate your help. I have finally figured out what is going on with it. When I went to export the data to the rom, I noticed that it is not showing Arizona but Phoenix, so I substituted the Arizona Cardinals in their place and then tested the rom. The updated roster for Arizona finally showed up, so as a further test I substituted each team for the existing teams in the list and all the rosters finally updated across the board. Weird. Anyways, I attached a copy of my .tsb file if you want to check it out. TSB 2016 - 2017.tsb
  11. Unfortunately I can't retrieve the tsb file from the second pc that I was working on. I had exported it without saving it and it appears to be lost. I think I still have the other tsb file on my pc and I will upload it. For whatever reason I can't even make changes on the tsb2017 rom. Is this an instance where the program should be run as an administrator like the baseball stars editor?
  12. Well, I spent the better part of 2 days editing this copy, double checked the teams to make sure there were not any duplicates or teams out of place, and exported the rosters to the destination file and it did not show any changes whatsoever. :/
  13. Thanks, I will give this one a shot. I am going to also try editing the rosters on a different pc and see if that makes a difference. I had to do that for my alternate tecmo bowl roms I submitted in the past, as my pc was not seeing the files in the folder. The funny thing is it seems to be only an issue when I try to edit the tsb I Sega version. I never have any issues with the SNES or NES edits when I do them.
  14. I finished making changes to the data file and when I go to export it to the rom it is telling that support for the rom is not available even though it has the .bin extension.
  15. Yes. I imported the data from the rom in each case. So far the data changes are showing up on the .tsb data file. They didn't show when I tried to export the changes directly to the rom when I didn't save them as a data file. In my case it must be related to the data file.
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