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  1. So, there will never be a 32 Team for SNES/Sega. I'm sure as hell not smart enough to hack all that.
  2. Hell of a good Superbowl in RL! Congrats to the Pats, did like seeing Brady making history: 1 of 94 teams to ever come back from 19+ down in the 3rd to win the SB, 1st SB OT,since I live in MI. Tom Tom got SB win record too.
  3. Thanks, davemurray! If you read chapter one of my novel...I mean, post lol, you'll see the answers to your questions! But just in case you don't love novels, I'm Jason, from Holland, Michigan. Tourney(s) sound intense! I do like NES, I just prefer SNES, so I'm interested. But honestly probably not much of a match as I haven't played a MAN v. MAN in ages, I'm playing on keys etc. Question: are all tourneys live action, or are tourneys also held over the interwebs?
  4. Let's see you've got SEA for DET, JAX in for OAK, CAR for StL, CLE for KC. HOU and BAL take HOU/TEN and CLE old spots, and TEN takes SEA old spot. I can appreciate how hard it must be to pare the teams down, overall I really think both the Rims are great, no real bitch, I'm loving these juiced, super stat mods these guys did! It's also balanced by absolute roster trash where it belongs, and some really subtle numbers tweaks giving players real character. Well worth it if you haven't played, IMO. And yeah, I get SNES doesn't get as much love, but it gets some and I'm ecstatic! I already raved in member intro thread, so 'nuf said.
  5. I found it funny that the Lions didn't make the cut from 32 to 28 for these ROMs. Apparently, SOMEONE thought this was CLE's year? JAX's year? TEN? NYJ? Or is it simply "not done" to switch a team's conference? That makes more sense, it's harder to exclude the NFC teams that made the cut. Even at that, I can make a case for DET over at least TB, if not ARI, SF, NO or PHI. At least we (DET) made the playoffs in RL, lol. Anyway, this is just in fun from a long suffering Lions homer.
  6. Hello Bowl-ers! My name is Jason, and I'm a Tecmo-holic. CaptHawk is my most used online gaming handle, so I went with that in case i run into a familiar "face" here. I'm from the west side of MI, so yeah, LOOOOONNNGGGG suffering Lions fan here. Back in '14, I had grown weary of PC gaming. I felt a longing for the days of yore, and most especially for my beloved TSB! I never really got into Madden; it's okay, but it's no TSB. I decided to see if anyone had created a console themed website , and was delighted at how many sites there are where one can play old console classics in simple flash online. My original search was for TSB, and this lead me to drummer's amazing TSB 2k2 (SNES) hack. I was blown away, as it simply hadn't occurred to me that one could hack SNES. Well, the obvious then happened... if there was a 2k2.... why not a 2k14? Back to google! And lo, onto tecmobowl.org! (Thank you, Knobbe!) I registered, thinking I had to to play anything, and played the 2k14 TSB (NES) that the site had as a flash option. Now, nothing against NES, but SNES has an "S" for a reason, dammit! I was a teen when TSb (NES) came out, so I literally grew up with the Tecmos. I still vividly remember the excitement of SNES/GEN coming out with TSB for their respective platforms. Touchbacks! In game play changing! KRs with Prime...Time...Prime...Time...or beast Rod "Goodbye Coverage" Woodson. At any rate, that feeling must have stuck with me ll these years, because I just can't get into NES like I do SNES Tecmo. Back in '14, I don't believe this site had done much with SNES TSB, or at least I couldn't find it. So, I stuck with 2k2 and original TSB for SNES that I could play online for when I needed that TSB fix. Fast forward to the last month or so. I decided to revisit tecmobowl.org, as it's cool as hell what you have accomplished here, notwithstanding my SNES bias. Oh, sweet Junior Seau up in heaven! I couldn't believe all the cool ass ROMs for SNES Tecmo-ing now available! Legends, 90's, 00's, '77, '84, 15-16 and 15-16 updated, 8-bit updated...not to mention the TSBIII ROMs I haven't even touched. (I will; it's just I found TSB II and III to be a letdown when they were originally released back in the day.) So, Baron Von Lector, cowboyschamps, qbvikings and Mr.NFL... a sincere and heartfelt thank you is in order! After my downloading spree, I returned to this site to, well, lurk a bit. Basically to see if I wanted to throw my helmet on the field, as it were: were people here cool, or no? So, I've perused the Forums quite a bit, and by virtue of this post, I hereby proclaim: y'all are cool as hell! Oh, sure, there are a couple of "my helmet is bigger than your helmet" d-bags, but i like that they get put in their place, and I even more like no-one gets banned by some pissy mod. For now, I play on my PC using the keyboard. I might get a controller, but I don't really miss it, it didn't take long to get the feel of Tecmo on keys. I'm not sure if I'll play online or participate in tournaments, but regardless I wanted to introduce myself, give props and join the community.
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