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  1. WayneHaddixBallHawk

    L.A tourney (1/17/15) finals video

    Agreed that the game they played in the 'ship of the winner's bracket was the best game of the day. The INT/Fumble in the real championship was a dagger for disasta
  2. WayneHaddixBallHawk


    WayneHaddixBallHawk Sam Mitchell Adding to my profile now.
  3. WayneHaddixBallHawk


    As the LA tournament organizer this past weekend I was able to meet some great people and be introduced to the world that is online Tecmo. Thanks to Bruddog helping me get started and giving me a few quick beatdowns I am happy to say I will be playing online a lot (when my USB adapter arrives this week). Hit me up on AIM if you want a game.
  4. WayneHaddixBallHawk

    Los Angeles, CA - 1/17/2015 - Reddit

    Fellas, thanks for coming out and making it a great tournament (minus the bracket debacle to start). It was great meeting you guys and showing me that I need to up my game to hang with some of you. I want to start playing online, urlocaltecmoguy owes me game. Another congrats to bruddog for taking down Tecmo LA.
  5. WayneHaddixBallHawk

    Madison, WI - 03/08/14 - Tecmo X: The Gannonball Run

    Nice. I think based on my schedule the only one I would be able to make is Madison. Need to get some solid practice time in before that.
  6. WayneHaddixBallHawk

    Madison, WI - 03/08/14 - Tecmo X: The Gannonball Run

    We all grew up outside of Washington DC in Northern VA. 3 of us are planning to make the trip, me from LA, one from Denver and one from Illinois.
  7. WayneHaddixBallHawk

    Madison, WI - 03/08/14 - Tecmo X: The Gannonball Run

    My buddies and I have been playing Tecmo Super bowl for 2 decades now and we just stumbled upon this site but more specifically the Madison Tecmo site. And just like Wolf "The Dentist" Stannson from Mighty Ducks II we are planning to storm into Wisconsin next year. "Regulator008 going down, that's where it going". All joking of course. But serious in the fact that my buddy and I are already looking for flights and hotels so we can see how our game stacks up. Looks like a great time and I hope there is a Tecmo XI.