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  1. I once found a picture of the numeric color chart for TSB TOOL SUPREME on my android to change uniforms but lost it...does antone happen to have it?
  2. Has anyone made this for the android yet like the TSB tool supreme?
  3. In snes version on the TSB tool supreme when you go into advance how do you change the inform colors? It doesn't say uniform like it does when editing a NES rom..any feedback would be helpful..Wanna change the dolphins pants from orange to white
  4. Hey guys silly question..I was wondering do players show signs in the game if their health is changing? Like if I didn't want my receiver getting hurt and pulled him would there be something to look for? I Ono dumb question but it had me intrigued so I figured I'd ask
  5. Anyone have any custom roms for tsb3? I'd love to see a 1989 1990 1991 or 1992...I can't make tsb3 editor work in my Droid or I'd create my own
  6. I have but when I open the file there's a bunch of files in there and I don't know if there's just one I'm looking for.
  7. The tecmo super bowl 3 editor can that be used on a android?
  8. Anyone know how to edit player names and numbers on this game?
  9. Will this work for Tecmo superbowl 3?
  10. How do you set it to switch jerseys? On the NCAA 2010 rom it switches between different team uniforms
  11. So there's 3 sets of numbers..I figured out that the last set determines the jersey so are the first 2 sets pants and helmet?
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