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  1. I really want to do one, but I'd need help with implementing the new rules into the ROM. I can do the art/rosters. Anyone else interested in working on something like this?
  2. thanks QBvikings cant wait to pour hours into it is the rom compatible with the TSBToolSupreme editor?
  3. sorry I only asked cause it seemed like maybe a little interest was lost this year, but its good to see you guys back. Thanks for the hard work all you editors do.
  4. was wondering if I should work on my own... Seems drummer/qbvikings/TSB.org are gone this year?
  5. well I think there are some emulators that would let you use custom textures? I might have to look into that anyway great work.
  6. would it work on a modded wii? This sounds AWESOME, I hope you can get help figuring out the rest of the code to change players features/team schedules. I am going to try it though, sounds very fun.
  7. its fun I like it, I would love to see a TSB version.
  8. this sounds so cool, I would LOVE to be an team owner for this TFO if you guys still do it. I used to do "e-feds" years ago which was very similar, ha just pure nostalgia trip for me...
  9. I like it. Not too many complaints other then minor (personal preference) depth chart moves. I really like the added speed to the players, a much needed addition to TSBIII Where's the free agent pool? I never knew about such feature...
  10. no doubt, and i feel i have the most time-consuming part out of the way, maybe some slight changes in the O and D lines, but a thorough edit of the ratings are coming
  11. i was worried i was adding too many rookie OL but ok, thank you for this advice i appreciate it. i know ratings are off but i'm going to continue to work on them and make them more accurate, same with roster, but its hard to predict since it's pre-preseason. i put a new version up today with geno as starter, slightly changed genos stats, and made some other minor depth chart moves
  12. well he was used as WR back in the day sometimes, so maybe that's why? wanted him in as a receiver?
  13. thanks i fixed that, also a little roster fix. i know ratings may be off to some but any roster errors i'd really welcome the criticism, i think it looks fairly well for this point in time
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