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  1. any chance you use to go by "ghostdog" years ago here ? 

    1. Ghost


      nope, sorry

  2. Found a College Football ROM that has I formation and even option out of the I but some of the other aspects of the ROM aren't what I'm looking for. I'd be happy not changing anything on the first play except moving the FB from the Pro Form to in front of what we around here call the I-Back (or used to...aka RB). I'm gonna try and compare/contrast, just thought I'd update as it looks like some are looking at these, and even if not, I'll forget all this and go looking for it in 5 to 10 years. And after looking to re-find it from yesterday I just realized it's a 32 team ROM... 😕
  3. Note to future self, don't assume Java is installed on your machine and open with "Open with"
  4. Thanks Blueman, can always count on you. As suspected Id wha have it already, already un-rar'd what is the trick to actually modding a .nes file with it?
  5. I want to make a basic I formation. I have looked at "Bruddog's "Tecmo Playbook Hackers" Document v2.0" but the section about modifying formation seems to be more to do with motion after the play had been picked. I know there is a playmaking tool but that seems to just tell what players do after the snap and how each defender reacts, not where they line up initially. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. In the past I've used a tool that lets you drag, drop and delete teams from divisions and edit team colors. I also remember their being a trick to opening the file you want to edit. Perhaps a .jar file? Chances are I've already downloaded it, maybe even several times, but I use it about once every Presidential term. What tool am I thinking of and what's the trick to opening the rom you want to edit? Thanks, EDIT: The program is a jar file irrc and opening the ROM you want to edit there is a trick to it.
  7. Had a lot of fun with these last night. The option works great. I barely dipped my toe in the playbook editing waters before my absense so I haven't dug into the code yet. I noticed that all of the option plays start in the gun or pistol, is this for read option purposes? I'd like to do an old school under center I or wishbone formation version. Is that not possible or were all of these roms made to represent a more modern read option offense that has been all the rage for the last decade or so?
  8. https://tecmobowltools.com/SaveStateExporter which I use religiously has a IsInjured column, can't believe I hadn't noticed that before, that has to be coming from somewhere right?
  9. I have the change so that preseason injuries are on, is there a way to set status prior to a game. For example a player is marked as injured prior to a pre-season game? This doesn't feel like something that can be done on the rom, maybe alter the state file somehow? Season mode isn't an option for me.
  10. Current project I'm starting at the year the game starts and planning to retire players as best I can in conjunction with their real life counterparts. I thought this might be something others would find useful. I created a google doc if anyone feels like helping. One tab is by last name, first name, the other by team and then last name first name. Mostly I use Pro Football Reference to come up with the retirement years. Due a to Find/Replace mishap or update statement gone wrong error some of the players are missing "N's" at the end of either their first or last names, some have an uneccessary one. Even still you should be able to decipher each players name. I think I will also attach the list as a spreadsheet in case the google link doesn't work. Super Tecmo Retirement Years.xlsx
  11. Lately it's happening about every KO into the endzone and seemed to start when I fixed the return speed glitch. Haven't seen it on a punt though.
  12. Nah, I already have that rom. Like I said the OIFL will work for me. I'll probs use the Arena version if I ever make an arena game. (yes Indoor and arena are different)
  13. So I found this, it wasn't listed among the downloads but it's the one I remember having.
  14. Years ago at an Omaha Beef (indoor Football) the play style and fast pace reminded me of Tecmo Football. Eventually I googled it and that's how I found TecmoBowl.org. I remember their being a lot more attempts at Indoor and Arena mods on here. Was there a purge before the site was brought back up? I'm currently working with The 2010 Arena football rom. That has only 7 players though, indoor and arena has 8. Otherwise it's perfect. How hard would it be to add an 8th guy on both sides? I'm going to attempt it. I remember I was getting close way back in 2014 and have a guess as to how the "extra" guys are not on the field of play but no one ever came out and said it. I just want to make sure there isn't a 8 player rom out there before I re-learned how to edit plays (the tool won't work for the heavily edited rom I'm beginning with)
  15. I haven't played III since middle school and don't have access to it. I'm making a dynasty with regular TSB but would like to use the upgrade system that was used for create-a-player in III. IIRC 60 yards rushing = 1 upgrade point but beyond that I don't remember anything other than my RBs always getting their jersey numbers set to zero. Doesn't have to be exact, could just be ballpark.
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