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  1. @bellyakim Bro nobody is a bigot I disagree with you and I'm not whining at DACA but I find it amazing he helped th… https://t.co/HmCQ0htfE6

  2. RT @KimKardashian: KKW BODY 4.30 by Vanessa Beecroft #KKWFRAGRANCE https://t.co/zZ3ZYXBpFo

  3. I find hypocrisy in black people being mad at @kanyewest showing love for black conservative Candace Owens (Not too… https://t.co/ClCguLyvuQ

  4. RT @BleacherReport: GREEK FREAK ? https://t.co/E6QG4FFCOT

  5. RT @kanyewest: The more people contribute to real time global consciousness the faster we evolve

  6. @daveyinthecut Its about lil pump tho. It was a good album but 1985 was odd

  7. RT @CNN: A Minnesota prosecutor will announce Thursday whether anyone will be charged in connection to Prince's death in April 2016 https:/…

  8. Giggity-giggity-giggity-giggity, let's have sex!

  9. @PureDarIing *Nah, eats bag of chips*

  10. Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus international giveaway! https://t.co/iCFy047Zv7

  11. RT @I_am_fontaine: Murphy Lee 2003 hit https://t.co/mv6zoSkTBK

  12. @uTWEAK_myTWEETS Sounds like the premise of a Drake song...

  13. RT @RickRoss: Shake the fake friends to make more time for your real 1’s.

  14. RT @BobbyMarks42: Playoff teams ranked by average age (young to old): 1. Portland 2. Toronto 3. Indiana 4. Boston 5. Philadelphia 6. Milwa…

  15. @Nathalyyyy17 Some dudes will never learn smh

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