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  1. Hi Tecmo Community! After years of playing and editing the 28 team rom I’m jumping into the 32 team rom space and I’m looking to build out a 09-13’ era rom with some of the great updates/hacks that are currently out there. After an afternoon of testing out what was available (using an SD card, Ever Drive NES cart and an AVS NES) I had a few questions about where I should start and was hoping you could provide me with some guidance. I’d like to have “fixes” for some of the issues that existed in earlier versions of the 32 cart. Things like the half-time stats, punt return fix, the pre snap “huts”, no flicker, and game-length options. Could I pull from the latest Tecmo cart (2019) and make roster/text updates or would I be better served to use an older 32 rom like the TSB 2002Old School rom (from the misc. downloads page). I really appreciate your thoughts/direction on this!
  2. i know this is about 10 years old,but nice upload!
  3. View File Tecmo 98-2000 Tecmo super bowl 99' era edition. Rosters are created from the 98-01 era. Used the 28 team Rom, Some helmets updated. Hope you enjoy! Submitter Burnin Therman Submitted 09/04/2014 Category NFL By Year
  4. Hi folks, I'd like to get the community's opinion regarding where to start. I'm attempting to build a 32 ROM consisting of teams from the 98-03' era. I've made a similar 28 team ROM a few years ago, but since getting back into it, there seems to be some differences between the editors and roms. So here are my questions: For a base ROM to start from, which would you recommend? taking a 2016 Rom or using an older 32 team ROM consisting of players closer to that era? As for the editors, would you suggest the TSBToolSupreme? Any Excel/roster editing advice is also welcomed. Any other thoughts or feedback that could help provide a great foundation is welcomed and appreciated and I'll be sure to post the final when I'm complete.
  5. Version Nes


    Tecmo super bowl 99' era edition. Rosters are created from the 98-01 era. Used the 28 team Rom, Some helmets updated. Hope you enjoy!
  6. Thanks Knobbe! This is super helpful and obvious once you pointed it out!
  7. Update, I've actually been able to change a few areas searching the forums, I'm wondering if anyone could aid me in changing one halftime text screen? It's the cheerleader toss screen, The Rom I'm using had added text to the shot and now it says "Vaginae"..while this is hilarious, I'd like to change it to "Wink!" or just delete it, but I'm having trouble locating the actual text. Any guidance is appreciated. I've added the Rom File, thanks again for your help. x98-00 Rosters Final.nes
  8. To add more context, I've attached the Rom i'm working with. Specifically the text during the halftime (I built my rosters off of an existing community Rom). Ideally, I'd change the halftime cut scenes text as well as change the "you da man" touchdown cut scene to "Touch Down!" . Any help is appreciated. 98-00 Rosters Final.zip
  9. Hi folks, I've been digging into some of the past threads on editing in game text and text during halftime, but I'm having a hard time finding what I need. specifically I'm looking to change the cutscene text around Sacks, Touchdowns, and the half time show. I'm using the 28 team rom, so if anyone knows this location, I would greatly appreciate some direction.
  10. So I know its been a while since my last post, but I thought I'd post my rosters that I had been working on. originally I was going to work on a 31 team, but that quickly turned into working on a 28 team 99-01' version of Tecmo. Take it for a spin, I think the rosters are pretty balanced and so far its been a lot of fun to play. thanks again for all of your help! 98-00 Rosters Final.zip
  11. Hi guys, I'm in the midst of building out a 28 team 99'-00' roster and I'm running into an issue with Changing Cleveland into Baltimore. specifically I'm wondering if there's a way to take a helmet graphic from one rom and copy it into another? More or less, I'm looking at making Cleveland into Baltimore and then updating the Pats, Broncos, and Bucs helmets. I'm not much for editing the graphics, but there are some really great existing graphics that I thought I'd inquire about using. In case someone knows how or is wondering what I'm talking about, I've attached 2 roms; 1 with the old helmets and the other with the new helmets I'd like to copy into the "old helmet" rom. Thanks in advance for advice. TSB 2007-New Helmets.nes TSB 1998 OLD Helmets.nes
  12. Thanks for the comments. Per you Rom with the Texans removed, should I rename each team to fit their new slot? For example in your rom, the Bills roster is under the dolphins team name. What would I be screwing up if I made updated the teams. so team 1 is named texans (the removed team) and team one formally the dolphins, renamed to be the Bills? thanks again for the feedback.
  13. Hi guys, I’m new to the community, so I thought I’d post here since I’ve been spending the last couple of weeks getting familiar and figuring out how to tackle my idea. First off, here’s my idea; I’m looking to create a 1998 ROM Through my initial investigation, I’ve been looking around at what exists and so far I’ve only found 28 team roms that use a combo of either the Browns/Ravens/Jags/Panthers. Ideally, someone built or I could build a Rom that includes the 31 teams. Does anyone know if there is a Rom out there for the 1998/99/00 season? If not, here’s what I’m thinking would need to be done to build one. Take 32 ROM (thinking of the existing 2007 rom) · Re-order teams into their appropriate team conferences (AFC: East, Central, West/ NFC: East, Central, West) · Remove the Houston Texans · Re-do schedule to reflect 1998 Rebuild Roster · Sim data update (team preferences) · Playbooks · Rosters Tweak Uni’s Add in some of the newer features like fixing the Kick Returner, add overtime winner, possibly make the AI smarter? I completely get that my eyes may be bigger than my stomach, so I’m also asking if anyone has thoughts on my idea or some best practices to follow? Thanks for your input!
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