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  1. player121xk

    HSTL S46 Draft

    Pit DL for Barletti via Discord
  2. player121xk

    HSTL S46 Draft

    I'll take RB4/DB1 Hector and Hasty.
  3. player121xk

    HSTL S46 Draft

    Drake already has WR3/LB2, so I'll take Lockhart and WR3 Wright.
  4. player121xk

    HSTL S46 Draft

    I'll take Blair Thomas and Brian Washington. I'll take Marc Logan and Tim Mckyer
  5. player121xk

    HSTL S46 Draft

    I'll take M. Merriweather and C. Carter.
  6. player121xk

    HSTL S46 Draft

    SD Oline for me.
  7. player121xk

    HSTL S46 Draft

    I was talked off the Elway ledge here. Give me Peete, I guess.
  8. player121xk

    HSTL S46 Draft

    Man, as hard as it is to not take Moon and recreate my only HSTL playoff run, give me Barry and William White.
  9. player121xk

    HSTL S46 Round 0

    I'll take #2. But if #2 is taken, I'll take #3. And if both #2 and #3 are taken, please give me #4.
  10. player121xk

    HSTL S45 Draft

    All the teams ahead of me have QBs so give me PIT QBs.
  11. player121xk

    HSTL S45 Draft

    NE DL for SF.
  12. player121xk

    HSTL S45 Draft

    Everyone ahead of me already has LB or has picked, so give me DEN LB.
  13. player121xk

    HSTL S45 Draft

    MIN OL and TE for SF.
  14. player121xk

    HSTL S45 Draft

    SD RBs for the Niners.
  15. player121xk

    HSTL S45 Draft

    SD DBs for me.
  16. player121xk

    HSTL S45 Round 0

    I'll take 22.
  17. Game 1 Props: 1. Who will win the coin toss for the matchup call? Essentially who will be player 1. (2 points) - Rico 2. Who will win the coin toss for the actual game to determine who gets ball first? (2 points) - Rico 3. Will halftime show be skipped? This is determined if "B" is pressed at any point. (3 points) - Yes 4. Over/Under (0.5) on # of JJ TD's 50 yards+. No CC's! If you say over, there needs to be at least 1 or more. Under is basically saying none (3 points) - Over 5. Total points scored in game 1. If you expect a final score of 21-14, then your answer is 35. If you are within 6 points of the total you earn the points. (6 points) - 24 Game 2 Props: 6. Who will win the coin toss for the actual game to determine who gets ball first? (2 points) - Stalltalk 7. Over/under (1.5) how many TOTAL fumbles there will be. This is lost and recovered so TOTAL. If you say under, you are saying 1 or less. (3 points) - Under 8. Total points scored in game 2. If you expect a final score of 21-14, then your answer is 35. If you are within 6 points of the total you earn the points. (6 points) - 31 General Props: 9. Who will win Thunderdome? (10 points) - Stalltalk 10. How many games will the series last 2 or 3 games (7 points) - 2
  18. player121xk

    Thunderdome X: Consolation Tournament Signups

    Yes, I would love to.
  19. player121xk

    NGTL Waiting List

    Discord: player121xk Nickname (if applicable): Email: [email protected] Availability: Probably from 11am to 5pm and definitely from about 9pm on, M-F and weekends are pretty open Can you host?: Not now, but I have never really tried. List 4 Team Preferences: RAI, CLE, GB, HOU What's your location/timezone?: Central Time Why do you want to join NGTL?: I took about two years off from playing in leagues after my second kid was born, but things have started to slow down a bit, so I would like to get going again.
  20. Group K I won the toss. And called PHX v DAL Gamehigh chose PHX Gamehigh had a very nice drive down the field to go up 7-0. Emmitt had a few big runs before half and Novacek caught some passes for a couple TDs. 14-7. Second half, I went up 21-7, he threw a pick in the EZ, I went up 28-7, and that was really it. Lot of luck on the Cowboys side. Aikman went in to EXCELLENT, but still threw two picks. Good game, Gamehigh, and good luck the rest of the way - thanks for making the time to play! TPC_TSB_tapmeter.ns1
  21. player121xk I can't at this time, but might be able to with help. I haven't played online for over a year, but I used to know how to use the servers. Central I can usually play from 10am-6pm M-F and again after 9pm or so. Weekends are pretty open.
  22. Man, I am totally down with everything you have detailed here. I know that doesn't add much value by way of feedback or suggestions that you are looking for, but I just can't wait to see what you put together.
  23. player121xk

    If I ever come back...

    I am giving this guy a long look in the first round of the draft.
  24. player121xk

    My Kid's 1st Birthday Party

    Ha! Yeah, I did the same exact thing for my daughter, and it did me no good. So I thought I should just take control of this new guy's birthday and make it what I wanted. I have a lot bigger finished files and all the fonts and other stuff that you would need to make it your own. Just let me know!
  25. Because I don't see any evidence that one year olds like anything other than, like, things to throw on the floor or bouncy balls or breasts for sucklin', my wife let me plan the kid's first birthday. So I went Tecmo themed. Just thought I throw this stuff in here for your enjoyment. The invites: