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  1. Ernie Jones for Drake via his list.
  2. I'll take the TB Backups.
  3. I'll take Noga Berry and Fullington.
  4. I'll take Keith Mckeller.
  5. I'm going to give Michael "almost as good as Heyward but not even close to Cobb and forget about Muster or Rathman" Haddix to 8-bit.
  6. I'll take Craig "almost as good as Cobb but not even close to Muster or Rathman" Heyward
  7. Per Discord, 8-bit wants Saleamua, Hackett, and Cherry.
  8. Drake wants Monk via Discord.
  9. I'll take Shawn Collins.
  10. Sure, I'll take Mike Rozier.
  11. I'll take NYG Howard / Johnson / Collins. Really should have taken a tandem in the first instead of Marino.
  12. I'm going to give Dan a shot. Sorry, Tadaos.
  13. Neal Anderson for 8-bit via Discord.
  14. 28 for Nos, so 27 for Wags.
  15. Join the club, Bartletti.
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