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  1. Everyone ahead of me has LB1/DB1, so give me Tony Blaylock / Raymond Clayborn
  2. Jack Del Rio and James Washington for me. Cortez Kennedy and Dwayne Harper for Drake.
  3. Rico drunkenly selects Cofer.
  4. I'll take the SEA OL / DL.
  5. RAI The Rest for Jesus Peete for Madtown
  6. I don't want to, but I think I have to take Pepper and Collins here.
  7. I'll take Richard Johnson. Oh and his friend Barry.
  8. Everyone ahead of me has DL, so give me those Colts.
  9. John Kelly and Eric Weddle for Hoff via DM.
  10. Mayo and Latimer for Tadaos via his list.
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