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  1. All other teams have QBs, so Hoff gets Jeff George via message.
  2. Autopick DB1 and 4 Hunter / Glasgow for 8bit
  3. Autopick Rick Fenney for Hughmillen
  4. LB2 and 3 Manusky and Rocker
  5. Per list, Drake gets Steve Broussard
  6. Warren Williams for Mack via his list.
  7. DB1 and DB4 Hurst and McSwain
  8. I'll take WR Robert Clark.
  9. DB1 and 4 Allen and Waters for Drake via message.
  10. I'll take DB2/DB3 Ben Smith and Wes Hopkins.
  11. DB 2/3 McDaniel and Anderson for Drake per his note.
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