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  1. If anyone needs any survival gear let me know. Unless you're like Lou and are content sleeping in the dirt than I won't worry about you. We'll have a larger sleeping tent set up as well for anyone to use, or if Mort and Lou find someone at the rest stop to bring along. Bryce
  2. I needed to wait until today when I sobered up to share my Burning Mort Experience. Anyone skilled in the art of drinking knows you need to follow up with a few drinks the days following so your body doesn’t shut down from sudden alcohol withdrawal shock. Friday we had a couple tvs and systems set up at Pounds, which offers free Tournament Edition NBA Jam and sells 40 ozs. There were a few Tecmo games played but NBA Jam was definitely the game of choice this night. Rice and Rony (@leonardite and @sonofpatbeach) went on a commanding run and taunted their competition with glee. Once it was discovered the player 4 joystick was defective the duo began to look human. Despite this disadvantage Zo and Grandmama (Tony and Durch) broke up the duo, which possibly led to Josh’s rage of throwing down barrier barrels later in the night and almost getting @drfrolf thrown in the can after being questioned by police. The highlight of the night was @davefmurray coming into the bar with his bags on his back and nobody but Joe knew he was attending. I’m still waiting on the footage of Friday night last year in Madison, apparently that will need to wait for another time. Saturday we rolled slowly out of bed and headed to the site around noon. Dave and I jumped on a gravel road and we started drinking local beers on the way as I educated him on the local agriculture, economy, and the life of a North Dakotan. We arrived at the magical Burning Mort Site which 30,000 to 10,000 years ago was the beach of the great Lake Agassiz. Others have gone into detail on the opening ceremonies and Tecmo events that were played so I’ll just say a few things that stuck out in my head as the event was played. To me Josh should be awarded with the Burning Mort Spirit award. His Tecmo play was unparalleled but his fervor for keg stands was essential to the Burning Mort experience. By the end of the night he was just kneeling under the keg drinking because nobody could match his pace. Lou was my chief and a valiant one at that, he sported his headdress proudly throughout the night and the way he makes his player shake is a work of art. My only complaint was when he punted on first down because he recovered a lucky fumble. There should be no time for good sportsmanship during Burning Mort Tecmo. I was also extremely impressed with his ability to sleep on the ground without pillows or blankets despite us having a cot and pad for him. While this tournament is known as Burning Mort, it may go down in legend as Burning Mort’s brother. As all the other North Dakota guys have said we can’t thank everyone enough for making the trip out. It ended up being the perfect crew that came and it’s hard to imagine it going any better. While the drinking and partying probably took a year off my life, all the laughs surely added two. Love,
  3. I feel like we should clarify that even the mandatory items are optional, just more of a suggestion for comfort. You can easily survive a weekend without food, water, or shelter.
  4. This is Bryce so everyone knows; I’m the one competing against the naked guy in the 8-bit helmet picture. I’d like to thank everyone for making the trip to North Dakota and being part of festivities. Dr Frolf and Leonardite are owed the majority of the credit for the planning and heavy lifting. As Team North Dakota has known for some time, and everyone in attendance now knows, Frolf lacks the ability to do anything without complete devotion and with even an ounce of half-assedness. I was surprised waking up Sunday morning, in a room with at least 10 other people, being told Madison had retained the cup. After the cobwebs had lifted and remembering the true outcome, it still felt like somewhat of a moral victory for Team North Dakota. We did have a lead early in the tourney as mentioned, when Barry made a second half comeback with the 49ers to upset Chet with the Falcons. Although finishing the tourney in 4th place (last) I think Team ND showed they are a worthy participate in the Tecmo Ryder Cup. I’d like to thank everyone again for making the long lonely trip to the middle of nowhere. While the Tecmo was awesome, the partying and getting to know everybody was even better. I’ve remember about 30 different things that happened the last couple days and burst out laughing to myself. Looking forward to making the trip to Madison next year and hopefully the ryder cup wherever that’s held. Hopefully we can host another event in ND in the future and outshine last weekend. I was feeling pretty good by the end of the night.
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