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  1. Whats the best version of MAME for windows 10? Should I use the mame app in windows store or get a different version? Mainly for gauntlet II, street fighter II
  2. davefmurray, you are a genius! This editor is absolutely amazing! So simple to use, so intuitive, and so effective! I can tweak tecmo super bwol 3 legends now to make it perfect! Thank you for this amazing tool!
  3. My son recently bought Madden 16 for Xbox One. It's my first time playing it since my super Nintendo days. I have to say the passing is really good and enjoyable. Having a different button associated with different receivers makes alot more sense. But, the running still feels bad. It feels plastic-ee and laggy. Switching directions takes too long and takes the fun out of it. Has anyone else gotten a taste of the dark side (newer Maddens)? If so, what are your thoughts?
  4. So is there any good alternative solution for home TV's?
  5. Kids love shooting games with actual guns they can hold and point and shoot. Arcades do a good job of fulfilling this need, but consoles seem to fall very short. Arcade games like Police trainer, jurassic park, time crisis, ect were all great. But I haven't seen any actual guns you can use with consoles. I've heard people say its because of the new TVs not being CRT. Does anyone know if you can still get some old school gun games with actual guns to hold and use for the games on MAME? And do they work on new TVs? Thanks
  6. Running back Gale Sayers in the new TSB3 Legends is incredible! Even when you pick the same play, he can sometimes escape for a little bit. He feels like the old Bo Jackson. I know Bo Jackson is supposed to be in this version, as an unlockable hidden character, but I haven't unlocked him yet. So far, Gale Sayers has been a fantastic replacement. Easily the best running back in the game. And the cool part is, I didn't know about him before this. So I'm learning about new players as well. A huge thank you again to the designer of TSB3 legends! Awesome job!
  7. Best Controller for the PC (Windows) is Xbox One Wireless Controllers. Get the Microsoft wireless adapter for the Xbox One controllers for Windows. It'll support up to 4 wireless xbox one controllers. At the end of the day, you could fight microsoft and try to find another usb controller, but since its all microsoft, from my personal experience, the wireless xbox one controllers work perfect on windows and are super easy to setup in the snes emulator.
  8. I'm sorry. I should have been more clear. I meant will Koei Tecmo ever release a new remake of Tecmo Bowl? A new game, with updated graphics and engine?
  9. Will Koei Tecmo ever release a new version of this game for PC, Xbox or playstation? Or is that impossible because Madden has a monopoly on the NFL license? One can always dream...maybe they can release a new updated game, with updated graphics and mechanics and just have an easy way to update rosters and plug in pics for the helmets? So, people could easily put in the new NFL roster without having Koei Tecmo pay for it or deal with it?
  10. Can you get your emulator to store the rom, TSB3 on google drive and play it from there? My brother and friends want to create a few players, but want everyone to have access to them. Thanks
  11. I absolutely love this version! Old legends plus new great players, incredible concept! There was some serious love put into this edition. This is the greatest version of the game I've ever played. All my friends I've shown this to, love it. But the first thing they ask when we play it is "Where's Bo Jackson"? I don't understand why he's left out. He was the great player in the original Tecmo Bowl. Is he a hidden player maybe?
  12. ok...so that video shows how to install a homebrew channel....but then how do you play tecmo super bowl III? Do you have to install an emulator on the WIi U? I'm a little nervous about installing the homebrew channel on the Wii U....will I lose the warranty on the Wii U if I do this? Can I still get Wii U updates? Have any of you done this?
  13. I don't have a Wii. I have a Wii U. Is it possible to play Tecmo Super Bowl III on the Wii U?
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