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  1. All the guys in the San Francisco tournament need to scrap that idea and carpool for this tournament instead! Who's down???
  2. I tried to watch the World Cup to make my fellow Mexicans happy but I just can't get into it... The World Cup is the third biggest sporting event after the Olympics and wrestlemania
  3. The Midwest has all the tecmo action goin on! And here I am stuck in Cali...
  4. After the tournament is over I heard the After party is at the power exchange!
  5. This is what I've been waiting for. Some tecmo in Cali. You can count #thelock in!
  6. Did u guys notice Kevin N. that's registered is from the Same place as the ultimate warrior!!
  7. I will be flying in from california Thursday and would love to play some tecmo Friday somewhere. I stil can't believe there is a community of people who share the same enthusiasm for tecmo as me! Plus someone posted the video of the finger poke of doom... Then I knew this tournament is perfect for me!
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