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  1. Goose

    TSB 17 NES Cartridge Help Problem - Doesnt work

    (not sure how versed you are with the NES console so I apologize if these suggestions are too basic) I haven't had any issues with my TSB homebrew-carts (14-18). The flashing red light is either poor pin connector, the lockout chip or a bad cart. The white line has been an issue in games like SMB3 or homebrews, especially on the top loader. From a troubleshooting perspective, if all your other games work fine and the TSB17 cart is the only one giving you issues then it's likely the cart. If the cart was bad and the vendor repaired it and sent the same cart back the problem is likely to persist. Do you know if the cart is a "donor" cart or a brand new cart? I received one cart which came from a donor where the pins were very dirty and required cleaning before it ran properly (meaning intermittent graphical issues or would simply hang). Just shine a flashlight and see if the connectors are dirty, cleaning is easy enough. I've disabled the lockout chip on my consoles which I would recommend to regardless given the older consoles sometimes identifies games as unofficial thus giving the red blinking light. It's easy enough to do and shouldn't take more than 20 minutes.
  2. Goose

    Which console do you use today?

    Original hardware is my preferred opinion, however, the HDMI factor is huge with the clone systems like "Retron-5". I have a RetroPie setup as well which is convenient for messing around. For those with the "NES Classic Edition", it's easy enough to add TSB to the console. I feel the urge to pick up additional carts whenever I come across them...
  3. Goose

    Looking for SNES TSB data

    Fantastic, the "snes orig dump" what exactely what I was looking for. Will "TOOL_SUPREME" dump any TSB ROM-file to .txt? Thanks a ton everyone!
  4. Goose

    Looking for SNES TSB data

    Thanks Dave and Slim, I'll wait patiently. What I'm currently working on is some deeper analysis of teams and players using a BI-tool. The purpose is to be able to spot strengths and weaknesses in match-ups. I've made quite a bit of progress adding playbooks, player images, stats etc. to be able compare teams head-2-head but also the overall. Ideally I'd like to have the "core"-games as well as the yearly editions.
  5. Hi, I'm looking for a spreadsheet containing the SNES TSB roster and team data. Ideally teams, players, attributes etc, the more detailed the better. I've found similar spreadsheets for NES but not for SNES. Anyone that can assist? Thanks!
  6. Thanks Bruddog, makes perfect sense now.
  7. Hi all, I discovered this gem not long ago and after having read all the great guides, FAQs etc. I stumbled over something that has me puzzled. In-game I try to exploit weaker players or sides in the opposing teams defense by looking at the “DL Starters”-screen prior to the game and then avoid strong players or group of players. My question is, is the “DL starters”-screen mirrored? I got a couple of screen grabs and as you can see in the example “#32 Stinson” on the Bears is a RCB however he is on the left hand side in-game. Is this intentional and the way you are supposed to read the defensive lineup in football? Even if you read “right” as the right-side seen from the attacking teams perspective the “DL Starters”-screen still does make any sense. (tried to search the forum but came up blank). Thanks for helping out. -Goose