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  1. Sorry, this is off-topic, but how is the color on the socks and pant stripes changed. Here you have the socks black and the pant stripes orange on the receiving team, but they are usually white (socks) and the pant stripe is the color of the jersey.
  2. Has a TSB handbook ever been written? I think I saw one somewhere, but I cannot recall. It would be awesome if someone wrote a handbook with information that details the history of the game including its evolution and devoted following. Other things I would like to see would be sections for Tecmo Bowl, TSB (NES), TSB1 (SNES, GENESIS), TSB2, and TSB3. Each of these sections would explain to the reader where and how to acquire the ROM, editing software, and a physical system or emulator. Then, it would proceed to teach the reader how to use the ROM on the system or emulator, how to edit the game, information about how to manipulate the SIM attributes and ratings, etc. I would find it so useful if I knew where to find information about SIM attributes as they pertain to the SNES version of TSB1. I am already indebted to the creators of TSB manager 2000, TSBTool Supreme, STUE, SNES9x EX+, and emuparadise. I also want to thank the contributors to this site's forum. I found lots of information about SIM attributes on here, such as how the "SIM Offense" and "SIM Defense" really mean SIM Pass Defense and SIM Run Defense, how the "SIM Punt Ret" = Yds/catch, and how "SIM Kick Ret" = Target %. And most importantly of all, I learned that if some of those SIM attributes add up to more than "255", then I might have RBs leading the league in receptions and receiving yards....at a whopping 30 to 40 yards per catch! I mostly do COM vs COM, but I have recently been wanting to do COA seasons, which to me are rather challenging. However, because I messed with the SIM attributes, the RBs were dominating the receiving leaders categories, which I do not like! OK. I hope I find it someday, or I will have to do it myself!
  3. TSB nearly nailed the final score!
  4. Thanks Dave, but I don't think the SNES version will work. I've done it on the NES version and that was an awesome option. But I'm gonna try to see if my SNES rom will load on TSB tool. Thanks again. And by the way, I wish Gridiron Heroes was available on Google Play, with editors and whatnot.
  5. Hi, I am a new guy on here that just loves the snes version of TSB. And before I post a question, I want to thank everyone who created roms, editors, etc. Because I have found those tools to be very useful. Especially, STUE for uniform editing, TSBtoolSupreme for team and player editing. My question is: Has anyone figured out how the computer chooses what uniform will be worn by a particular team and when? I wish the computer automatically assigned dark jerseys to home teams and white jerseys to away teams. With certain teams being excluded from that approach such as the Cowboys (don't they always use the white jerseys?). Thanks
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