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  1. I was wondering if this was ever tried. I love @bruddog's hack where the music plays at random every play. I was wondering if it was possible or if was ever done where songs from the original Tecmo Bowl could be added. Like the classic title screen music, Player 1 music, and player 2 music. It would be really cool to have those 3 songs in the rotation when playing a game. Any thoughts?
  2. Is the P1 side of this anywhere? I know in @bruddog's Superhacks the clock on kickoffs works correctly when the kick returner takes possession of the ball on both the 1P and 2P sides.
  3. Hey all, Found something with this, not sure if others have noticed. When CPU runs REV-FAKE Z POST, the QB waits and throws to a defensive player that's not on the field. For instance, Cardinals have this play in their playbook and Chris Chandler throws it to Rod Saddler, a defensive lineman. What's funny is that the throw is a very high lob that goes way past the uprights and takes about 20 Tecmo Bowl seconds before it's registered incomplete. I know there's a lot to this hack in terms of bytes and I'm going to check if I keyed anything in error, but the bytes for that specific play were inputted correctly.
  4. has anyone seen the QB throw to himself with this hack? It's happened twice to me.
  5. Are you playing a ROM or NES cartridge? If it's the cartridge, the only one that has 2PT conversion are the TSB versions by Tecmobowlers.com. If it's a ROM, the only version available with 2PT conversion is Bruddog's 2020 Super Hack. Unless there is a version floating out there I don't know about.
  6. I'm doing some helmet editing using JSTOUT's logic from above and for this one part in particular, the hexadecimal math is not coming out. Can anybody tell me what I'm missing? JSTOUT wrote: For Cleveland 92 22, ("92" + 90) ("22" + 10) = 1232, add a x1 to that a we have x11232. Same for Houston and we get x1123B. I am not getting to a hex value of 12 by adding hex(92) + hex(90). I do get to 32 with hex(22) + hex(10). Am I missing something, or was that an error in the calculation?
  7. Yeah, neither version showed all 32 teams for me. Both cut off at the 49ers at the RB2 line. If you have no need to update team names, cities, and city abbreviation, then the _0.9.1_Beta would suffice. Even when you grab the full information for the last 4 remaining teams (49ers, rams, seahawks, cardinals) using the _0.9.1_Beta version and add in the city and team names manually and paste it into the new tool and save, it gives the following error I tried this on both the and versions.
  8. It doesn't look like anyone has been successful in getting this to work with MAN vs. MAN. I've gotten it to work a bit, but it crashes.
  9. so in watching a youtube video, you score a TD, it then goes to the play select screen. It didn't show how you would be able to select xtra point or 2 pt conversion. But then the play starts from the 5 yd line, when you score, it plays the turnover on downs/change sides music and gives you 2 points. The video shows both player and COM successfully getting the 2 pt conversion. Also, it states that COM will use logic to attempt the 2 pt conversion if it's down by 8.
  10. I would gladly pay $60 if I was able to get the code for this and implement into the 28 and 32 team roms. @bruddog is this something you or anyone else has tried to replicate? I would pay the $60 to get this code and reverse engineer it so it can be applied to the 28 and 32 team roms.
  11. @bruddog any thoughts on how to do this bruddog?
  12. @bruddog any thoughts or guidance on this bruddog?
  13. Does anyone know where the code is for this feature that was added to 2019 rom? And will it work for the original 28 team rom?
  14. I've seen in numerous topics that this has been done and works. I have not seen the code for this though, does anyone know where it is?
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