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  1. Atrain400

    2 pt Conversion

    I've seen in numerous topics that this has been done and works. I have not seen the code for this though, does anyone know where it is?
  2. Atrain400

    Blocking during QB Scrambles

    Any idea on how to do this?
  3. Atrain400

    Turn Off Defensive Auto Diving

    Any thoughts on how to fix the auto dive near a receiver about to catch a pass?
  4. Atrain400

    Faster Recovery from diving catches

    Any thoughts on this?
  5. Atrain400

    Quickness Pass Incompletions Hack Issues

    Thanks so much! All good now, no glictch! Appreciate the help!
  6. Atrain400

    Quickness Pass Incompletions Hack Issues

    ok, I think I got it. For the overthrow bug fix, I didn't have room for bruddog's code at location 0x2C000 since the quickness hack takes up that space. So I moved it to 0x2BF70 and switched the code a bit per his instructions. Bruddog's original overthrow bug fix: SET( 0x29DBC, 0x4CF0BF ) SET( 0x2C000, 0x20319E203D9E4CAF9D ) My changes (in bold) in order to move it to a different position: SET( 0x29DBC, 0x4C60B0 ) SET( 0x2BF70, 0x20319E203D9E4CAF9D ) Are my new values off?
  7. Atrain400

    Quickness Pass Incompletions Hack Issues

    ok. Still getting a glitch, must have something else I screwed up somewhere. The last hacks I put in before the quickness were the overthrow bug fix and the pc/pa hack. Let my investigation begin.
  8. Atrain400

    Quickness Pass Incompletions Hack Issues

    I had no other hack in those open slots nor anything in the other part, all original code. Not sure what's wrong then. I have many other hacks in place, and it's working fine; no high frequency of CC's or glitching. Not sure what I'm missing. I'll continue to look, appreciate the help.
  9. I have been testing this a bit and I have noticed an extraordinary amount of CC's with this hack in addition to it freezing randomly. Aside from that, when it is not freezing I tested the hack by using QB Eagles and throwing to Barnett into coverage against Louis Oliver and J.B. Brown. All were in average condition and I only made a change to Oliver's PI (moved it up to 63 from 56). QB Eagles PS: 63 PC: 69 ACC: 63 Barnett REC: 56 Oliver PI: 63 QU: 56 Brown PI: 44 QU: 50 5 passes thrown to Barnett on a flat route (R and S Flare C): 1. Single coverage w/ Brown: diving catch in coverage 2. Single coverage w/ Oliver: CC catch 3. Single coverage w/ Brown, Brown dove to deflect: CC catch 4. Double coverage, back of the of the endzone: incomplete 5. Picked play, single coverage with brown, back of the endzone: CC catch Is this how this is supposed to work? I could obviously be missing something here. I have put in the PA/PC hack as well, maybe that is throwing off something? I removed the hack and it is no longer glitching and I am now throwing far more incomplete passes while Barnett is in coverage.
  10. Atrain400

    Use Quickness For Pass Incompletions

    For anyone that cares that wants to implement this hack and name the ability COVERAGE instead of QUICKNESS. SET(0x1EE60, 0x434F564552414745B0)
  11. Atrain400

    Special Teams Hack Issues

    I confirmed that the problem was happening with other plays as well. I was also able to determine it was happening when any or all of the formation changes were made (Wedge Return, Kickoff Cover; Punt Block Return, Punt Coverage). However, the FG/Xtra point block and coverage formations work, with no apparent side effects. Not sure what I'm missing here. The only other hack I have implemented with relation to formation is the motion player going into a 2Pt stance, but even with that hack out, I was still having a problem.
  12. Just to be completely clear on this change. To make this work as Buck intended, it's a combination of JStout's PC/PA hack with swapping the 88 for 87, in addition to the offset value change mentioned in the hack documentation. So, the complete PC/PA fix would be: 0x29E54: 0x20F79F 0x2A007: 0xA0874CDD9F 0x29FEC: 0x88 Correct?
  13. Not sure if anyone has noticed this. I have placed the following formations in my ROM from this thread: Wedge Return Kickoff Cover Punt Block Return Punt Coverage The player placements in the formations look fine, however I noticed an error in placement when picking the QB sneak play. The defensive ends are bunched together by the nose tackle. Anyone else ever see this? I will work backwards to isolate which of the four formations may be causing this. I will also see if it does it on any other play. I may be missing something obvious, but just thought I'd put this out there.
  14. Has it been documented anywhere how to change how long it takes a receiver to recover once he has made a diving catch? I was thinking it was this: #Fallen players rise instantly (unverified) SET(0x1B010,0xD8BED8BED8BED8BED8BED8BED8BED8BED8BED8BED8BED8BED8BED8BED8BED8BED8BED8BED8BED8BED8BED8BED8BED8BED8BED8BED8BED8BED8BED8BED8BED8BED8BED8BED8BED8BED8BED8BED8BED8BED8BED8BED8BED8BED8BED8BED8BED8BED8BED8BED8BED8BED8BED8BED8BED8BED8BED8BED8BED8BED8BED8BED8BED8BE) Unless I missed something, I didn't notice a change to the diving receiver getting up faster when I input it.
  15. Atrain400

    Come back from INJURY chances

    Awesome! You are the best. Thanks so much for all of the help!