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  1. I have it and it works really well, probably the best version of tecmo super bowl out there. It has every great hack from this site as well.
  2. It is a shame, the work that was put into the hack is truly amazing. I would consider it the best version I have ever seen. Hopefully the coder shares the code for the hacks one day.
  3. The ROM that contains the 2 pt conversion and many other great hacks like switch sides every quarter, move to shotgun for any play while at the line of scrimmage, check defense conditions during game, better kneeling animations, etc. are only on an NES cartridge sold at tecmobowlers.com. The hack isn't being shared because the one who coded it has a financial incentive to not share it, he's selling the cartridges with these hacks and an updated roster every year. So, unless someone figures it out, we will not see these great hacks available on a shareable ROM anytime soon.
  4. It doesn't look like anyone has been successful in getting this to work with MAN vs. MAN. I've gotten it to work a bit, but it crashes.
  5. so in watching a youtube video, you score a TD, it then goes to the play select screen. It didn't show how you would be able to select xtra point or 2 pt conversion. But then the play starts from the 5 yd line, when you score, it plays the turnover on downs/change sides music and gives you 2 points. The video shows both player and COM successfully getting the 2 pt conversion. Also, it states that COM will use logic to attempt the 2 pt conversion if it's down by 8.
  6. I would gladly pay $60 if I was able to get the code for this and implement into the 28 and 32 team roms. @bruddog is this something you or anyone else has tried to replicate? I would pay the $60 to get this code and reverse engineer it so it can be applied to the 28 and 32 team roms.
  7. @bruddog any thoughts on how to do this bruddog?
  8. @bruddog any thoughts or guidance on this bruddog?
  9. Does anyone know where the code is for this feature that was added to 2019 rom? And will it work for the original 28 team rom?
  10. I've seen in numerous topics that this has been done and works. I have not seen the code for this though, does anyone know where it is?
  11. Any thoughts on how to fix the auto dive near a receiver about to catch a pass?
  12. Thanks so much! All good now, no glictch! Appreciate the help!
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