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  1. Last of Cle def Banks / Grayson / Clayborn
  2. S.F. selects DAL backups
  3. S.F. selects TE1 Pete Holohan
  4. S.F. selects RB 'Zo White
  5. S.F. selects CLE DL/LB/DB Pike/Blaylock/Minnifield
  6. S.F. selects TE Marv Cook
  7. S.F. selects Det OL/Spielman/Crockett
  8. S.F. selects PIT DL/LB/DB Williams/Little/Woodruff
  9. S.F. selects Henry Ellard
  10. Group P MattyD won coin flip (Heads) MIN v WAS TundraYeti selects MIN
  11. Group P tundrayeti won toss tundrayeti called SD v DEN jebigred took SD Jebigred was not happy with run playbook (r2 and r4 motion) set vs. LB4 Fletcher which made things more difficult on offense for SD. DEN scored 1st. Then DEN got an INT on a called r&s p2 and then drove and scored. DEN was able to eat up clock with the run game, keep pressure on D, and hold SD scoreless. DEN 22-0.
  12. Discord Handle: tundrayeti Best time for you to play (eg. evening after 8EST, weekends, etc): After 8 pm cst weekdays Can you commit to playing 3 games in 10-12 days starting 2/15 (Y/N): Y Any planned vacation/travel between 2/15-3/31 which will prevent games being played?: No
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