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  1. since all previous yet-to-draft teams have QB/WRs, S.F. selects QB / WRs CIN / NYJ
  2. p1 Thrash 14 p2 tundrayeti 24 TSB_salary_cap_v5-SCOT-v-Thrash.nsv
  3. @malferds - no, not exactly. It was the outcome of the [crude] stat weights and ratings formulas I was using. I've adjusted recently to give less value to ball control, more value to defensive RP, and only count offensive starters. There are inherent problems with using static stat weights though. For example DB's HP - bad if 38 or less (e.g. popcorned by 88 HP RB), good if enough (63) to popcorn a 13 HP WR coming to block you, but other than that not really valuable imo i.e. 56 isn't really better than 50. That type of situation just can't be captured by score = stat1 * weight1 + stat2 * weight2, etc.
  4. @gojiphen malor - if you are still looking,
  5. Hello, I wrote a version in Perl to also handle 32-team rosters (tested w/ 'Tecmo2019_rev1.nes') for the challenge of it and decided to post in case others may want to use it. The original "Roster Extractor" is found here: http://www.tecmosb.com/Downloads/Editors/Roster Extractor.zip, but I wasn't involved, don't know who was, etc. RosterExtractor2.pl
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