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  1. tundrayeti can host (edit: just read about cut-off, so no problem if I'm out)
  2. G.B. selects THE REST of S.D.
  3. G.B. selects DAL LB3/DB3 Jones / Horton
  4. G.B. selects Cin RB2/WR2 Sticky Ickey Woods / "Downtown" Eddie Brown
  5. G.B. selects QB1 Ken O.Brien
  6. G.B. selects K.C. LB2/DB2 Hackett / Lewis
  7. G.B. selects Chi LB1/DB1 Morrissey / Stinson
  8. The Green Bay packers welcome... Bo Jackson and Mervyn Fernandez!!!
  9. NYJ select Dal DL/LB/DB Noonan / Norton / Washington
  10. NYJ select "the rest" of the Rams
  11. Gang Green selects Willie Anderson and his caddy
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