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  1. Do the people who have free entry for winning a tournament still need to register somehow?
  2. Woodshed

    Cleveland, OH - 08/04/18 - Tecmo (Jam) Cleveland 2018

    Had this banner waiting on me when I got home. I have a true lady of Tecmo. I had so much fun this weekend and to win one of these was incredible. I was a little salty that they didn’t have a police escort for me as I rolled into my hometown with the trophy, but I think I might get a sign underneath the 2009 boys basketball state champions, so I’ve got that going for me. Big thanks to everyone involved, and the love from the Tecmo community after this was phenomenal. Something I’ll never forget. You guys are the best. Can’t wait to spend another day drinking and playing this game with you guys. It’ll never get old.
  3. Do you guys need us to bring TVs and Nintendos or are you good to go? Also, will the bucket o liquor be in the raffle again this year?
  4. Woodshed

    Columbus, OH - 05/19/18 - Tupa Bowl IV

    Can someone other than a Buenagle win an Ohio tournament this year? What are the Vegas odds?
  5. I’m riding and staying with Diaz and would have to play him in the first round if we both make it in. Jimsocks is the other one in our riding group.
  6. Woodshed

    Columbus, OH - 06/24/17 - Tecmo Columbus: Tupa Bowl III

    All signed up. Get the band ready Jimsocks ya tunin' sonofabitch. Maybe I'll drink enough to pick the empty slot in a vending machine again. Shirt size xl Kev. Tupa Time!
  7. Woodshed

    Newb question

    There's probably a season going and they are injured. Go to season mode and reset the season and u should be good to go.
  8. Oh ye mighty Tecmo Gods. Take this offering of sound as a sacrifice. May the fumbles be few, the JJs be plentyful, and may you stop me from ordering Reuben pizza at 2am the night before the tournament. P.S. Say hi to Rod Woodson for me.
  9. Woodshed

    Columbus, OH - 05/14/16 - Tecmo Columbus: Tupa Bowl II

    To the tune of Get Low-Lil Jon & the Eastside Boys. Run Bo-Imagine Grogans. Big thank you to Kevin for running the show, great tourney and excellent venue. Good to see all you guys. There's no better group of people than the Tecmo crowd. I made a good run. Got beat by Mort in group play in OT. Tupa to Roy Green connection was too much for me in the end. Got some redemption on Buegard in the Sweet 16 who put me out of the winners bracket in last years tourney. I came back from a 10-0 halftime deficit to win 14-10 SD over Den. Played my buddy Jimsocks in the elite 8. He picks Pit vs Dal bc I absolutely hate both teams. He won a barn burner 9-3. Had a chance for a bomb at the end that got picked off in the end zone. Played Diaz in the losers bracket. Lost in a sneaky TB-Cin matchup. I was down 7 in the 4th and threw a pick to Wayne and he put it away and won by 14. Lots of great games afterward. Jimsocks vs Louis was an instaclassic. Congrats to Matt Miller on the repeat. Don't really remember much from 16bit bar other than playing some baseball with Lou and being so drunk I tried to get something out of the vending machine and picked a slot with nothing in it. Made it back to the hotel and shit in Jimsocks shoes for beating me earlier and called it a night. Jk. Thanks again Kevin. Keep putting this thing on and we'll keep coming up with Tecmo parodies. Already looking forward to next year.
  10. Woodshed

    Columbus, OH - 05/14/16 - Tecmo Columbus: Tupa Bowl II

    We've got a couple in the works. Just need to fine tune them so they're as smooth as Joe Montana's throwing motion. We'll send em to you when we finish and see what ya think.
  11. Woodshed

    Columbus, OH - 05/14/16 - Tecmo Columbus: Tupa Bowl II

    If someone wins that QB Browns jersey and I happen to play them, I will give you $40 and agree to play Den vs TB and I'll do nothing but throw into Haddix the entire game in exchange for the jersey.
  12. Woodshed

    Columbus, OH - 05/14/16 - Tecmo Columbus: Tupa Bowl II

    I've also got plenty of Old Crow left from last year if u wanna throw up at some point. It's probably aged to perfection by now.
  13. Woodshed

    Columbus, OH - 05/14/16 - Tecmo Columbus: Tupa Bowl II

    I'm definitely in. I've got 2 tvs, 2 systems and 2 games if u need em.
  14. http://imgur.com/a/O2626 Why don't they still make shit like this? If Joe Haden and Joe Thomas threw on some ridiculous outfit and parodied a movie poster I wouldn't be able to buy it fast enough.
  15. Woodshed

    Columbus, OH - 04/11/15 - Tupa Bowl I

    TIL; Tom Tupa was the first NFL player to score a two point conversion during his stint with the Browns earning him the nickname "2 Point Tupa". Also, his last attempted pass was an overtime interception that was returned for a touchdown against the Saints, ending the game. If anyone recreates this during the tournament, they should be banished out of respect for Tommy.