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  1. 🤕 Just because I can hit 19-20 doesn't guarantee a win. Tapping isn't everything.
  2. 1. Nelson79 2. Afternoons/early evening any day. 3. Yes 4. Going to Tecmo Kumite first weekend of March. Shouldn't be an issue.
  3. Thanks again to Troy for running a fun, well organized tournament. I met some new people that signed up from the night before for the OG Tecmo Bowl Tournament. Hopefully we can get the word out about that a bit more. It's a different style of play but a lot of fun. Congratulations to TImPapi for the win. He was in the zone that night as I was last year. Well deserved win. And get a load of this sweet trophy. It's a beast, solid and one of a kind custom made for this. I'm really looking forward to next year.
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