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  1. Report post Posted July 23, 2014 Thank you for your interest in joining HSTL ... The Best Damn League in the Land! STEP ONE: (Questionnaire - Please copy and paste into a new post on this thread) Discord: heechy Nickname (if applicable): heechy Email: [email protected] Availability: 4pm-9pm and weekends Can you host?: yes List 4 Team Preferences: Jets, pitt, S.F What's your location/timezone?: central timezone Why do you want to join HSTL?: best leauge on the planet STEP TWO: Wait and watch as you move up the Priority Entrants list. Please feel free to read and even post in our forum. Your participation is appreciated and encouraged! HSTL Priority Entrants: stubby sneakyturtle odell coconuts middledoug vikingmoe killamasi riddler ptitteri manyo kamphuna gonickmontana msukc gripsmoke hawkeye dt darth rockman war machine eifersucht johnny_mx turbo suicideking thrash heechy _____________
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