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  1. Only way to know for sure would be to somehow find a receipt or sales records of a store with the earliest date. Honestly, the best way but hardest way would be to call Nintendo and see what their records say. I'm good with just Dec 1991
  2. I can't either but it's an educated guess. Before 1990 you can still see significant lengths in release dates for Japan and the US. After 1990, you will see that gap shortens significantly. Not all games, but most games I would say began being released in both regions very close to each other. I think the games that still had big differences were being tested out for sales figures before being released further. Again, all educated guesses, but makes sense. Hell, the NES itself was released in select few cities for market reasons before being released in full. So I'm going to just say that is the reason most of these games where released the way they were. If they did good in Japan, they came to the US. Unless they where to hard for us simple minded Americans of course, haha. Also, Tecmo Bowl did so well I don't think Tecmo was worried about how well TSB was going to do so they pumped it out in both regions. Don't know for sure, either way I believe the release date is Dec 1991
  3. I have to ask. Why? Why move the tournament? I've got many reasons as to why not and I will list them. I'm all for hearing the reasons but the Madison tournament is THE tournament. Why does it need moved? The only more centrally located place would be Chicago if it was to be moved IMO. It would add an hour or two travel time for the guys west of Chicago but also cut the travel time down for the guys East of Chicago. Win-Win if you ask me. On to my concerns/reasons I guess. 1. There are by far more tournament attending players in the midwest than anywhere. Most of the heaviest hitters are located there as well. 2. Madison seemed to already have the name for "Biggest TSB tournament" already locked up. ESPN even says this. Is it still going to be called Tecmo Madison in NYC? Name brands after all seem to have a way of sticking. 3. EVERYTHING is much cheaper in Madison...hell, the midwest overall than it will ever be in NYC. NYC is expensive. A hotel room will probably be minimum $150 a night and who knows what kind of neighborhood/distance from the venue. Not to mention the cost of getting there and food and beverages. Again, all insanely higher. 4. And to my very first question mentioned above. Why? Why move the tournament? Unless the prize pool reaches several tens of thousands more and there are many more payouts, it is simply not worth it money wise to even to go. It takes a $150-$200 round trip (guessing an average, I know some people spend quite a bit) expense trip to Madison to at least $500 on average just to attend the tournament in NYC. I'm not criticizing, I guess I just need to hear the reasons as to why. Madison is the tournament. The location is almost perfect. Again, Chicago would be my choice if moved simply because it is central to the guys in the east and west.
  4. Correct. I believe that is because much like it is now, games where just finally starting to be released on the same dates. Just what my research is telling me I guess. If you look at the release dates for the SNES, they really stick to the process of worldwide release dates being the same. Some of the earlier games have different release dates because Japan got the SNES before we did, but once the US got the SNES, it seems the games where released very close to the same dates. At least in the US and Japan since they are both NTSC, where as Europe is PAL and the games run at slower frames.
  5. Not to be the douche, but technically the original date of games released is the date it was first released to the market, regardless of region. So yes, Tecmo Super Bowl was officially released on Dec 13, 1991. However, I believe by the this time games where released almost at the exact same time. So I'd say late Dec 1991 is accurate for the US release date. If you look at the release dates of games released from 1985-1989 you will see that the US release is almost always over a year. However, if you start looking at games released from 1990 onwards, those dates are significantly closer together and by the time you get to 1991, the dates seem to be exact and some games are even released in the US before JP. I would also bet by that time Nintendo knew it's market in the US and Japan and started releasing games specific to regions accordingly. Do you know how many JRPG games we have missed out on or the insanely awesome shoot em ups we Americans have missed out on because the games where "to hard" for us Americans? A shit load. Thanks god for emulators. I think technology and marketing caught up allowing Famicom/NES cartridges to be copied/transferred much easier and the knowledge of the selling of certain game types made the release dates much closer. That's my take. Here are some fun examples just from Tecmo released games that back up what I'm saying. Rygar - JP Apr 17, 1987 - US Jul 1987 Mighty Bomb Jack - JP Apr 24, 1986 - US Jul 1987 Solomons Key - JP Jul 30, 1986 - US Jul 1987 Tecmo Bowl - US Feb 1989 - JP Nov 30 1990 Ninja Gaiden II - JP Apr 6, 1990 - US May 1990 TSB - Dec 13, 1991 It does appear that when it came to sports games, Tecmo seemed to release them in the US at the same time as Japan or even before Japan.
  6. So I would love to play this, but I can't. Haven't been to Chicago in about 18 years either. Just bought a new house. It's a real shit hole. So pretty much every minute I'm not working or ba-ba-banging I'm working on the house. Closing date is Oct 3. Thanks for the invite Mort. Good luck to all of you.
  7. I am informally/officially verbally registering....I'll be there. Also, since it should just be common place by this point that all tournament participants bring as many things to tournaments that could help speed things along, I have 2 full setups (TV, Games, Consoles, Controllers) if you want me to bring them to add. Let me know. Worst case scenario, people who lose can play all the random NES games like they did at Iowa Tecmo.
  8. Just got to looking at QBs this morning. If the QB speeds where represented more accurately, would you start Steve Young over Joe Montana? It's been widely known and discussed that Steve Young may have been the fastest QB to ever play the game. There are many San Francisco players joke about after practices he/players would have foot races to see if he could be beaten. So if let's say his speed was matched with QB Eagles speed of 56, would start him over Montana? I think I would.
  9. I also thought of using the RS to boost really quick players. Barry Sanders would be a 94 since he could shift like nobodies business. The less shifty the lower the RS. However, that then goes against my having their actual speeds accurate. What do you do. I'd prefer the real speed versus quickness.
  10. I think so yes. I'm just curious I guess. Trying to add the nostalgia of what is Tecmo to real life physics....hahaha, if that's even possible. I realize the 40 yard's are non padded also. Just think it would be cool to have one TSB ROM that was as dead to real life simulation. I even thought of something for fumbles as well. The MS and HP of the defender would affect the % of fumbling. Think of Fulcher. HIs 69 MS with his 75 HP up against Okoye's 94 HP and 50 BC. If you run into someone at full speed, it could not only increase the chance of a fumble but possibly even forgo the grapple and just immediately pancake the runner like it does a CPU WR. Or vice versa, if Fulcher somehow glitched and was slowed and you as the RB ran into him it pancaked him. I realize this is all crazy talk but it would be awesome. Not even sure how crazy it really is since Brud has already found a way to alter the Quickness to affect incompletions or alter the offensive players speed code. If any of this was within the realm of possible, I'd be all for doing as much research on every single player in the game to get everything just right for it. It would be sweet! Obviously, this sort of stuff excites me, haha.
  11. I think the simplest way to achieve what you mention bruddog is to adjust all other players stats around the fastest players stats, in this case Bo. I would be more than happy to attempt this feet of finding what everybody's 40 yard dash times are and then implementing them into some of the newer TSB released games. Some of those features are fantastic and do make the games more realistic. Without adjusting the actual coding to speed up the game, I would simply leave Bo at a 94 for all stats, and then start to adjust the next fast from there to get their accurate speeds. I'm not a coder like you so I'm using the simplest form for me, haha.
  12. Sorry everybody. I've done my research. It's simply not possible for Tecmo Super Bowl to play like real life. I know it. It's not possible for Bo Jackson to run at his 4.24 40 yard dash time. The fastest he can do at a 94 RS, 94 RP, 94 MS is 4.86ish give or take a hundredth of a second. Defenses is a different story, You can be faster than shit on defense. Deion can hit his supposedly 4.28 40 yard dash time and surpass it. With 94's in all run stats he hits 40 yds at 3.72ish give or take a hundreth. So what does this mean? Some could find every TSB players 40 yard dash times, add .6 of second to them to get an accurate balance from Bo's time to everybody else's in comparison, and there you have it. An exact simulation of every TSB players speeds on the field. Sure would make playing defense a bitch, but it would at least be accurate. You get past the line of scrimmage and your gone.
  13. Everything was great. Had a blast. All the speed running going on next to us was awesome to watch. Everybody had a blast it seemed, win or lose. That play was actually 95 yards I think. I ran out of bounds at the 5 on the KR to make sure I could get a few plays off. Not to many people can say they have a 95yd TD in a Tecmo tournament under their belt. I did it against Mort with no time left to tie it! That's crazy. Mort's a great sport and incredibly fun to play with. Hope he dominates every where he goes except for when I'm there, haha. I'll definitely be back next year. I'm with you Chris. If I wasn't in the tournament, you bet your ass I was going to go looking at all the other game centers going on. Never been to any game expo before. I know that was a small-ish one but it was awesome. I can't even imagine what E3 would be like.
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