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  1. oklahoma


    I'm really stoked for this
  2. oklahoma

    HSTL S47 Draft

    Qb Gary Kubiak
  3. oklahoma

    HSTL S47 Draft

    Blair Thomas for PHI
  4. oklahoma

    HSTL S47 Draft

    Phi takes RB Gaston Green
  5. oklahoma

    HSTL S47 Draft

    Bruce Smith for PHI
  6. oklahoma

    HSTL S47 Draft

    Manny Hendrix PHI
  7. oklahoma

    HSTL S47 Draft

    Min OL for PHI
  8. I would vote to have it at 2 games max and more importantly that last 2 week rpms dont get dropped till all playoff eligible teams are caught up.
  9. oklahoma

    Hall of Fame 1991 Candidates

    IN Montana Waymer Dorsett OUT Simms/Deberg (honestly I think both will get in eventually and deserve to, but this is Joe's year. He was all alone out front of the pack his entire career and should go in alone w/ all the glory)
  10. oklahoma

    Update: Where I've Been

    I don't really know what to say Dave other then I got you on the prayers. Huge loss man.
  11. oklahoma

    Garden City, NY - 08/11/18 - LI Retro Tecmo Tourney

    Congratulations Brian on another title, 2018 is yours man. So bummed I couldn't attend to see it. Post some cool shots w the airplanes like last year if you have any.
  12. I like turdullz
  13. oklahoma

    HSTL S46 Draft

    MIA DL