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  1. Quick recap from a shot out short term memory -Pool play was goodtimes w/ all NE fellas that I know from other tourneys, Shard outs to Coach c, J.C., and Tom C. 3-0 ATL/NO, and I can't remember the other 2 matchups. -Posted 255 yards w/ Rison in the bonus game worth a cool $50. 1st drive all runs w/ Hillard and scored, got a stop in own territory and then came the Rison Bombs. Good tourney addition. -1st game in bracket DEN v SD vs Anthony who was playing awesome (probably should have beat Mort in pool), i threw pick w/ BJT on opening drive and SmElway returned the favor in my endzone w/ misthrow int, DEN played well but never recovered from the devastating turnover. -2nd game Jim T. (Anthonys homie) called CHI RAI and "give me Bo and sure I'm gonna take him" MattyD Quote. I scored on opening drive, then CHI Qb threw a JJ INT to Eddie A on 1st play from scrimmage, and w/ i think 2 fumbles my way things never got better for CHI. -3rd game vs Lenny from the Cod who was absolutely red hot, scalping many tecmo vets on the day (Lenny got ROY award, and if he stuck around would have gotten MVP probably too for his big knockouts). I called Pitt TB looking to slow down his momentum and it worked, unfamiliar w the matchup call he went w his gut and took Pitt D but struggled to put enough points up w/ that brutal Pitt O. Was pretty close game but TB pulled away in 2nd quarter and never let Pitt back in it. -4th game v Rantarro for winners bracket final I called Pitt PHX having just watched him skunk Merliss in same matchup. I was confident Pitt D was shorted in their matchup and had some overdue karma which proved to be the case as they pitched a shut out vs the Cards, and had a fumble rumble TD I believe. -Finals game 1 v Merliss, I decided to stay on the Pitt train and called Pitt Dal classic matchup and that coin toss was the only thing that went my way in this one. 4 punts in succession started this one. But it was the key plays on both 1st possessions that really took me out of it, JJ bomb to Hoge doinked on 1st drive, then a short check down drop at midfield followed by big called play for a loss taking Pitt out of FG range on 2nd drive really had me on tilt bc Pitt doesn't get 2nd chances. Arn continued the soul reads calling probably at least 33% of plays that half. W time for 1 play left I blitzed w/ Noid to hurry the throw and limit the JJ potential but blew up amature style after I clipped a lineman, then Noid got a nice view as the hammer dropped on the bomb for 7 just before halftime. 7-0 DAL w/ them getting ball seemed insurmountable and it proved to be. Dal broke a couple runs in the game but not many, one I know was a run 1 for a score, and a couple 20+ yard passes, otherwise Pitt D did the job but the O never got off the ground, maybe had 2 or 3 1st downs total. 17-0 final i think and the Pitt faithful felt that one. -Grand Final (after a talkin' to from uncle tadaos about needing to call BUF NYG, "they got the weapons see") I called PHX DAL and Merliss took DAL, I was glad bc nobody wins back to back games w/ LVP. To his credit Tadaos point of needing weapons if you get behind was right and Pitt doesn't offer you much aside from the occasional punt fumble rumble, but I fell Johnny Johnson TBK is all the weapon I'd need v Dal. Great game out of the gate PHX gets a stop then Dal called some plays again i think punts again. Anyway PHX would mount a drive next possession, then DAL put a drive of their own together tie it up. Every score was answered w/ a score. Biggest play of the game was Dal 4th and 7 just before midfield down 7 and brass balls Merliss went for it and pulled the ol' bait and bomb over the head of Ken Harv caught in no man's land between TE/RB1 on Redgun pass4, perfectly executed dagger. Adding to his prowess LVP tossed a Marino esq dart corner to corner to TE fill in who ever the fuck ever on R&S pass 1 in bottom of endzone that score had PHX scratching their heads as the Cowboys looked more like the mid 90s then the tecmo versions. In the second half conditions favored both teams but Wolfey in exc and TBK in good gave PHX much needed weaponry to spread the ball around a bit more and keep Coach Merliss out of my playbook for a few plays long enough to put a couple scoring drives together. D MVP would go to Ken Harvey who after getting toasted in 1st half on arguably the most meaningful play of his career, picked himself up and on the very same play Redgun pass4 didn't bite and try to jump the short route, he played it straight up and diving INT'd LVP to misc TE for the win. Aikman gets Offensive MVP for connecting w/ a PHX defender when it meant the most. Was like a scooby do ending where Aikman pulled off his Marino mask and was like I really had you guys going there.. GGs Everyone. Big thanks to Merliss for putting on another great tourney and continuing to up his host game, great prizes, etc.
  2. oklahoma

    Hall of Fame 1992 Candidates

    Van Eeghan yes. Pass on the rest
  3. oklahoma

    1992 Rookie of Year (voting)

    What happened to Ricos QB??
  4. oklahoma

    Las Vegas, NV - 4/27/19 - Tecmo Vegas

    Vegas hands down best location for a national tecmo event. Easy access from anywhere and cheap but quality airfare/hotel deals. I hope this continues to pick up steam. 100% in.
  5. oklahoma

    HSTL S48 Draft

    Rb 4 chris warren
  6. oklahoma

    HSTL S48 Draft Lists

    Rd 10. Chris Warren RB or Dal RB R. Perryman Rd 11. QB 2 Rick Strom, Stan Humphries Rd 12. LB 4 DB1
  7. oklahoma

    HSTL S48 Draft

    8th rd Sea RB 2 Fenner Next rd pick DL NE Agnew K P
  8. oklahoma

    HSTL S48 Draft

    Lb Conlan // Kirby Jackson
  9. oklahoma

    HSTL S48 Draft

    RAI OL
  10. oklahoma

    HSTL S48 Draft

    Millard // Fullington
  11. oklahoma

    HSTL S48 Draft

    Willie Gault
  12. oklahoma

    HSTL S48 Draft

    Lloyd and Lake
  13. oklahoma

    HSTL S48 Draft

    Bo Jackson/Graddy
  14. oklahoma


    I'm really stoked for this