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  1. If taking NFC West you better accept the challenge gauntlet and choose PHI
  2. Otis Anderson goes in alone in 95.
  3. @HalHawkins I don't see tecmo tourney listed on the too many games expo tourney list.. what day is it taking place I want towmake sure I don't double book?
  4. I'm sure it was a good time. Congrats @noonan
  5. MS gain for runner up? Yay trophies for everyone. This was already a novelty to pass time in offseason during playoffs, don't make gains undervalued. They should be earned imo.
  6. 21-7 PHI over DAL GG kamp, Gil F was hard to contain but PHI leaned heavy on motion run 2 early and often to get Dal off pass calling leaving some room for Harbaugh to work later. kmp.nsv 1993_week_0.ns9
  7. PHI over OAK 24-0 PHI gets 2 early stops and 2 scores, put OAK back against the wall early limiting playbook and risk/reward. GG md.nsv 1993_week_1.ns9
  8. PHI over N.O. 35-7 Harbaugh 100% for 270 something, farewell sir. was nice having you abord. 1993_week_1.ns9
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