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  1. As the Raiders, I almost always meet the CPU 49ers in the Super Bowl every year. I always beat them in close, defensive games. In addition to everything Knobbe said, when I play on defense, I never guess any run plays. The 49ers cannot beat you running because they don't have a single back that can hurt you. Always call pass plays. Maybe I'm super conservative but I usually play as FS Eddie Anderson unless I'm absolutely sure I know what play they'll run (then I'll NT lurch with Golic to get at Montana). Without Bo, it'll be tough though. You're playing the CPU so if you're okay with putting a WR at RB, Tim Brown or Sam Graddy could fill in for Bo (the latter is faster, the former has better hands).
  2. I apologize if I missed it in the thread (I'm still rereading it right now) but how exactly does the "BAT" rating affect a player's performance? Is "BAT" simply a measure of how often the batter makes contact?
  3. I didn't notice this project until just now (browsing through the entire message thread) - this looks amazing. I'm predominantly an NES TSB guy first (and if I play any SNES TSB at all, it's only been TSB II Special Edition). But this is something that I would make room in my starting rotation for...
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