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  1. dokilen

    Editing playoff schedule for TSB NES?

  2. dokilen

    Team Sim numbers

    I've looked all around and can't find a good answer to this, so forgive me if this has been covered before. While editing teams with TSB Tool Supreme I see the Sim Offense and Sim Defense numbers for each team. I understand how the ratings are applied in the game, but what I don't get is where the sim numbers are coming from. Is there some formula that is used to arrive at those numbers? For example, why are the Oilers given a SimOff of 10? Why not 11? Or 9? I've edited the ROM to create all new teams and all new players and things are great for our league when humans play, but some of the teams have to be simmed, so how do I know what sim numbers to use for the teams so that stronger teams have greater success over the weaker teams? And for that matter, if I make a bunch of roster changes then how do I know which teams are strong and which are weak to know what sim numbers to give them without having simmed them? And how about this: if I take a team and give them SimOff and SimDef of 0 and then sim a season, and then change only those two numbers (and nothing else) to say 15, what will that do to the team's performance the second season? I'm so confused...answers anyone??
  3. Just ask one of the original programmers. There has to be a few of them still wondering around Japan.
  4. dokilen

    Playoff Bracket

    See here: http://tecmobowl.org/topic/61013-how-to-change-playoff-teams-turns-out-it-was-really-easy/
  5. dokilen

    Print rosters?

    Ahhh, got ya - never occurred to me to just select everything and copy/paste. Great idea - worked great. Thanks!
  6. dokilen

    Print rosters?

    By stats I mean attributes. And the attached document is great, but I have a league of 24 teams with all different players, so how do I print that? Thanks for the help.
  7. dokilen

    Print rosters?

    Just a simple printout listing the players, positions, and stats per team. I have TSBtool but can't see how to printout the rosters. In fact, I don't see how to print them out in any of the editors. Point me in the right direction? Thanks guys!
  8. dokilen

    Print rosters?

  9. dokilen

    Print rosters?

    Does anyone know how to print team rosters with player stats?
  10. So as some of you know I've been trying to adjust the playoff teams for the past month or so now. I've spent a lot of time (too much time) trying to figure out a way to edit the hex to use different teams in the playoffs with no success. So I went a different route and think I have a way that works. To start, let me cover my hex editing attempts so that if I am close perhaps some smarter guys here can pick up where I left off and figure it out. I use the nestopia emulator and when you run a season with that then you get a separate file saved in a folder named save. The file has a .sav extension and can be opened using a hex editor. The season information is saved in this file, including the team records and such. The teams are identified in the .sav file using hex numbers with Buffalo being 00 and going sequentially through Atlanta at 1B. So the task was identifying where the playoff teams are located. To edit the .sav file I used the HxD hex editor. When you have a look at the hex for the .sav you see that the 12 playoff teams are sitting in sequence from 7A2 to 7AD. But simply changing the number for one team to the number for another team in this sequence doesn't work - if you try to open the game the emulator simply turns the file into a backup file and starts the season over. So back to file I went and noticed that the playoff teams also appeared more or less in order, with a few 00 entries between them, from 776 through 792. So I tried changing the two instances of one team (for example, both instances of 02 for Miami to 03 for NE) to another team. Again, didn't work. Back in the .sav I noticed that the playoff teams also appear as a group from 75A through 76F. So I tried changing the three instances of the team, again with no luck. Apparently a different approach was needed. Since it appeared the playoff structure was simply pointing to team positions, the game didn't care what team was sitting in what spot. So I figured if I changed the position of the teams in the game that the playoff structure would change in response. So I opened the .nes file using the General Manager for TSB (http://twofoos.org/content/gmtsb/) and simply dragged the teams to different positions. I saved the file and then opened it up in the emulator. Because the .sav file was drawing the teams from the POSITIONS they sat in inside the .nes file, the playoffs now reflected the new team. In other words, Buffalo made the playoffs, but when I switched the positions of Buffalo and NE in the team listing and opened the file in the emulator, the playoffs showed NE in the playoff spot Buffalo occupied. The team itself seems to be unaffected, as all of the players are still there and the playbook appears unchanged, and even the injuries are still there. This method works for what I need, and seems that it would work for most of what you other guys are doing. If you need 2 teams to switch so that one player gets player 1 position, simple flip the position of the two teams. The only catch is to make sure that you make a backup copy of your game so that everything will be back where it should be at the start of the next season. What do you guys think?
  11. dokilen

    Possible to change playoff teams??

    @SBlueman, I do indeed get what Tecmonster meant. I tried all kinds of different things, even what he suggested, but I knew there had to be a way to accomplish what I wanted and I think I have figured it out. I'm going to start a new topic so I can get some additional feedback on this. Thanks for the reply!
  12. dokilen

    Possible to change playoff teams??

    I'm surprised that no one has an answer for this. There seems to be many instances where being able to edit this would be useful, so I would have thought that someone would have figured it out.
  13. dokilen

    Possible to change playoff teams??

    If seeding is based on points, then is it possible to change the point totals in the standings? Seems like this data must be stored some place.
  14. dokilen

    Possible to change playoff teams??

    That's a good idea - didn't think of that - but that loses any injuries. Gotta be a way to change the teams...Ugh...
  15. So we have just finished a season - 24 teams divided into 6 groups of 4. Each team plays the 11 teams in their conference once and 6 of the 12 teams in the other conference once. So any tie for division winner should go to the team that wins their only head-to-head meeting. Turns out that did not happen when the playoff matches were established. Some teams that should have gone to the playoffs didn't. I'm being yelled at to change the playoff matches...soooooo.........is it possible? Is there any way to change which teams play in the playoffs and who they play? I've looked around the boards to see if this is address and can only locate discussions on changing the playoff format or how many teams go and the like. Couldn't find a mention of how to change the actual teams in the playoffs, so forgive me if this has been discussed before. Also, how does the game determine who goes to the playoffs? Thanks for the help guys!