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  1. hoffnasty9

    HSTL S49 Draft

  2. hoffnasty9

    HSTL S49 Draft

  3. hoffnasty9

    The Don't Hassle The Hoff Show

    Episode 9 @hoffnasty9 and @War Machine review War's 2K Season 2 Predictions. They go through each team division by division, including division winners. Hoff and War touch on the HSTL S49 Draft Format and the HSTL S48 Playoffs at the end.
  4. HSTL Season 49 Google DOC Positions Drafted (11 ROUNDS): QB1 / QB2 - TE1 - TE2 / RB1 or RB2 / RB1 or RB2 / WR1 or WR2 / WR1 or WR2 / RB3 - RB4 - WR3 - WR4 - K - P / OL - LB - DB / DL - LB - DB / DL - LB - DB / DL - LB - DB Rules: To initiate the HSTL S49 Draft process, the commissioner will divide the league into tiers based on last year's results. Then a random process will be utilized to determine a set order within those tiers, all-in-all ending with a sequenced list of owners #1-28. The HSTL S49 Draft will be conducted "snake" style, and we will draft 2 rounds per day again this season. Each pick will have a 15-minute time frame assigned to it. You can make your pick as soon as your time frame begins.... OR after ALL picks ahead of yours have been made. Make sure you get your pick submitted before your 15 minutes are up so the next guy in line doesn't steal your player. Your two scheduled draft times will be the same each day of the timed draft. So learn them, get to know them, take them out, touch them, feel them, they are yours. All picks are to be made in the proper Draft Post on TBORG ONLY. The Draft Post is for DRAFT PICKS ONLY. Please post all banter in HSTL Discord Channel or in the Draft Banter post on TBORG. If the end of a round comes and there is a team who has not made a pick, the Commish / Draft Mods will make a pick for that team. They will do their best to select a player whom they believe is the best available while also balancing that decision against the team's needs. This is never ideal, so please commit to making yourself available during both of your time slots each day... and if you cannot do so, plan ahead and post a list in that specific draft round's thread.... OR recruit a buddy to make your selection for you during your time slot. Etc: NOTE ON TANDEMS: Tandems are from the same team only. For near simultaneous posts from someone whose pick is up and from someone who is behind in the draft, post order will determine who gets what. No trading of draft picks or draft position. The draft positions are also all located on the team tab of the google doc. Remember no WR/TE can carry the ball in HSTL except on reverses. Once you or your proxy has posted, you may NOT retract your pick under any circumstance, even if you have someone else picking for you. If a timed pick is skipped, the subsequent picks DO NOT have to wait until their scheduled time to make their pick. Don't forget... LB1 is allowed on both XPs and FGs! The official attribute list is the OG ROM, and the Google Doc is not responsible for being wrong, you get what you get OG style, and so forth Please ask if you have any questions. Please help the new guys out as much as you can and remember this is for fun. Mistakes are bound to happen, and things might not always be as updated as you wish. The draft mods are an all-volunteer crew, and have real jobs and lives to attend to as well, so please be patient with us and let us know if you see a mistake anywhere (google doc or threads) so we can fix it ASAP.
  5. hoffnasty9

    HSTL S49 Draft Tiers

    Tier 1: 0-3 Wins Tier 2: 4-7 Wins Tier 3: 8+ Wins and No Playoffs Tier 4: New Owners Tier 5: Wildcards Tier 6: Division Winners Tier 7: Deadline Consequences
  6. hoffnasty9

    HSTL S49 Draft

    The above is to only show the schedule and the draft picks. The up-to-date DOC, including which tandems/players are still available, is located here: HSTL Season 48 Google DOC
  7. hoffnasty9

    Tecmo 2K S2 Draft Thread

    As much as I wanted to be a homer and select Josh Allen, I sucked with Steve Young in HSTL and Allen is a slower/crappier version of him. I'll be a homer when War does the right thing and makes his MS Higher. Give me washed up Eli Manning please.
  8. hoffnasty9

    HSTL S48 Playoffs

    ROM is being posted 1/10/19 at 8 PM EST and seeding is below. If you are not streaming your game, both players need to record an NSV so I can stream it. Good luck everyone! AFC Playoffs 1. Cleveland Browns (14-2) -- TecmoBo 2. Kansas City Chiefs (13-3) -- Gats 3. New York Jets (10-6) -- Tadaos 4. Houston Oilers (12-4) -- Stalltalk 5. Cincinnati Bengals (11-5) -- Eifer 6. Miami Dolphins (9-7) -- HughMillen AFC Wild Card Playoff Matchups (6) Miami Dolphins @ (3) New York Jets (5) Cincinnati Bengals @ (4) Houston Oilers NFC Playoffs 1. New Orleans Saints (14-2) -- Nos 2. Philadelphia Eagles (13-3) -- turBO 3. Green Bay Packers (10-6) -- War Machine 4. New York Giants (11-5) -- Dolo 5. San Francisco 49ers (10-6) -- Player121xk 6. Phoenix Cardinals (10-6) -- The Mack NFC Wild Card Playoff Matchups (6) Phoenix Cardinals @ (3) Green Bay Packers (5) San Francisco 49ers @ (4) New York Giants
  9. hoffnasty9

    Tecmo 2K S2 Draft Thread

    The Heist, Brock Osweiler
  10. hoffnasty9

    Tecmo 2K S2 Draft Thread

    Minkah Fitzpatrick DB Raekwon Mcmillan LB
  11. hoffnasty9

    Tecmo 2K S2 Draft Thread

    Being a homer and taking DiMarco and Ivory
  12. hoffnasty9

    Tecmo 2K S2 Draft Thread

    NYJ DB Trumaine Johnson and pal
  13. hoffnasty9

    Tecmo 2K S2 Draft Thread

    PIT LB TJ Watt and pal
  14. hoffnasty9

    Tecmo 2K S2 Draft Thread

    The chain stealer himself, Mr. Aqib Talib