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  1. Few questions for you. Are you set on the original Tecmo Bowl rom? Are you set on making your own? The reason I ask is GRG had a XFL rom that everyone was really impressed with complete with helmet art and mods. It's from 2006 and I haven't ever tried it, but it might be worth a download to see if it fills in what you're looking for. http://tecmobowl.org/topic/6940-xfl-tecmo/
  2. A company called Million bought up all the IP from Technos. They're still trying to make money off of the old stuff like Double Dragon. There was a crowdsource project to reboot river city ransom where a lot of the money had to be paid to Million in order to use the name. So if anyone was after them it'd be Technos / Million and or course TItan/WWE is pretty hard core about protecting their IP and trademarks as well. Wrestlers don't even own their own gimmicks with the exception of the deceased Warrior/Jim Hellwig.
  3. I don't have an opinion really one way or the other. Both are fine. I went to NFL.com and under Schedule. For their little matchup screen if you click on an individual scheule they still use the traditional helmet design. So there's that.
  4. I'm mixed about it. While i certainly like madden style passing, I've always felt like it was a fair trade off for the grapple to make you lose track of your receiver as well. Without the scramble I hope it doesn't unbalance the passing game too much. The blitz plays in particular feel like they'd suffer
  5. So I was looking for some instructions and background on Tecmo Kickoff and one of the articles pointed to a canceled effort to convert the game to a Wii game. The offshoot was called Family Fun Football. Was wondering if anyone had picked it up or played it. It definitely has a more kiddie look and doesn't outright state any stat tracking etc.
  6. Dusto

    Other NES Roms

    Are you old enough to have had an NES when it was first out? If not and you missed that era and haven't done a lot of other emulation there are a lot. I think my favorite of all time outside of Tecmo Super Bowl is River City Ransom (as a bonus there's a funded crowdsource project for a part 2 in the works). For really simple, old school style arcade type NES games. Space Invaders and Popeye were a lot of fun. For beat em ups. Double Dragon 1 and 2. I seem to remember a game called Stryder that was kind of fun. Bad Dudes, although i'd say go with a MAME emulator as the arcade far trumped NES on that one. Spy Hunter was really fun to me too, but again at that time the arcade versions were superior. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Arcade Game for NES was a pretty close arcade port that was really fun For sports: My friend and I really enjoyed Blades of Steel, as well as Bo Jackson Baseball Puzzle: Tetris and Dr. Mario. And if you like to frustrate yourself and break controllers, Marble Madness is the spiritual predecessor to Super Monkey Ball only with difficulty scaled by 100
  7. Where'd you see it again? my first guess would be Free Agent Points, which would be how much it would cost to sign the player from waivers etc. But I could be totally off.
  8. Dusto

    Wrestling Games?

    WWE All-Stars went to the bargain bin lately and I had a weekend of fun playing it so far. Mechanics wise it feels very similar to Def Jam Vendetta inside the ring. Not nearly that level of customization outside. But they have a bunch of legends, not to mention a pretty good site for CAW support. for about 11.99 more you can get all the available downloabable content, about 1/3 of which is free. The base moveset isn't that deep, but there's a really awesome combo system going on that isn't obvious at first. If you ever played as King in the Tekken series, a lot of the grapplers have this kind of 5-6 holds in a row potential. Of course as you increase the difficulty level they reverse out of it more often. It also borrows from Tekken 3's 'buffer the chicken' type system where you can chain back and forth in a reversal until one of you misses the timing. It's based on WWE around 2010 early 2011
  9. 30 and 31 team hasn't been done. There have been a few people interested, myself included and I started on trying with some help from The_Rajah and a few others, but then work got really busy. There are a lot of threads in the hacking section on removing teams and editing schedules if you're interested in trying yourself.
  10. my friend threw out Reggie White as being "The Minister of Defense" because he was also an ordained minister. Don't remember that one but it checks out on Wikipedia
  11. I don't think anyone said Ed "Too Tall" Jones
  12. I'm pretty sure someone has made it already. Check the downloads forums. Then again it may have just been greatest teams
  13. Dusto

    Wrestling Games?

    Used someone's templates to create hacksaw Jim Duggan! Isn't wwe supposed to have a subscription service in a few more days. I can't wait. Want to go back and watch all those dudes for ideas for this game
  14. Dusto

    Wrestling Games?

    Man what have you gotten me into. This editor is amazing. There goes my weekend
  15. Dusto

    Wrestling Games?

    Definitely will. I used to spend hours arranging memory card writers and buying up those memory cards WWF No Mercy and it's various CAWs. This site has had me digging through lots of old boxes of stuff and hopefully I can find them one day soon again as most of the sites seem to have dried up along with all that effort those people put in.
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