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  1. to expand a little cause I've been deep in this section lately, a lot of the statistics already double up on how they're represented, the original game was going for efficiency The touchdowns value is both a modifier of pass attempts and its actual value. Since the decimal max of a particular position is 256. When you go past 256 pass attempts the game starts keeping a counter of how many times you've surpassed 256 in a different column. (Think of it like a tally mark representing 256 per tally ) To keep from using a whole other field for this, they instead did some trickery around touchdowns, and make the number a multiple of 4. If the number was evenly divisible by four, (example 16), you'd see 4 touchdowns on screen. All numbers that were not a factor of 4, would then utilize the remainder value as a counter for any pass attempts over 256. So if you had the number 5 in the touchdowns position for a QB and 100 in the attempts column. That would translated to 1 touchdown 5/4 = 1 (in integer division) and The remainder 5-4 = 1 would represent a tally mark of 256 attempts (1*256) so that qb would display 1 touchdown, and 356 passing attempts represented by the touchdown number modifier = (passTdBase % 4) * 256 passAttempts = passAttemptsBase + modifier --- modifier = (5 % 4) * 256 -> 1 * 256 modifier = 256 passAtempts = 100 + modifier passAttamptes = 100 + 256 -> 356 attempts total TLDR: the change would need to be utilizing an extra offset for each qb on 32 teams, so 64 EXTRA spots (56 on 28 team rom) in total allocated to stat saving, in order to stop using touchdowns as the pass Attempt offset. It would allow it to count up to 255, while pass Attempts would use a whole new counter column.
  2. ah good to know. I checked against the original ram for this. So I was still a little confused as its been almost 8 years or so since I played around with this. There are 2 files , like a quick state save, and then there's a .SAV file that emulates i think the current battery save. Correct me if I'm wrong. When I was writing this in 2013 the save state for the Buffalo Bills QB was consistent to where CXROM said it was for QBBills(x7AE) The original rom in Mesen still writes to this location for the .Sav battery file that keeps the stats for a season. In the 2021 game it looks like the location changed to 027A0 (10144 decimal) with the offset in decimal staying about 208 per team. I haven't worked all the way through the stats section yet. I simmed through a whole season and was tackling the larger sets with little unit tests to make sure I had properly understood the Modifier section and use of modulus vs division. Going to make a github of the effort this go round if anyone wants to follow along. Just to kinda document the process a bit better for anyone wanting to build one out or build a better version of my work. DustinOgan/tsb-stats-extractor (github.com)
  3. Few questions for you. Are you set on the original Tecmo Bowl rom? Are you set on making your own? The reason I ask is GRG had a XFL rom that everyone was really impressed with complete with helmet art and mods. It's from 2006 and I haven't ever tried it, but it might be worth a download to see if it fills in what you're looking for. http://tecmobowl.org/topic/6940-xfl-tecmo/
  4. A company called Million bought up all the IP from Technos. They're still trying to make money off of the old stuff like Double Dragon. There was a crowdsource project to reboot river city ransom where a lot of the money had to be paid to Million in order to use the name. So if anyone was after them it'd be Technos / Million and or course TItan/WWE is pretty hard core about protecting their IP and trademarks as well. Wrestlers don't even own their own gimmicks with the exception of the deceased Warrior/Jim Hellwig.
  5. I don't have an opinion really one way or the other. Both are fine. I went to NFL.com and under Schedule. For their little matchup screen if you click on an individual scheule they still use the traditional helmet design. So there's that.
  6. check out Family Feud and if you want to go really old school, like 286ish Gorilla Basic and Snake Typing Tutor with the falling word bombs is still pretty bad ass too. Had that on the 5 1/4's
  7. Let's not forget Mr. Belvadere and of course Wrestlemania 3 : )
  8. http://tecmobowl.org/topic/9159-tsb-32-team-rom-2007/?p=79800 Here's a little more on why from the mouth of the guy who did the 32 team rom. If you're interested.
  9. Do you know how to apply an IPA to a rom? if so the in game playbook patch is in this thread: http://tecmobowl.org/topic/11502-adding-the-change-playbook-option-during-playnes/?p=115157
  10. I can you're using nestopia1.40, i think you might have just extracted the executable when you unzipped it. You want to make sure when you unzip you extract all files. That should make a nestopia1.40 directory with a language folder that contains english.nlg in it. edit: screenshot of the zipped file structure, and the extract all files button
  11. yeah i see now. Sometimes you just gotta RTFM
  12. I wish I could get a better handle on this. Maybe I'm just too spoiled by modern day debuggers where you see where you're currently at in the code while viewing what's going on on the screen. It's an exercise in frustration just to figure out where in the code you are at at any given time to me. I'm pretty good at figuring out patterns and putting the puzzle together once I have some sort of reference point ,but I'm like selecting players and changing screens, seeing no indication that anything is happening in the active debug window.
  13. i know for the most part we're not doing a lot of actual source. But have you guys ever considered a repository like github or sourceforge etc, for versioning these files and hacks? It might make it easier for all the work going forward to be kept organized?
  14. http://dayoftheouya.com/a-list-of-all-known-emulators-for-ouya/ try looking up or downloading some of the other ones listed Super Nintendo Entertainment System about a 1/4 of the way down the page.
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