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    #3 Bryon Phelps - QB Tacoma Narrows
    2011 - 7th rd pick(Rutgers)
    2011 - Rookie of the Year (7-2, 2908 YDS, 14 TD, 11 INT)
    2011 - 1st All Star Selection
    2012 - Cereal Bowl XXXIX MVP (Def. BOS 21-16)
    2012 - 2nd All-Star Selection
    2013 - 3rd All-Star Selection
    2014 - Western Conference Champions (Lost CB XLI vs BAL 23-16)
    2015 - Western Conference Champions (Lost CB XLII vs ROC 24-20)


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    Cereal Bowl XXXIX, MLF Offensive MVP(2), 2011 Rookie of the Year
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    "Wannabe black Brady" - Kelly Rose

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  1. tacomanarrows

    Intro Cut Scenes

    How do you eliminate the intro cut scenes in TSB for the NES?
  2. MLS CUP 2015 Who ya got??? Portland or Columbus???


  3. MLF Week 13

    [7-5] Utah Reign

    [10-2] Tacoma Narrows -7

    Sun, 4:30 PM on FOX


  4. The defending champion Bisons open up the 2015 season vs rival St. Louis in Thursday, Sep 10th at 8:30 on NBC.

  5. MLF NEWS: Narrows trade 3x All-Star WR Nash Greene to Philadelphia Battalion.

  6. tacomanarrows

    Music to my ears...

    Okay, I've been curious to know if ANYONE in the entire world knows how add specific 8-bit versions of songs in an nes rom? If so, and if it's not too out of the way, I'd like to some help lol
  7. tacomanarrows

    Switch plays at the line of scrimmage

  8. tacomanarrows

    How to create franchise...?

    How do I create my own TSB franchise? I tried using Dynastyphile but it's not letting me change anything even as admin. Plz help.
  9. Congrats to the Baltimore Bisons on their first MLF Title.

  10. Congrats to the Tacoma Narrows on their 2nd MLF Championship!!!

  11. tacomanarrows

    If ported, this IS possible

    You know any threads/posts to help guide me in the right direction? I honestly just don't know where to start...
  12. tacomanarrows

    If ported, this IS possible

    That's the problem, how the hell do you do that??? XD
  13. tacomanarrows

    If ported, this IS possible

  14. tacomanarrows

    If ported, this IS possible

    the PC fan game is what I'm saying is possible. Obviously doing this to the NES rom wouldnt word due to the amount of colors that would be displayed per tile, BUT on the PC it would look perfect along with the fact that we could make more game modes to sustain a lasting appeal to the game rather than just Preseason, Season, and Pro Bowl.
  15. tacomanarrows

    If ported, this IS possible

    Damn i aint gettin NO love.