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  1. Inspired by Tecmo Geek's excellent NES TSB player rating site, I wanted to find/do something similar for TSB on SNES. With no math skills, even less coding skills and average Tecmo knowledge, right now all we got is a spreadsheet with some raw numbers. Got all 56 QBs and all 112 RBs plugged with numbers for all their attributes + a total overall raw score. What does it all mean? Not sure, but it may give a glimpse into how Tecmo viewed the NFL heading into the 1993 season. I grew up on SNES version of Tecmo and also felt like the series peaked with either the NES or SNES versions of TSB. Recently got into the Genesis version, and there are some notable roster changes between the Nintendo and Sega versions of the game.
  2. What did the first round look like? Who was the first defensive player off the board?
  3. Weather options were not added until the SNES version of TSB. Dropping back to pass and slipping in the rain or snow sucked lol TSB 2020 is the NES version of the game
  4. This still may be the craziest thread. Had to go back and read it twice. What an epic way to keep TSB3 alive.
  5. Is there a Google doc featuring player ratings for Tecmo Super Bowl 2020 Presented by TecmoBowl.org? Playing through a season and was curious. Thx
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