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  1. I agree with the gentlemen here....its almost time again boys...... I'm also very excited for the start of fantasy football ?
  2. your the man dude, merry christmas and a happy new year! hope to see this in 18!
  3. Agreed, def need a crowdfund/donation page up, it is well deserved guys.
  4. i second that comment... i am glad the itch is still there brother
  5. I just wanted to wish you a happy holidays drunken...I came across this project about 2 yrs ago and have been checking in on the status of this epic remake ever since....would be lieing if i said i didint wanna get my hands on this asap but you can't rush perfection...and even though your edit may not be perfect, you are doing great with all the added features and just hands down making this classic replayable again with updated rosters, etc etc..so keep up the good work and I am sure we will all be rewarded for our patience very soon.. Happy Holidays again!!!
  6. man from seeing that epic NCAA release, i am very optimistic you guys will get around those bugs soon! Good Luck and can't wait to try it out
  7. wow bro, props to you guys... this is unbelievable work, how can I play the beta??
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