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  1. @MARIO_2086 Nice. Same I'm doing.

  2. RT @BetsyBits: @The_UnSilent_ When your wife doesn’t want to hold your hand... PRICELESS. https://t.co/vbsePmmoHI

  3. @N51_rob_OS maybe so I'm just glad I'm not so sensitive like a lot of people.

  4. 😂😂😂 https://t.co/Y1SAht0RAG

  5. @Dascenzo never had that one.

  6. @NICKMERCS bro, I love your videos. Only notifications I got turned on for YouTube. Easily my favorite steamer. T… https://t.co/ynpfKifvOr

  7. @ExtremeGamer @OSUFan_88 if anything these realistic shooters going BR will put the nail in the coffin for PUBG.

  8. Just saw OOTP hired Jim Gindin and will be making a new Front Office Football. The interface was always horrible so… https://t.co/sMeOLp5PSG

  9. @N51_rob_OS @PadresFan_OS ...

  10. @Bluengold34 @PhotogDoug @KenFresno @kodiaknole @FortniteGame here's the video I was talking about. 34 solo squad k… https://t.co/uEPwaOKSxh

  11. RT @Myreddinc: Sad news. I use to fall asleep listening to Art Bell on the radio as a teenager. #RIP https://t.co/YmkEb5u6mU

  12. @Tark31 nice. May watch that instead of Lights Out.

  13. @D_H_03 @Itsmekimi1 @_BreNicole_ Geez. So frail. My penis is thicker than his arms and I'm white!

  14. RT @joerogan: Here's Why You Don't Try To Close Your Window When A Giraffe Has Its Head In Your Car https://t.co/JkHOP3hODe via @Digg

  15. Once again NXT had the better PPV.

  16. RT @clarkspencer: Shohei Ohtani has hit more home runs in his 18 ABs than the Marlins have in their 273.

  17. Sad times https://t.co/V3E0GJ41YG

  18. @oldubliner that's pretty much what everyone is saying. #NiceTryThough

  19. @ShaunMichael80 @QJBeat @FortniteGame @Fortnite_BR never saw that. Just people rumors with titled towers being leve… https://t.co/OTlwGnvAvD

  20. RT @ringer: ICYMI: @Dennis1SmithJr dished to himself, @AhmadMonk brought out the double-pump, and @alexabrines’s hops caught @nate_robinson…

  21. RT @Remixgodsuede: Yodeling Wal Mart Kid (Remix) https://t.co/kpLNyKQLlU

  22. RT @HowertonNews: AT 10: a motorcyclist in Plano is thankful to be alive after this close call at an intersection yesterday. YIKES. He’ll…

  23. WTF? You never know with wrestling, but man... https://t.co/7Yx14k11Tt

  24. @MyNameIsJesseG feels good. Let me know if you ever want to play

  25. @Chrisksaint looking forward to the ladder match on Takeover. But yeah the weekend going to be great. Impact vs L… https://t.co/pI5ufV3Ob9